our full life: september

Hey Friends!

Here’s what the month of September looked like for the Theis Family. Enjoy!

s1Baby Levi snuggles! He is so cute and chubby. ‚̧

s2Challenged myself in reading The Martian. Sorry to say I only got 60 pages in and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I want to go see the movie though! Speaking of tea… ^^^ ūüôā

s3Timeshare views. Thanks for the fun night of swimming Ladicks! Miss you. ‚̧

s4Cruisin’ Grand with our Dad. Escondido has a special place in my heart.

s5Sleeping in and enjoying lattes…mmmm.

IMG_9176Ruby loves my thumb! such a sweetie baby. ‚̧

s6Sitting in the drive-thru waiting for fries.

s7Beach camping done right with our Fields family. Sitting in the shade reading What Alice Forgot and loving every minute.

s8Picked my mom up from the airport this month for a visit and we loved the sailboats that day.

s9Loving my wooden Luna watch. Thanks husband.

s10I think I spent a lot of Septmeber looking up at the sky. Gorgeous days in California.

s11Alone time at Con Pane in San Diego. I’ll be back for sure.

s12That middle paragraph hits it on the head. I immediately thought of Bret and how he has loved me so well, so deeply, and so selflessly.

s13More baby Levi snuggles. Swoon!!

s14Date night at Bagby. Fries, beer, and a stud? Check!

s15Reflections at Blue Ocean. Awsome time and delicious food!

Also! I have lots to share…and I will…it’s just been craziness.

But I plan to do a lot of writing starting TONIGHT with Write 31 days! #write31days

Stay tuned.

xo sarah


our full life: week forty six through forty eight

I’m baaaaack y’all!

I apologize for being out of the loop for a few weeks. I guess Thanksgiving took more prep than I thought it was going to. Either way, I’m happy to share with you what our life looked like the past 3 weeks. Please enjoy!

puffsGod provides such joy in the sky above.

tabbyI had trouble getting him to stay still, but S’CUTE!

lake SMLake San Marcos at dusk. Just before going to sushi with a friend.

seaviewOcean view on the way home. Taking in the crazy beautiful sky…again!

brunchIced latte & toast at noon. Just what the doctor ordered.

community projectOur Community Group served a park in Carlsbad a few weeks ago by planting & beautifying. Also, some of the men built fences. ūüėČ

RV CupcakeI had a gift certificate for a cupcake that was about to expire. RED VELVET!

sourBret made me a freshly squeezed whiskey sour while I made my DIY “Give Thanks” banner. I thought it was appropriate…and quite tasty.

CUTS practiceMusic men. Creating sets and making my ears glad.

the sauceCranberry-Pear sauce. My personal additions: lemon peel and a cinnamon stick.

the tableThe Thanksgiving Table. It was so fun to host this year and open our home! And the food was delicious!

fall saladFor example: A fall salad with homemade maple-mustard vinaigrette, homemade maple candied roasted pecans, gorgonzola, dried cherries & cranberries, and honeycrisp apples!

thanksgiving asparagusRoasted (and quite steamy) asparagus in a buttery-herby-garlicly sauce.

the birdAnd TURKEY! Brined for 24 hours then roasted while being basted with a lemon, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, butter sauce. We’re loving all the leftovers we got too!

the centerpieceWe had more food…but I only pictured a few dishes and just enjoyed the rest – like homemade white wine gravy, buttermilk biscuits, and more!

best everThe day after Thanksgiving, Bret and I had a mini “vacation” down in San Diego. We had to hit up one of our favorite places¬†for lunch.

little houseWhen I see little shacks like this one, I envision the “first house” Bret and I might enjoy one day. We both love simple and small…we shall see!

balboaBalboa Park for stunning views and beautiful weather.

planesWe enjoyed seeing planes fly overhead and the jet stream rushing through the trees!

relaxI felt like I was in a storybook. It was lovely to relax with Bret here.

marshmallow tutus¬†Marshmallows in tutus at a sweet 3 year olds b-day. ‚̧

cleaning dayBack to work today. Cleaning away and listing to APJ podcast. Now on to DECEMBER!

