our full life: september

Hey Friends!

Here’s what the month of September looked like for the Theis Family. Enjoy!

s1Baby Levi snuggles! He is so cute and chubby. ‚̧

s2Challenged myself in reading The Martian. Sorry to say I only got 60 pages in and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I want to go see the movie though! Speaking of tea… ^^^ ūüôā

s3Timeshare views. Thanks for the fun night of swimming Ladicks! Miss you. ‚̧

s4Cruisin’ Grand with our Dad. Escondido has a special place in my heart.

s5Sleeping in and enjoying lattes…mmmm.

IMG_9176Ruby loves my thumb! such a sweetie baby. ‚̧

s6Sitting in the drive-thru waiting for fries.

s7Beach camping done right with our Fields family. Sitting in the shade reading What Alice Forgot and loving every minute.

s8Picked my mom up from the airport this month for a visit and we loved the sailboats that day.

s9Loving my wooden Luna watch. Thanks husband.

s10I think I spent a lot of Septmeber looking up at the sky. Gorgeous days in California.

s11Alone time at Con Pane in San Diego. I’ll be back for sure.

s12That middle paragraph hits it on the head. I immediately thought of Bret and how he has loved me so well, so deeply, and so selflessly.

s13More baby Levi snuggles. Swoon!!

s14Date night at Bagby. Fries, beer, and a stud? Check!

s15Reflections at Blue Ocean. Awsome time and delicious food!

Also! I have lots to share…and I will…it’s just been craziness.

But I plan to do a lot of writing starting TONIGHT with Write 31 days! #write31days

Stay tuned.

xo sarah


our full life: july & august

Welcome to the last two months! Holidays, birthdays, beach bashes, family, community, and work celebrations…big months! I will be posting again this week about some other news from August, but until then –¬†Enjoy these little snapshots. This is our (VERY) full life.

j1 Our annual Red, White, & Brunch party went off without a hitch!

j2 Four girls in red, white, & blue…and a photobomber!

j3 A Wednesday latte, crumble, and good read before dinner.

j4 We went to Disneyland with our family this July. So many good memories made!

j5 Jr. High photo scavenger hunt in The Village. This was worth a lot of points so they had to strike a pose and flex.

j6 Just a normal day at Moonlight…just kidding! The Switchfoot Bro-Am brought out crazy amounts of people. It was a good day.

j8 Bro-can at the Bro-Am.

j7 Sun, surf, and clear horizons. :sigh:

All kinds of FUN-FETTI up in this birthday party.

j10 Sweetly reading together about spiders.

Summer salad: romaine, blueberries, cucumbers, tomato, and goat cheese with a homamde creamy herb dressing.

j12 This cutie was in trouble. He was having silent time and looking quite adorable to me.

j13 Friend time at Tower 30 Beach Night!

j14 Breakfast is served on a late Saturday morning.

j15 Enjoying a staff dinner at Bagby’s in Oceanside. Good friends, food, and drink for the win.

j16 Gelato with the Fandeys. We were all trying to decide which is better – this place in The Village or the little Florida shop we go to every other year.

j17 My cute date at golden hour. Let me tell you…this is guy is so good to me.

j18 Youth Summer Camp never looked better.

j19 My watermelon fell apart into this heart! The kids were so amused. ‚̧

j20S’mores and chats and waves crashing in the background. Summer at its finest.

a4 Succulent love.

Childrens Hunger Fund 2015 - bPacked some huge pallets full of food for the hungry in our San Diego neighborhoods with my coworkers. Great day and a great cause!

a1 Enjoying a margarita and waiting for all our Family Fun Friday guests to arrive and events commence. :deep breath and exhale:

a10 Looking fancy dancy at Agave Del Mar for the annual work dinner.

