i love lists : 5 favorite wedding details

Hi friends,

Better late than never! It’s day 29 of write31 at 9:30pm and I’m throwing together a post as quick as I can. This has been a wonderful challenge for me for sure! Today I’m talking wedding details.


Pinterest wasn’t a thing when I got married. There were blogs, and catalogs, and magazines, but no Pinterest. I can’t decide if all the endless and amazing pictures of weddings would have been a good or bad for me in the wedding planning process. Nonetheless, I loved our wedding day and I think it would have been Pinterest worthy! So many incredible moments and memories, but like I said, today I’m talking details. Specifically, 5 of my favorite details from our wedding day.

  1. My Wedding Day Attire: I loved my dress! I wore a bracelet my dad gave me when I was 16, I was gifted a pearl necklace by my granny, I borrowed earrings from my sister in law, and I wore a blue vintage garter and blue suede shoes. It was all so special and beautiful to me. Bret’s Wedding Day Attire was SO handsome and dreamy too! attire 2attire 1attire 3
  2. The Flowers. Bret and I do youth ministry together and one of our students’ mother offered to be our florist. She is amazing! Especially because I was such an indecisive bride when it came to picking just one flower. flowers 1flowers 2
  3. The Music. Bret and I sat down one evening and picked all our songs. I can still rmember that night so vividly. We both were teary-eyed that night imagining what it would be like: the procession, the ceremony, the first dance, all of it! Bret is a musician so I can see why this was so important to him.
  4. The Espresso Cart and Donut Bar. Enough said, right!? It was amazing and people still comment on it. coffee 1coffee 2
  5. The Balloons. I loved these big yellow balloons I saw in a magazine. I am so glad I made the splurge.balloons 1balloons 2

There are so many more, but I decided to limit myself to 5. I could spend much more time telling you about the pinwheels, the hair barrettes my MOH made, the candy bar, dessert table, ice cream cart, the wedding wishes tree, the guest book, more of the decor, the venues, the invitations, SO MUCH MORE!

But I hope you enjoyed these 5. None of these details would have been captured without our amazing photographer, Jessica Davins (formerly Hannon). We are forever grateful!

Okay, okay…one last picture. The Kiss! Best Day ever ever ever! ❤

the kiss

p.s. can you see all the handmade pinwheels?

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah


our full life: week thirty-three

OFL 33This week has a lot of feet shots, so I apologize ahead of time. I guess I really like to capture all the moments God has given me. He has used each one of my steps to bring me to the places He has planned. I also got to celebrate dear friends come together in marriage this week and enjoy some new adventures.

bachelorette brittanSpa day for the beautiful bachelorette and bride, Brittan.

bachelorette feetFirst one: at Tom’s Farms. Right before we enjoyed some burgers and fudge.

tomspeachesTom’s stone fruits looked so yummy.

clairescoffeeFoamy Claire’s honey latte for this girl.

little luluSwim time with my niece was an absolute joy. I love her to pieces.

kittystroll2Hello, stranger.

weaverwedding1And the main event: Weaver Wedding 2013!!! It was positively perfect in every way.

weaverweddingThe decorations were INCREDIBLE. All made by the amazing Mrs. Weaver!

weaverwedding2The spelled his name wrong, but here is hubby enjoying the delicious home-brew.

weaverwedding3Second one: Table 12 at Weaver Wedding. The perfect place to relax, enjoy yummy snacks, and sip on sangria.

torreypinesdateTorrey Pines State Beach. Bless the Lord!

torreypinestides1Tide pool-ing it!

torreypinestidesThird one: Standing on the edge was exhilarating.

stoneFirst time to Stone Brewing Company & Bistro. Loved it.

brewtourWhen you know someone who works in the brewery a Stone…you get a free tour! Pretty cool!

I hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did. Love you!

xo sarah

our full life: week one

I am excited to start a new string of blog posts dedicated to highlighting (through words and pictures) each week of our very full life throughout this whole next year.


There will be ups and downs, wins and losses, but in all things I will strive to bring glory to Christ! With that being said, this is week one…ENJOY!

Our Christmas present to each other this year was a romantic getaway. We were blessed with 2 nights at The Beverly Hilton by my wonderful father! The closet was one of my favorite parts of the room: it was so spacious and pretty and fancy!


Lemon Gelato Pie at Mozza. Enough said.

LG pie

Intelligentsia. My honey cappuccino kept me up ALL night…but at least it was crazy delicious!

honey cap

Bret’s $5 black coffee. He said it was the best he’s ever had!

I coffee

Macarons from Bouchon Bakery!!!


Rodeo Drive.


One of our last stops in L.A. : Sprinkles Cupcakes…Can you tell we love desserts yet?


I made crispy lemon zest for salads and soups.


Fun hair, make-up, and vintage dress!


We went to an AMAZINGLY beautiful wedding of some close friends. We love you Hannah + Brennen!


Their cake was gorgeous.


THEY are gorgeous!


I celebrated one of my best friends 25th birthday!!! We had Lunch at Cucina Enoteca in Irvine and surprised her with desserts from Christopher Garrens and Champagne!


Impromptu coffee date with this babe! Guess which drink is his…


That’s about it! Hope the next week is as good as this one! But maybe a little less busy.

xo sarah