Hope you are getting ready for CHRISTMAS! Thanks for reading.

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty eight

Hi friends,

Happy first day of fall! Here’s what our past week looked like:shakinEating shakes to beat the heat wave. I always let Bret have the maraschino cherry.

rollinThunder clouds rolling in! I saw a rainbow later that day.

pierinHangin’ pier-side with some handsome dudes.

grillinSaturday grilling with dad. It was a trio of meats – pork chops, brats, and chicken.

creaminJust a mile from dad’s house…and worth every penny! I got apricot goat cheese.

churchinGetting to church early to enjoy a cup of tea, my homemade shortbread, and praying with Susan was incredibly refreshing.

Enjoy week 38!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty four

ONE MORE WEEK OF AUGUST. Live it up people!new chapel Looking up at the future chapel.

eliies¬†Really fun latte art at Ellie’s Table.

sc parkSouthern California for the win.

drink station¬†Cooking Club starting¬†with a bang!cooking club 1Preparing the toasted cous cous veggie salad…and some mascarpone dip for dessert.

cooking club 2 Megan making some DEE-licious bruschetta.

cooking club 4Cooking Club friends. ‚̧

sunset strollI love where we live.

stone fruitsGrilled stone fruit.

communitySunday beach day with friends & baby JUNE! There were tons of blue jelly fish in the water today…eeek!

Enjoy week 35! Rejoice and be glad in it!

xo sarah

our full life: week 31, 32, & 33

Slacker! Yup, that’s me. Summer has been a wonderful season of busy. Please enjoy our full weekS!

bread sd raisin Sourdough six grain raisin bread.

katherineMilkshakes and smiles with this girl. ‚̧ Praying for Katherine everyday. She is 14 years old and just had her second brain surgery to remove a tumor that keeps growing. Praying for the tumor to be gone, safety, successful proton therapy, wise doctors, complete healing, and for her heart to stay strong and at peace. We are all trusting in God and have hope in his glory.

rubys dateRuby’s¬†with some of the sweetest girlies.

budsMac & Samantha: Best Buds.

san o sunsetSan Onofre Sunsets are my favorite.

s camp 2014 Boys rule!

s camp 14Summer Camp 2014! Rejoice!

steak nightNY Strip and balsamic roasted veggies.

surf seshOur Tuesday surf spot.

adams skySmiling about these clouds.

tin leaf lunchFree Tin Leaf lunch! I was really into the little side of basil mayo.

Costco Run 100Yeah…so I’m not even done yet. Work errands at their finest.

sushi date Sushi date night. Boom!

DP 2 Dana Point Marina.

DPOh to set sail.

adams streetDown the street and up above.

raw cumbleRaw Strawberry Nectarine Crumble.

bpkNew breakfast place by work.

bulletin boardReorganized my bulletin Board at work.

IMG_7415I love eating outside.

IMG_7416One of my oldest friends is PREGNANT! ‚̧ Katie is such a beauty!

Here’s to getting back into the swing of things!

xo sarah

our full life: week forty-eight & forty-nine

Usually when I have to blog two “full” weeks at the same time, it means that I/we have been extremely busy. I would say that is partially true.

The other reason I haven’t blogged very regularly recently, is that I have felt a little discouraged. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing to say, nothing new to report, and nothing trendy or exciting to blow your socks off with.

However, I am so blessed to be posting this blog right now. I just spent the last twenty minutes replying to comments that I have received from some of my readers. I had not replied to them in a while, and I do apologize. I should have read them sooner! So many sweet readers encouraging me, complimenting, and asking for more. WHAT?! I was blown away and reminded of my goal in having a blog in the first place: to share my calling, to proclaim the gospel, and to live life abundantly! I love my readers, and I am so happy to be sharing once again.

OFL 48 & 49

pumpkin ice cream 1I made pumpkin ice cream recently. Recipe will be going up soon – just in time for Christmas.

selfie morningTuesday morning selfie. No make-up and a pretty dress. About to head in to work.

off work skyIt’s getting darker earlier which is always hard for me. However, getting to see the sunset everyday when I’m leaving work is pretty amazing. You can see the moon and a star in this one!

thanksgiving treatsMy co-worker brought some delicious homemade/from scratch chocolate peanut butter salted caramel cupcakes to work. What is she trying to do to me?

work lullWork lull selfie. Loving the high-bun lately. Painted my nails neon orange/pink and started counting down the days until summer again.