PCO FFF 15-48-b
Splashing around in the Carlsbad Lagoon at PCO’s Family Fun Friday. It took ALOT of planning to pull this day together, but it was SO fun and one I won’t forget!¬†(photo by R.Helms)

PCO FFF 15-96-bPCO volleyball! Again, SO fun! (photo by R.Helms)

a2Much needed relaxation after a crazy couple of days.

a3Better Buzz coffee drinks on a lazy Sunday. I got a honeybee latte…YUM.

a5Finishing up Bread & Wine at Pannikin in Encinitas. If you are looking for a good iced tea, the sport tea there is my favorite.

a6I had four drinks at my desk…I’m blaming it on the heat.

a7I had four drinks at my desk…I’m blaming it on the heat.

a8 Little cutie Lucy! She is so funny! I have missed her so much and her and her family is visiting from Alabama this week. Trying to soak it up where I can.

HEY – Let’s start this full month of September right! My recommendation: 100 days with Jesus. It leads up to Chirstmas time! Let’s do this together and be encouraged. Sign-Up HERE.

Until next month for more fun photos!

xo sarah

our full life: week forty nine

Week 49 friends! Wow…only 3 more weeks until the NEW YEAR. What?!

This week had a lot of dark spots. Without getting into the details, here are some of the bright spots:

dropsRain! A reason to rest and feel refreshed.

shoe shoppingBoots! Only $10.48 and extremely necessary when you: 1. Wear flats and get soaked during a downpour and 2. Have no time to go home before community group.

lofty latte Lofty Latte! Very good coffee on a very good day off.

lofty sandwichBreakfast TO-GO! A very treat-yo-self moment.

date A handsome date! He really is the best.

pizza nightHome-made pepperoni pizza! With some tuscano cracked pepper cheese on top.

wonderlandBaby Gracelyn turns 1!¬†Wonderland birthday party + girlfriends = ‚̧

shortiesMy homemade pecan shortbread! The perfect cookie for the perfect crowd.

Hopefully you can see the bright spots in your life in the midst of any darkness. Suffering cannot be ignored, but God’s grace is always present. Until next week, friends!

xo sarah

our full life: week forty six through forty eight

I’m baaaaack y’all!

I apologize for being out of the loop for a few weeks. I guess Thanksgiving took more prep than I thought it was going to. Either way, I’m happy to share with you what our life looked like the past 3 weeks. Please enjoy!

puffsGod provides such joy in the sky above.

tabbyI had trouble getting him to stay still, but S’CUTE!

lake SMLake San Marcos at dusk. Just before going to sushi with a friend.

seaviewOcean view on the way home. Taking in the crazy beautiful sky…again!

brunchIced latte & toast at noon. Just what the doctor ordered.

community projectOur Community Group served a park in Carlsbad a few weeks ago by planting & beautifying. Also, some of the men built fences. ūüėČ

RV CupcakeI had a gift certificate for a cupcake that was about to expire. RED VELVET!

sourBret made me a freshly squeezed whiskey sour while I made my DIY “Give Thanks” banner. I thought it was appropriate…and quite tasty.

CUTS practiceMusic men. Creating sets and making my ears glad.

the sauceCranberry-Pear sauce. My personal additions: lemon peel and a cinnamon stick.

the tableThe Thanksgiving Table. It was so fun to host this year and open our home! And the food was delicious!

fall saladFor example: A fall salad with homemade maple-mustard vinaigrette, homemade maple candied roasted pecans, gorgonzola, dried cherries & cranberries, and honeycrisp apples!

thanksgiving asparagusRoasted (and quite steamy) asparagus in a buttery-herby-garlicly sauce.

the birdAnd TURKEY! Brined for 24 hours then roasted while being basted with a lemon, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, butter sauce. We’re loving all the leftovers we got too!

the centerpieceWe had more food…but I only pictured a few dishes and just enjoyed the rest – like homemade white wine gravy, buttermilk biscuits, and more!

best everThe day after Thanksgiving, Bret and I had a mini “vacation” down in San Diego. We had to hit up one of our favorite places¬†for lunch.

little houseWhen I see little shacks like this one, I envision the “first house” Bret and I might enjoy one day. We both love simple and small…we shall see!

balboaBalboa Park for stunning views and beautiful weather.

planesWe enjoyed seeing planes fly overhead and the jet stream rushing through the trees!

relaxI felt like I was in a storybook. It was lovely to relax with Bret here.

marshmallow tutus¬†Marshmallows in tutus at a sweet 3 year olds b-day. ‚̧

cleaning dayBack to work today. Cleaning away and listing to APJ podcast. Now on to DECEMBER!

