our full life: april

November, You’re so Beautiful

November, You’re so serene

Walk among the cloud and see that you and me were meant to be

November, Your bangs are cute

November, Your voice is a flute                      

November, Let’s pretend the sky’s for us

Let’s spread our wings and fly on a date

I wanna go on a date with you,


That is a song about APRIL.

If you watch Parks and Recreation…you will appreciate that song.

a1 Afternoon pick-me-up. :sigh:

a2Happy Easter at The Flower Fields with The Fields Church!

a3 Beach lovin. I never want to leave!

a4 Enjoying Easter in the best way.

a6Jocelyn turns 27! Welcome to the club, best friend. It’s going to be a great year!

a5Celebrating with delicious bakery treats.

a8Obligatory window seat pic. On our way to Orlando for The Gospel Coaltition and Disney World!!

a7This is joy! Look at that baby girls face with her uncle. Seeing family was a special treat!

a17Ready to get home sweet home. Life with this guy is never dull.

a9Came home to a blooming orchid. ❤

a10Replacing bulbs never looked so fun.

a18WHAT!? Yeah…those pizzas were huge.

a11Happy Birthday to my boss! Such a fun night with co-workers drinking good beer, eating yummy pizza, and celebrating our fearless leader.

a13$150 clogs for $10. Such a steal!!!!

a12Just being BFF.

a14Picnic lunch break. Alone time for an hour is quite nice.

a16Chicken curry smothered in sriracha.

a15Back at Mother Earth Brewery with my Community Group friends. Such a cool place!

How did your April go?

xo Sarah


our full life: week eleven

Week eleven was too good to me.

I had a some real struggles at work…but I can’t get too bent out of shape about it when I remember I had fresh baked macarons on two separate occasions. But seriously, this week was filled with joyful time spent with good friends and my (too good to me) husband. beach babes .jpgLavender Tea Lounge with two beach babes.

luanna lunchtime.jpgMy beautiful friend Luanna enjoying the view from Ellie’s in San Clemente. God is so good in bringing this awesome woman into my life.

sunny treatsFour macarons gone in less than four minutes.

san clemente palms.jpgPalms, sun, and the ocean brings much joy to my soul.

sparkles and coffee.jpgSparkles, freckles, & iced coffee.

shrimps & soda.jpgLA Farmers Market tradition.

bouchon bakery.jpgBret and I went to LA for an overnighter to celebrate our 3-year Wedding Anniversary. Bouchon Bakery for macarons and iced tea had to happen.

sportsmen lodge 1.jpgOur hotel was super fun and modern. I really liked these white deer.

sportsmen lodge 2.jpgThe Sportsmen Lodge is known for being the “Old Hollywood” spot back in the day. And we, no joke, ran into Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) in the elevator! Creepy.

fonuts.jpgFonuts. All baked or steamed. All delicious.

fonuts 2.jpgWhat a cutie! Eating a strawberry buttermilk fonut.

calle olvera.jpg We visited Olvera Street and picked up a leather Mexican purse.

me and him.jpgI forgot my make-up bag at home during our get-away…but it humbled me and directed my thoughts toward Christ. It was really good.

my hottie.jpgI like his legs. Like, alot.

abbot kinney blvd.jpgAbbot Kinney Blvd.

abbot lemonade.jpgI have to recreate this at home: Blueberry Mint Lemonade.

cacti wall.jpgAmazing cactus wall.

cacti wall 2.jpgMore cactus walls next to white wash.

abbots alleys.jpgAbbot’s Alleyways. irvine ferris.jpgFerris Wheels make me so happy. A great way to end our great get-away. I am more in love with Bret today than I could have ever imagined.

What are your favorite spots in Los Angeles?

Blessings in the week to come, friends!

xo sarah

our full life: week one & two

Our Full Life 2014…Here we go!

First, you will get a peek into our California Coast vacation (I hope to post a full re-cap here very soon). Second, you will see a week of me being laid out sick. It’s all about balance people. Enjoy!

Morro splashMorro Bay Beach break.

morro shadowsLooking up at Morro Rock and I just had to capture our crazy shadows!

morro lunchFresh fish, shrimp, and chips on the marina.

morro viewKiller view.

cambria pinesCambria Pines.

