i love lists: coffee shops you’ll love

Hi friends!

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! – Loreli Gilmore
…and no she wasnt asking for 3 separate cups of coffee.


She, like so many of us, is just unashamedly excaliming how much she needs and loves her morning coffee. We, like Loreli Gilmore, just love our coffee, right!? While most of us have some kind of coffee/espresso maker in our homes, there is something so special about coffee shops. Maybe it’s just me, but I love going IN to coffee shops. The smell, the sounds, the drinks, and the people. Come to think of it, I don’t actually feel like I visited a city/location unless I’ve tried one of their local coffee shops. It’s a simple thing that actually brings me a lot of comfort and adventure.


I’m no coffee connoisseur and definitely not a coffee snob, BUT I have had quite a few bad cups of coffee and that makes finding the right coffee shop such a priority. Below are a list of shops that I’ve been to that were not just good but GREAT. Some amazing! Then I have a shop at the end of the list that I would like to go to, but haven’t made it just yet. Please enjoy and please go visit these if you’re a local.

  1. This one is for all the coffee snobs and hipsters out there: COFFEE & TEA COLLECTIVE. Great atmosphere and even better coffee.ctc 10
    CTC 2
  2. The one I visit most often is LOFTY COFFEE CO.lofty friend time.jpglofty coffee april.jpg
  3. SImple & delicious. ZUMBAR COFFEE & TEAchai date
  4. This one goes under the radar, but over delivers time and time again: IRONSMITH COFFEE ROASTERS. Really cool roll up doors and design too.m6
  5. This place was a little parking lot drive thru turned big trendy store front. They’re honeybee latte is so yummy! BETTER BUZZ COFFEEa3
  6. This probably sounds crazy…but WHOLE FOODS MARKET COFFEE & TEA makes a good cup of cold brew. So I wanted it on the list.whole foods coffee.jpg
  7. This one is over by my dad’s house in downtown Escondido. I like their vibes and they always make my order just right! KETTLE COFFEE & TEA.kettle coffee trip 2.jpg
  8. San Clemente’s best coffee: ELLIE’S TABLE. Ocean view, wide open windows, and incredible baked goods/lunch items. A favorite all around.
  9. CON PANE is pretty new for me, but it was one of those shops I just wanted to sit, read, and sip coffee all day. Which is similar to how I feel about # 8 ^^^.
  10. There is a cool collective of shops on India Street by the SD Airport and inside is JAMES COFFEE CO. Your barista may intimidate you, but they’ll make the heck out of a cup of coffee. Added bonus: f you like the sound of airplanes – this is your spot.
  11. INTELIGENTSIA COFFEE for the real coffee experience. Cappucino all the way. Or pour over. Or americano. Or…i don’t know. Maybe all of it all day so I can’t sleep…which definitely never happened to me. 😉honey cap
  12. The next shop I plan to check out is REVOLUTION ROASTERS. They’re set up right next door to our friends candle shop in Oceanside! Maybe this weekend.

What did I miss!? Please tell me your favorite coffee stops/shops.

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xo sarah