Hope you are getting ready for CHRISTMAS! Thanks for reading.

xo sarah

our full life: week forty four & forty five

Here’s how the last two weeks have gone:

bridies & surfersJust us, the birdies, and the surfers.

pastry breakPastries and coffee. Oh…and some wonderful family to share them with. ‚̧

nannie timeReading with Nannie.

soccer timeFall and soccer games just feel right.

feeling fall¬†Boot season has arrived…at least in the evenings.

sleepy timeMr. Sleepy Head.

doodlesWorking on doodles and discussing goals.

lunch timeLunch date with my man.

italian sodasItalian soda bar. Yes…you¬†must make this happen!

dinner partyA beautiful fall table setting. I loved these olive plates and folding chairs.

train stopI’m just a penny on a train track.

That’s all folks!

xo sarah

our full life: week forty three

Here’s what our past week looked like:

Date LWC Date Night! Land & Water Co. in the Village. sashimi Umami Bowl. Not my favorite, but Bret was a big fan!

FT chat Blurry FaceTime from Austin, TX.

bran dinner¬†No husband at home = cereal for dinner! ūüôā

evening palms¬†Evening walk home. I don’t know about you, but I love power lines and palm trees.

vining Helped my dad work on his garden on Friday. Wrapping vines and hoping for the best.

big gulps Iced tea Big Gulp after lots of yard work.

sunset colorsIt’s just too good. Carlsbad sunsets for the win.

bnf 3Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch.

bnf 1¬†Hello Birdie. I want to pet them…and at the same time stay far, far away.

bnf 2BAAAA.

bnf 5Beauties in a wheel barrel.

bnf 4BNF is a magical place.

bnf 6The crew. ‚̧

Enjoy week 44…live it UP!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty nine

Hey there, hi there, nice to meet you!

Here’s what the past week looked like for us:

rbi aboveBret had a fancy work dinner this week at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. The Veranda where we ate was so gorgeous at sunset.

rbi husbandI am so grateful that this is the man God chose for me. He is so diligent, loving, and admirable. Oh…and FUNNY! ‚̧

snack lunch My snack lunch at work.

tradition drinks¬†Road trip tradition. Treat yo’ self!

cheekysB is for…beautiful weekend getaway in the desert with Bret.

cheekys 1B is also for BACON FLIGHT!

parker 6The Parker Palm Springs.

parker 2I’m glad I don’t know how to make this crazy delicious mojito at home.

parker 1Loungin’.

parker 5Bret and I walked the grounds of The Parker sipping on cocktails and soaking up the sun.

parker 4 Giant game of chess, anyone?

parker 3We discovered a reception being set up for later in the evening. So pretty!

parker 8 One of my favorite plants/flowers/color combos ever.

parker 7Smiles & sunnies.

la quinta 1Sitting by the pool reading books was SO amazing. Even more amazing was having 3 days with the love of my life in desert paradise.

Now, back to the grindstone. God’s mercies are new every morning and every morning we can trust in Him.

Until next week…week 40!!!

xo sarah

our full life: week eleven

Week eleven was too good to me.