Hearst kitchenIn the Hearst Castle Kitchen. OHHHH my….it was so so awesome! They even had fresh bread baking to add to the experience.

oakland drinksVisiting our friends Tony & Tiffany!!! They took us to Chop Bar in Oakland. Crazy good mussels and burgers. And, yesI am aware of how many cocktails are at our table.

oakland ice creamLemon Sorbet in downtown Alameda.

SF friendTaking the Ferry to San Francisco!

SF buildingBrick & Blue.

SF bay bridgeBay Bridge at twilight.

NYE spreadNYE dinner spread (not pictured: champagne cocktails). Tiffany is an AMAZING hostess BTW.

CA coastThe views on this trip are unbeatable.

aquarium 1Monterey Bay Aquarium. Such beauty!

aquarium 2Up close and personal with one of my absolute favorite animals.

gracelyn visitBack home & visiting our best friends’ new baby girl.

juicer magicOur parents got us an awesome juicer for Christmas. Here we have fresh pear, pomegranate, and orange juice!

doctor visitEnded up in the doctors office this week. Acute bronchitis is NOT fun.

friendshipWe have some really awesome people in our life. One of which is my friend Susan. She left me this care package on our doorstep the other day. It had tea, soup, a candle, fresh baked cookies, and a much needed card of encouragement. THANK YOU friend!

sunny walkWhen you are glued to the couch, you don’t get much sun. This was a much needed sunny walk. Thank you Jesus.

Blessings friends!

xo sarah

our full life: week fifteen

WOW! Super late on this post…

Can you all forgive me? I was on a week-long vacation with my favorite boy ever and it was worth every preparation, second, and penny.

Better late than never, right? Right. I hope you enjoy a peek into our full life, vacation style! Get ready for a gazillion pictures…because what else is a girl supposed to do when on vacation in such beautiful places? Trust me…this is just a tiny fraction.

OFL 15

Really neat display for The Gospel Coalition Conference we attended.TGC

We were blessed to hear some awesome teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Bret got to hear one of his favorite pastors speak, too: Tullian Tchividjian!TT

The best part of the conference was spending time with church family. I am so grateful for these wonderful, beautiful ladies. I am proud to call them my friends.staff family

Laying out in the sun wasn’t so bad either!florida sunningflorida skies

We spent our last night with some of The Fields staff playing pirate-themed miniature golf. I was hesitant…but it was super fun. I forgot how enjoyable mini-golf can be!mini golf

Guess what Orlando, Florida has? Dunkin’ Donuts!!!doughnuts

Guess what else Orlando, Florida has? WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!disneyworld

We saw ALL 4 parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios) in just 3 days…yes, we were exhausted. Making these memories together was so wonderful!

Here, Bret got a picture of me on Tom Sawyer’s Island. That was a fun exploration!tom sawyers island

It’s a small world after all…small world

The most amazing part of Magic Kingdom was getting to eat dinner in the newly added “Be Our Guest Restaurant” in Fantasyland. I don’t want to spoil the inside for anyone, but you get to eat in the Beast’s Ballroom and explore everything in his castle! If you do go, ask for “the grey stuff”: it’s delicious!BOG restaurant

And in honor of Chip and Mrs. Pots, I had to order some tea with my dinner.tea time

Not only did we visit The Beast’s Castle for unbelievable French cuisine, but we also visited Gaston’s Tavern, lots of little food carts all over EPCOT, and a yummy place in Downtown Disney for pizza (and some other stuff…we’re on vacation!).DisneyFoodCollage


Thankfully, we walked around 10-15 miles per day so the calories were accounted for…kind-of. As we walked around the park, we enjoyed seeing the beautiful Florida skies, the reflections in the water from flash rainstorms, and all the things that make Disney so magical.florida skies 2



peter pan

epcot italyreflection 2

I got an awesome picture of Bret in front of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT. I want to go back and tell him to stand up straight…but he’s so cute anyway. He has been to Walt Disney World over 20 times so he had such a good time showing me everything for the first time.epcot 2

And the trip ends with a flight home. Back to beautiful San Diego. Thank you my sweet Bret, for making my dreams come true!airport

xo sarah

gospel monday

This Monday will be a shorter post. Bret and I are in Florida for The Gospel Coalition Conference 2013!! Such a gift. God is really showing us a whole lot in the Gospel of Luke. The title of the conference is called, “His Mission: Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.”


