3 things i’m loving in february

Happy February…or End of February is more like it…haha! I’m really up to the final hour with this one. But I didn’t want to miss sharing my favorite things with you.

  1. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. I have always loved citrus and acidity, but I always forget about grapefruit juice! I bought it this month and love pouring myself a glass. It’s so refreshing and full of Vitamin C.
  2. Watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix. Friends is always good for a laugh and, even though I have seen it a million times, I still love it. We are looking forward to the episodes with Paul Rudd coming up soon.
    friends show
  3. Painted Nails. I usually have plain nails and I pick at them. It’s a horrible habit and they never look pretty. This February, I kept them groomed and painted and I have been loving it.

I’ll post some more things I’m loving in March! What are 3 things you’re loving right now?

xo sarah


i love lists: netflix binge watchlist

There are so many shows out there. Some great, some okay, and some pretty darn bad!

The Office, Hart of Dixie, Parks & Recreation, and Gilmore Girls are shows I always come back to. But my husband is going to go crazy if I go through Hart of Dixie one more time…because it would probably be the 6th or 7th time…yikes!

All that to say, I want some new shows. Variety is always welcome in my life. Below is a list of shows that either I have heard are good or that I know are really good because I have already started watching bits and pieces of them. I just hope it starts raining soon so I’ll want to stay inside and cuddle up for a few hours of Netflix binging.

  1. Chefs Table
    PicMonkey 6
  2. Friday Night Lights
    PicMonkey 8
  3. The Great British Baking Show
    PicMonkey 2
  4. Fixer Upper
    PicMonkey 3
  5. Heroes
    PicMonkey 7
  6. Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics
    PicMonkey 1
  7. The Time in Between
    PicMonkey 5

What are your favorite shows/binge watchlist on Netflix? Or hulu/amazon?

#write31days #31daysofwriting

xo arah

this abundant list

TAL sept 14

  1. Beautiful photography from my friend, exploring Yellowstone.
  2. Excited to make SOUP this fall.
  3. And on that note…another delicious recipe for, you guessed it, soup!
  4. Thought provoking post about life with kids.
  5. I love this company so so much.
  6. I like the idea of these pillow cases. It would be hard to get them just perfect.
  7. Thinking about making this super simple DIY chalkboard.
  8. Re-watching Gilmore Girls through again…and I really hope #12 happens!
  9. A new way to learn! I love learning.
  10. GREAT read. Humorous, inspiring, and convicting.
  11. These doughnuts and this cake will get us in the mood for October. Mmmm!
  12. The guy in this iPhone video is my husbands doppelgänger minus about 8 years. So weird to watch!

Have a great weekend! Spend time with the ones you love and get outdoors. ❤

xo sarah