I had a some real struggles at work…but I can’t get too bent out of shape about it when I remember I had fresh baked macarons on two separate occasions. But seriously, this week was filled with joyful time spent with good friends and my (too good to me) husband. beach babes .jpgLavender Tea Lounge with two beach babes.

luanna lunchtime.jpgMy beautiful friend Luanna enjoying the view from Ellie’s in San Clemente. God is so good in bringing this awesome woman into my life.

sunny treatsFour macarons gone in less than four minutes.

san clemente palms.jpgPalms, sun, and the ocean brings much joy to my soul.

sparkles and coffee.jpgSparkles, freckles, & iced coffee.

shrimps & soda.jpgLA Farmers Market tradition.

bouchon bakery.jpgBret and I went to LA for an overnighter to celebrate our 3-year Wedding Anniversary. Bouchon Bakery for macarons and iced tea had to happen.

sportsmen lodge 1.jpgOur hotel was super fun and modern. I really liked these white deer.

sportsmen lodge 2.jpgThe Sportsmen Lodge is known for being the “Old Hollywood” spot back in the day. And we, no joke, ran into Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) in the elevator! Creepy.

fonuts.jpgFonuts. All baked or steamed. All delicious.

fonuts 2.jpgWhat a cutie! Eating a strawberry buttermilk fonut.

calle olvera.jpg We visited Olvera Street and picked up a leather Mexican purse.

me and him.jpgI forgot my make-up bag at home during our get-away…but it humbled me and directed my thoughts toward Christ. It was really good.

my hottie.jpgI like his legs. Like, alot.

abbot kinney blvd.jpgAbbot Kinney Blvd.

abbot lemonade.jpgI have to recreate this at home: Blueberry Mint Lemonade.

cacti wall.jpgAmazing cactus wall.

cacti wall 2.jpgMore cactus walls next to white wash.

abbots alleys.jpgAbbot’s Alleyways.¬†irvine ferris.jpgFerris Wheels make me so happy. A great way to end our great get-away. I am more in love with Bret today than I could have ever imagined.

What are your favorite spots in Los Angeles?

Blessings in the week to come, friends!

xo sarah

our full life: week eight, nine, and ten!

Hello again friends,

I took a pretty big break there…and now I’m three weeks behind. I’ve really missed posting, writing, keeping up with this creative part of my life.

As you will see below, we have been pretty busy. I hope you enjoy these pictures from a life lived fully!

brunch viewThe view from our work brunch. We said so-long to a truly awesome member of our team.

beach walk nightWalking never felt so good than during a sunset like this.

new shoesBrand new boots from my sweet love.

drying in the kitchenDishes and citrus hanging out to dry.

neighborhood flowerA delicate pink flower I found on the ground in my neighborhood.

sushi treatMy boss treated me to sushi for my birthday. SUCH a treat!

new favorite cheeseMy new favorite cheese from Trader Joe’s. So yummy with salami, peppercioni’s, and cherry tomatoes.

hot cocoa nightPioneer Woman got me craving Hot Cocoa!

sledding in arrowheadCrazy fun weekend with some Jr. High and High School student up in Arrowhead!

snow loveLook at that green-eyed hottie! How did I get so lucky?

winter warmthKeeping warm in the cabin.

sticky cactiPretty sticky cactus.

rainy day gamesHanging out with my babysitting buddies, playing in the storm.

babysitting buddiesCalifornia storms with two sweethearts.

God's promiseRainbow!

Peets morning My regular spot with some good friends. Enjoying coffee & pastries.

UNION Lunch Union Kitchen & Tap : Butternut Squash Pancetta Flatbread with Arugula.

UNION BDAY We ran into a professional photographer and she got a great shot of us five.

window sceneThrough the screen and into the storm.

rainy day treatsAlmond Butter Jelly Bars + Blue Bottle Tea. Perfect pairing on a rainy day.

sunday rainfallIt was POURING outside during our Sunday service.

new treatMy latest grocery store splurge! I had a coupon and thought I’d give it a shot.

waitingWaiting…enjoying the day.

How have YOU all been? I’ll post again next week!

xo sarah

sick & resting

Hello friends!

