our full life: january & february

Hello friends!

Can you believe February is already over!? What happened to the time?? Now, March brings Daylight Savings and EASTER! Wow…2016 is flying by. I wanted to share what the past couple of months looked like in the Theis Family.

ofl jf 4

In January, we enjoyed:

  • LOTS of rain and hail at the beginning of the month
  • Yummy gelato at the shop down the street from us
  • Annual Tea Party with my friends from OC
  • I celebrated 1 year working for Planning Center Online
  • I also celebrated my friend Stephanie and the coming of her sweet baby Poppy Marie
  • We had dinner at a co-worker’s house and got to meet his sweet family
  • We went to Winter Camp up at Mile High Pines with our Jr. High students
  • I got sick…the cold, the fever, the whole thing everyone is getting
  • This is the best news of all right now: I had the OBGYN appointment I had been waiting for and we saw that ALL my abnormal cysts are GONE! Praise the Lord!!!! The doctor had all good things to say and I go back in 3 months for another check-up to see if anything else that may have changed. To say I was shocked is an understatement.

ofl jf 3 

ofl jb 1

In February, we enjoyed:

  • Our Community Group women started gathering every Saturday to share the stories of how Jesus saved us
  • I had some fun beach days
  • Bret started an apologetics class at Talbot
  • My Book Club gathered to discuss “The Lake House” and eat all the yummy foods that came up in the book
  • I had some crazy, fun, wonderful weeks at work culminating in our Planning Center University event
  • Bret got a new position and a raise at his work!
  • Bret and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Coronado Island
  • My dad and I shared our birthday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • I finished my second book of the year…trying to read 12+ this year
  • Bret and my CG Leaders threw me a Birthday Party with all my favorite things and fun games
  • Bret and I have gone on 2 Saturday coffee dates and finally checked out Local Tap House together…look at this silly, wonderful, best friend of mine!

ofl jf 2

I’ve kept up the Bible reading that I started in January which is such an accomplishment for me. I hope I can keep saying that as this year progresses! And February was a wonderful month for celebrating and making memories. I won’t soon forget it.

Goodnight from here!

xo sarah


gospel wednesday


I have been so challenged lately by my idols. They are flaring up big time.

I despise it, but I idolize the approval of others.

I want my husband to think I’m perfect (as if!). I want my oldest friends to see me as caring and successful. I want people to approve of the career path I’m on. I want people to love my blog and appreciate my creativity. I want our finances to be “right” in the eyes of others. Basically, I want everyone to like me. A LOT.

AUGH. As you can see, it is a real struggle. While most of these things are not inherently bad, the problem is with my own heart. I have shared the honest truth with you all, and – at the same time – a bunch of shallow lies.

Lie: I do not already have all of my husband’s love and approval.

Lie: I can be perfect.

LIE: Being caring and successful means I have gained worth.

LIE: My career defines who I am.

LIE: This blog is my source of approval or measure of my creativity.

LIE: Our finances will someday be “right”, according to the world.

The hardest part of this struggle is that I actually know THE Truth. The ultimate, unchanging, never-ending, all-encompassing, incredible Truth.

The only approval I need is from God above. Based on my sin, this is impossible. With Christ, this is absolutely possible and entirely accomplished. In Christ, I have 100% of God’s approval. I have ALL of God’s love. When God sees me, He no longer sees my wickedness, but He sees Jesus’ blood that covers me. His righteousness was given to me; His “success”, His “creativity”, His “wealth”, and His “care” was transferred to my account. Jesus held nothing back when He died on the cross. He bore all my shame, all my sin, all my pride. Jesus is God. He stood in my place and He is my salvation. I do not need to long for praise from people in light of this truth, but to give all praise to Jesus and His great name.

I hope you can fully trust God’s truth as you live this life He has given you. God’s grace gives us the choice to trust Jesus and the choice to turn from our evil ways. I want to make that choice today and every day. I want what God says about me to be the only thing I believe. I want to praise His holy name forever and ever.

xo sarah