our full life: march, april, may

Hello again!

I’ve missed this. It’s been a while since I have posted and I am looking forward to writing and sharing some things here! Finding time to keep up with blogging is difficult, but I recently had a surgery that has forced me to rest. So, silver lining, folks!

In March we enjoyed lots of celebrations:

March Collage

  • A beach birthday party for one of our favorite 12 year olds
  • Started two very different, but very good novels: Landline and The Nightingale
  • Went to dinner and a Jose Gonzales concert with one of our favorite couples ever
  • Celebrated 5 years of marriage with my sweet, handsome, enthusiastic, funny, strong, kind husband
  • Spent a weekend away in Las Vegas on the lake, enjoyed a Gordon Ramsey burger, and the best breakfast I’ve ever had at Bouchon Bakery
  • Bret treated me to some shopping and I ravaged the Anthropologie sale rack
  • Date day at VGs, Zumbar, SD Zoo, and El Indio
  • Celebrated EASTER SUNDAY at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad
  • Celebrated my husband turning 30 years old! Whoa…good thing he has the best baby face I’ve ever seen.

In April we enjoyed:

April Collage

  • Co-Birthday 30th Birthday Party for Bret and Steve
  • Beach walks and runs
  • 2 Fountain Valley girlfriend dates
  • Fun celebration work dinner
  • Guy and Girl hang outs with our Jr. High kids
  • Candle making class at Mr. B’s Necessities shop
  • A beach birthday party for one of our favorite sweet 16 year olds
  • Broke my pinky toe playing beach soccer
  • Spanish themed Cooking Club – I made olive tapenade toast and mushrooms sautéed in garlic and white wine
  • Spike ball Sunday
  • My mom came to visit from Idaho! We had a beach day, watercolor night, Community Group, and dinner together at Benihana (her first time hehe).

In May we enjoyed:

May Collage

  • Bret traveled with one of our Pastors to Reno for an Acts 29 Conference
  • Primos tacos and gelato with our Community Group
  • Date Night at Target and The Flying Pig
  • Mother’s Day dinner at my oldest and best girlfriend’s house
  • Book Club meeting for The Nightingale with the best french food spread ever
  • Said goodbye to the palm tree outside our front door…I loved that thing
  • 8th Grade Graduation party with our Jr. High kids – SO fun!
  • Lofty Coffee with Jocey
  • In home massages (late Christmas present for Bret)
  • Memorial Day appreciation and BBQ with friends

Something else that happened in March and is just now beginning to wrap up is an unexpected health update. My GP looked at my neck back in March and she thought my thyroid gland looked enlarged. She ordered an ultrasound which revealed that my thyroid was normal size but they could see there was a mass growing on the right side. I was then sent to a specialist. He did a biopsy and recommended I get it removed due to its large size. The biopsy came back a few weeks later as negative – PRAISE THE LORD! But I still had to consider surgery. I felt the most peace with moving forward with surgery and I am sure glad God directed me that way. Just this last week, they removed the mass and the Doctors laughed to each other when my husband asked how big it was. They said, “That thing was impressive!” So the mass is gone, it’s not cancerous, and I still have most of my thyroid intact. Recovery isn’t fun, but I am so grateful for God putting good doctors around me and for helping me to get healthy. I’m also so grateful for all the people who have prayed for me – God heard all of those prayers. And for those who have brought me flowers and food and cards and blessed me with your company. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My body is in pain but my heart is full.


Until next month…I hope you enjoyed hearing about “our full life” over the last few months.

xo sarah


i love lists : happy halloween

We still have a little over a week until October 31st and I am going to get you all set for Halloween! From costumes, to treats, to fun party ideas.

Bret and I are not huge Halloween people, but it is a fun holiday! Getting dressed up, seeing all the cute kiddos, and any excuse to eat some treats, right?

Halloween Collage

  1. First, I wanted to share the treats I will be making for my office next week: Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats and Halloween Blondies. You’re welcome in advance, PCO.
  2. If you’re in the market for quality halloween make-up, scroll through this list from POPSUGAR.
  3. If you still don’t know what you are going to dress up as, here is a list of 31 Insanely Clever Last-Minute costumes. The Brawny Guy! Haha!
  4. And if you’re last minute with your pumpkins too, don’t even worry! Uber now has a service that will bring you pumpkins, a carving kit, and treats from your local Pumpkin Patch on demand. Check it out!
  5. Then host a Pumpkin Carving Contest and Chili Cook-off. I give you permission to use my Turkey Chili recipe. 😉
  6. I have a feeling Bret would LOVE the Zombie Crawl! If haunted houses scare you, maybe something with zombies is better…or maybe it’s worse, haha! Surprisingly, I love the show The Walking Dead, so zombie stuff just doesn’t get to me. Anyway, this will be the one “scary” thing I’ll insert into this Happy Halloween List.
  7. Okay, wait, I lied. One more scary thing…but for kiddos! How cool is this Worm Ice? I know I would have thought this was super creepy and fun when I was a kid.
  8. Maybe you’re the small-town Halloween type person? Doesn’t The Pioneer Woman’s Halloween look so fun! I love that they went to a nursing home.
  9. It wouldn’t be Halloween without the Plastic Pumpkin Bucket for Trick-or-Treating.
  10. And if you want to hand out something special and healthy this Halloween, Elana’s Pantry is your one stop shop.