ELF gameThis is me setting up a Jr. High Christmas party game called ELF. Do you remember an Elf’s main food groups? Well the Jr. Highers had to chug them one-by-one.

in progress decoratingDecorating in progress. Charlie Brown Christmas is playing in the background.

christmas tree decoratingHe makes it all so good.

staff partyLet’s just say, my staff Christmas party beat all years past.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our life in pictures. I would love to hear what you have been up to lately! Make sure you enjoy the Christmas season for all it has to offer.

xo sarah

our full life: week forty-six

OFL 46

potato 46I made a crock pot potato cheese soup on monday. We loved it. Definite making it again/posting recipe soon.

PSCC 46Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake! SOOOO yummy.

sunset 46The sky & sunsets week incredible this week. Am I right? 

sick 46The cold I has last week came back again…boo. But I watched lots of Call the Midwife on Netflix and drank hot tea.

food huntOur Jr. High students did a scavenger hunt to collect food for families in need. They did such a great job!

ice cream 46The aftermath of making homemade pumpkin ice cream. Cant wait until it’s ready!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty-five & thirty-six

OFL 35&36

Double time! Not much to report or post, but here are some of my random thoughts:

I am amazed at all the beautiful skies there has been lately.¬†I’m also amazed that I can watch The Office a thousand times and never get sick of it. Summer has been lingering with this crazy heat, but I’m okay with that. ¬†It just means I don’t have to bring a sweater with me everywhere I go. Caffeine has been giving me the jitters lately, but I really want to try Peet’s maple latte. Is it too soon for that? Anyway, enjoy these photos and I hope you have a great week ahead of you. Blessings!

carlsbad night walkNight run by the beach.

veggie juiceVeggie Juice: carrots, tomatoes, cantaloupe, pineapple.

target parkingDon’t let the target parking lot distract you from the awesome sky!

froyo Bret: tart & gummy bears. Me: tart, shredded coconut, blueberries, and raspberries. Both of us opted for the waffle cone bowl.

palmsPalms. One of my favorite things.

editing dayEditing a post and lunch time at Paloma’s pad.

watermelon iced teaUnsweetened watermelon iced tea. Pure goodness.

cake cuttingGranny is cutting Grandpa’s Birthday ice cream cake!

biscotti shotCandied almond biscotti. Recipe coming later this week!

That’s all friends. Much Love!

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty-seven

OFL 27The beginning of the week was busy…but when Wednesday night rolled around so did our four day weekend. It was fantastic. Happy week 27 and Happy 4th of July!

in n outIn N’ Out at 9pm on a Tuesday. Sometimes, it just happens.

in n out sunsetPurple clouds all up in this beautiful sky.

discovery lake 1My one, and only, older brother was visiting from out of town. I’ve missed him so much!

discovery lake 2More beautiful skies at sunset. God is good!

flower powerSummer blooms.

RWBGetting ready for our Red, White, & BRUNCH party with a sour cream coffee cake.

the fourth 2Happy Independence Day! Here we are all dressed in our red, white, blue for a backyard family BBQ.

the fourthPre-gaming it. Great spread for an even greater day.

the fourth 3From the front porch.

tranquil tea 2The next morning was spent with some of my girlfriends out in Downtown Fullerton at Tranquil Tea Lounge. My bestie is so pretty.

tranquil teaI LOVE tea. So many to choose from!

tranquil tea 3Tea time for four!

joy journalsThis picture is worth a thousand words to me. I’ll give you a few: lavender lemonade, paleo snicker-doodles, great conversation, and making joy journals with my wonderful and kind-hearted sister in Christ. Susan, it was just lovely. Thank you again!

fourth leftoversRed, White, & BRUNCH leftovers for breakfast. Winning.

coffee cubesCoffee cubes. These will make delicious homemade blended iced coffee treats soon!

Have a great week!

xo sarah