A couple of my favorite verses so far in Luke have been Luke 1:46-47 and Luke 2:12. Lastly, here is a photo from the conference booklet that I thought was SO awesome.


Much more to come on what I learned and all the awesome training we received.

xo sarah

our full life: week one

I am excited to start a new string of blog posts dedicated to highlighting (through words and pictures) each week of our very full life throughout this whole next year.


There will be ups and downs, wins and losses, but in all things I will strive to bring glory to Christ! With that being said, this is week one…ENJOY!

Our Christmas present to each other this year was a romantic getaway. We were blessed with 2 nights at The Beverly Hilton by my wonderful father! The closet was one of my favorite parts of the room: it was so spacious and pretty and fancy!


Lemon Gelato Pie at Mozza. Enough said.

LG pie

Intelligentsia. My honey cappuccino kept me up ALL night…but at least it was crazy delicious!

honey cap

Bret’s $5 black coffee. He said it was the best he’s ever had!

I coffee

Macarons from Bouchon Bakery!!!


Rodeo Drive.


One of our last stops in L.A. : Sprinkles Cupcakes…Can you tell we love desserts yet?


I made crispy lemon zest for salads and soups.


Fun hair, make-up, and vintage dress!


We went to an AMAZINGLY beautiful wedding of some close friends. We love you Hannah + Brennen!


Their cake was gorgeous.


THEY are gorgeous!


I celebrated one of my best friends 25th birthday!!! We had Lunch at Cucina Enoteca in Irvine and surprised her with desserts from Christopher Garrens and Champagne!


Impromptu coffee date with this babe! Guess which drink is his…


That’s about it! Hope the next week is as good as this one! But maybe a little less busy.

xo sarah

our first camping trip {part 1: the great outdoor experience}

Summer 2012 was an eventful season for Bret and I, in which we shared some beautiful “firsts”: our first art purchases, our first Tower 30 Beach Night with The Fields, our first visit to Milk + Honey, as well as our first camping trip together!

In June, we traveled through the backroads of California up to June Lake. We saw some interesting things along our way (like the creepiest beef jerky stand on earth), but nothing compared to our destination. Beautiful cannot begin to describe this little piece of God’s glorious creation! I had been camping there a few times with my family while growing up, so I really wanted to share that with Bret and hopefully it now holds a little piece of his heart as well.

One of the best ways to travel is with the one you love. Being married is such a huge blessing for that reason (and many more obviously!). You just get to hang out with your best friend all day! In addition – getting away from the stress and responsibility of day-to-day life is such a treat. From the 16 hours (round trip) we spent in the car together and the 4 nights we got to snuggle up with each other in the freezing tent, I think we got our much-desired/ fair share of quality time.

Some of the most enduring things you take home from a vacation are the memories you make with each experience. Here’s what I will remember: we caught up on reading, took a long drive around the June Lake Loop, went on a gorgeous hike, memorized Scripture, went horseback riding (another first for Bret), watched a movie on the iPad, took quite a few naps, played mancala a lot, picked up a Christmas ornament (a little traveling tradition of ours) and an ice cream cone from Cathy’s Candy Shop, Bret built fires, I cooked meals and, finally, we both just RELAXED! We really needed it and I will never forget what a delightful time we had.

Although, don’t get me wrong, after 4 nights away from home, we were dying for a hot shower and we couldn’t wait to crawl into to our fluffy white bed again!

Now, that you have read a little bit about our fun experience, I wanted to give my two cents about how to pack smart and still eat healthy while camping. I really empathize with all you first-time campers out there…camping can be daunting as heck! However, I think I can help to make things more simple and as fun as possible. So please check back in for {part 2: the ultimate camping checklist} and {part 3: camp-meal-planning made simple}. Please take a second and check out some of our treasured family photos from the trip:

Our Campsite in June Lake on Reversed Creek Campground

Our afternoon on the beach at June Lake…and yes it was incredibly beautiful!

Our horseback riding adventure was such a blast!

And some of our best times were spent around the campfire: talking, praying, laughing, and scaring away the bears (no joke)!

Thanks for reading, friends!

xo sarah