Have a Happy Halloween, friends!

#31daysofwriting #write31days

p.s. If I wanted to spend bunches of my money on candy, I would pass these amazing truffles out to everyone!

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty six

Happy Monday Friends!!!

This week was the week of yummy drinks, I guess? It was also the week of being TREATED to yummy drinks…so fun!

work treat.jpgI picked up my coworker from her mechanic and she treated me to Lofty Coffee. SCORE! I got a delicious whole milk latte with honey.

miguels date.jpg This week I had to take a computer test. Excel, Word, and Tying…blerg! Bret said I deserved a margarita after that. I didn’t argue…that much.

lofty friend time.jpgThird yummy drink of the week. ANOTHER Lofty Coffee treat from my sweet friend Nicole. She got their famous salted caramel latte and I got an iced chai.

brody time.jpgThis is Brody. He is seriously cute and seriously sweet.

word burning art.jpgWood burned latte art. Pretty.

stamped.jpgStamped concrete all the way.

new digs.jpg A new place opened up and their going to serve affogato! The view is pretty great too.

pot pie saturday.jpgChicken pot – chicken pot – chicken pot PIE!

rwbyear2.jpgPlanning our 2nd annual Red, White, & Brunch by reviewing last years notes and consulting The Pioneer Woman.

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy this last day of June, make something magical happen on the 4th of July, and spend time with those you love.

xo sarah

our full life: week fifteen

This life is abundantly full of God’s grace.

While this week had tears, conflict, and stress…it also had laughs, rest, and beautiful people. I can truly see the goodness of my Savior and His amazing grace in this life. I hope you enjoy week 15!

iced latte for here.jpgIced latte for here…at home, that is! I add some honey while the espresso is hot and then pour whole milk over ice.

going greek.jpgGoing greek. That jar has some pretty killer salad dressing!

lofty coffee april.jpgLofty Coffee work meeting.

thursday singing.jpgSinging hymns at home.

essential oil rubs.jpgI made my friend some essential oil coconut rubs. They smell amazing!

sister & hazel.jpgMy beautiful sister and baby Hazel at her baby shower. ❤

korean meal 2.jpgFirst time eating Korean food. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to go back.

korean meal.jpgLots of carbs & veggies!

april birthday cake.jpgChocolate cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. Thanks for the perfect recipe Shutterbean!

jocelyns 26th.jpgThe beautiful birthday girl! ❤

the snows.jpgSome of my favorites: The Snows.

bret & gigi playing.jpgMy husband is going to make a really great father one day. Here he is playing with our buddy Gigi.

May the peace and grace of God be with you in the week to come!

xo sarah

our full life: week three

This week was a much needed, and long awaited return to routine and living! I am so glad to be feeling better and spending time with the people I love. Here is how week three went:

chubbyThis cute pug is named Chubby. I got to spend some of my working hours this week with him.

working at the daysI spent my first day back at work at my bosses house sipping tea (and working of course). It was lovely.

Love FrameLove cares more for others than for self.

my desk Whatever you do (in this case, eating breakfast while I work) do all to the glory of God.

paris cake My very talented boss made his beautiful wife this Eiffel Tower cake! So rad!

dehydrated pineapple My husband and I dehydrated some pineapple slices for gifts. Major success!

fig orange almond scones Fig orange and almond scones with a simple vanilla icing.

baby shower 1 My beautiful sister and her baby shower prize.

baby shower 2One of the most gorgeous baby showers I have ever been to for my friend Kerri. Complete with these perfect sugar cookie party gifts.

tea party 13 Annual Tea Party.

bfffiveThese girls have been in my life for more than 13 years. I love them so much! And now we have another girl to love too.

Have a very wonderful and blessed week.

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 39

  1. If you can’t be around a campfire, these smokey s’more squares can be made right in your oven.
  2. What a beautiful way to decorate for a special event or shower. I love color!
  3. Make it on your own: super simple cold brew ice coffee.
  4. Mac & Cheese + Sriracha…I’m drooling over this combo.
  5. Ever wondered how to properly throw a mexican fiesta at home? Real Simple makes it really simple. See what I did there?
  6. Is your artistry an idol? Good read.
  7. Getting ready for the fall TV premieres never sounded so awesome, until now!
  8. Looking for a great coffee and tea spot? Best shortbread I’ve ever had, to date.
  9. The coolest 18 features about iOS7 that you probably didn’t know.
  10. Don’t throw away all those leftover pumpkin seeds. Bake them!
  11. THIS MONKEY BREAD. It’s bonkers good.
  12. I need this shirt. It will match my California birthmark!

Enjoy the links, friends! HAPPY FRIDAY!

xo sarah

this abundant list {giveaway}


The list this week is a little selfish, but for a fun reason! In a little less than one month, I will be turning 25! A quarter of a century…whoa. That being said, I am making a list of all the possible ways I could celebrate the day!

I would love to hear your suggestions about how to celebrate, where to go, what to do, what to eat, anything! Basically, what should I experience as a 25 year old? I know Joy the Baker has an awesome list of what to do when you are Turning Twentyone and I’d love to compile a list of my own! But as far as celebrating, here’s my list of possibilities:

  1. Visit Coronado. Wear a pretty dress, ride bikes, eat at Island Pasta.
  2. Have a dinner party. Serve bratwurst and beer. Make soft pretzels and have lots of Sprinkles Cupcakes…red velvet, of course.
  3. Get a tattoo. Wait, who am I kidding? Or am I?
  4. Get a massage, a facial, sushi: the works.
  5. Have an old school sleepover with all my girlfriends. Head on over to The Pannikin for breakfast.
  6. Take a cooking class at Sur La Table!
  7. Beach walk at sunset and take-out Chinese food. Lots of eggrolls are a must.
  8. Be a little crazy with laughing and singing at San Diego’s dueling piano bar: The Shout House.
  9. Be a little hipster with some slices from Pizzeria Luigi and Mules at Starlite.
  10. Have a classic game night. Scattergories until we all fall asleep!
  11. Get classy with dinner at Bankers Hill. Then go for a little slice of Heaven and a cup of tea at Extraordinary Desserts.
  12. Go for an early morning hike at Torrey Pines then for breakfast at Claire’s.
  13. Spend the day watching girly movies and making ice cream.
  14. Craft & Sew. Because there never seems to be enough time for it other days.
  15. Throw together a soccer scrimmage and go out for pizza after!
  16. Go bankrupt shopping for tea.

So….in light of discussing birthdays, I think presents are in order:  I am hosting a sweet giveaway! Please post a comment below to be entered to win some of my favorite treats from Trader Joe’s. I would love to hear your perspective. In your comment, please answer one or more of the following: what did you do for your 25th Birthday? From the list above, what is your vote on how I should celebrate my birthday this year? Or, give me your own awesome idea!

NOTE: Giveaway will end on January 24th at 12:00pm. Winner will be selected at random. Winner will be notified via email and I will post their win in the comment thread. Let the commenting begin! Restrictions: Winner must live within the continental United States.

xo sarah

*Photo Credit: Jessica Hannon

this abundant list


  1. The picture above was taken in San Francisco when we visited Bi-Rite Creamery and Hog & Rocks. Both Epic. Both worth checking out.
  2. Valentine’s Day will be here soon. Maybe I’ll have time to do this and eat my little blogger heart out.
  3. I know its smack dab in the middle of winter, but I really wanna try this refreshing treat from Subtle Revelry’s most popular recipes of 2012. Peppermint AND lemons….shut the front door.
  4. I’m compiling a list of all the “natural” products I need for the home. Definitely going to pick up some matcha green tea powder and Essential Oils.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV, whatever you wanna call it….I’m going to try out Fire Cider and Sweet Cider for the home.
  6. Crochet Turbans and Winter Diorama delights! Thank you, Brittan.
  7. While I write this, I’m watching Jim Gaffigan’s Mr. Universe. So if I’m being a little silly and somewhat random, that’s why.
  8. Party Time! Who wants to throw a party with me and pair the right honey with the right cheese with the right wine? Or just make chocolate milk and mini corn dogs and pretty bunting?
  9. Are pinky rings really “in”? This is what I’ve heard and it’s not just for secret society people anymore. Weird.
  10. Oil Pulling. I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it twice….does that mean I should just finally try it out?
  11. So excited to read my new book!

Love you guys!

xo sarah