Well, my goal to be posting more regularly in 2014 came crashing to a halt. However, that does tend to happen when you pick up a case of acute bronchitis…booo.¬†I’m getting better day by day. Drinking lots of hot tea and asking my hubby to do little things for me. He’s the best. He even puts up with me taking a million instagram pictures of him (see below):



The biggest part of getting better is REST. Hitting the pause button on “life as usual”. This is hard for me to do. I am not a workaholic, but I do tend to have lots of plates spinning all at the same time. It’s very hard for me to let my home get out of order or tell people no. I need to grow in this area.

So what has rest looked like for me the past couple of days? I’ll tell you.

Sleep. Water. Prayer. Green tea. Honey. Homemade OJ. Vitamins. Watching movies. Inhalers. Reading. More prayer. Tissues. Magazines. Naps. More prayer! I know God will heal my body according to His purposes. I trust Him. So, until then, I am resting.

As I said, I have watched some movies. A couple of guilty-pleasures: The Parent Trap (Lindsey Lohan version) and She’s The Man. Also, a great heart-felt comedy with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey: Admission. And of course, I had to get a romantic drama in there too: The Lucky One (a little too raunchy for my taste, though). Four movies people…that should be a cure in itself!

I also spent some time reading. I have read through a few magazines (mostly Martha Stewart & Real Simple) and tore out what I like. My stack to go through is becoming unbearable, so making a dent in it has been nice. I am also reading two devotional type of books: Comforts From Romans and Abundant Life Day Book. I hope to get through more of East of Eden as well. Lastly, I spent time in the Bible meditating on Scripture. I refreshed my mind with a chapter out of Genesis, and then dwelled on the attribute of God as Creator. Time well spent and very restful.

Something I have been learning for a while now is that true rest comes from God alone. Knowing that He is always good and faithful. Enjoying Him and His abounding love. Believing that He is always with me is a constant comfort. His graces are new for me everyday and I can safely abide in that truth. The Gospel tells me that I am saved, made new, and belong to Jesus. He quiets my soul and brings peace to my heart. Ahhhh…just writing that out is restful for my spirit.

You can expect a new post from me later on tomorrow though! I will be writing a new This Abundant List post…because clicking around the internet can be pretty restful at times like this as well!

P.S. – I totally wanted to add one more instagram of Bret, but I held back the urge. You’re welcome.

xo sarah

our full life: week forty-two

OFL 42

This is real life. Week 42!

beef dinnerIt was my first time making Julia Child’s famous Beef Bourguignon. Bret went crazy for it, so it will definitely become a part of our everyday eats menu.

minion loveMy honey getting malled by the cutest puppy ever.

CG familyCan this picture get ANY more adorable?

chai breakWorking from home in my pjs and enjoying a chai latte.

cutie piesI had the pleasure of babysitting these two cuties. How sweet is their sibling love.

beach eveningYES. Thank you, Lord.

evening walkIt was a lovely sunday evening spent with my friend Susan walking the beach.

beach townFinding trails and watching sunsets.

lazy hairBun head.

Enjoy your week! GOD is good all of the time!

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 35

  1. How to unwind/unplug this labor day weekend!
  2. I would eat this heirloom tomato salsa all day.
  3. Adorable and easy DIY party favor bags.
  4. How amazing is this chopping board?
  5. Serving your spouse…just for fun, just because.
  6. BRATS for the hubby. This is happening next week.
  7. Homemade Nutella breakfast cereal sounds just right.
  8. Breaking up with your “ideal self” is some great advice.
  9. This chalkboard cake. The possibilities are endless!
  10. Treat your kids to a back to school treat, a tall glass of milk, and a pencil drink stirrer. So much cute!
  11. Beautiful free printables with truthful encouragement.
  12. These leather clogs would be perfect for fall. Swoon.

xo sarah

this abundant year

One year ago, today, I published my very first blog post.

I didn’t know what to expect. I loved reading blogs, but I never thought I would be the one writing one. I was really excited, and I knew it would be fun to try something new.

Before my first blog post, I wrote on a small piece of paper the reasons for wanting to start writing and I took a photo of it:


Basically the paper outlined my priorities and values in my life: Jesus, the gospel, living life abundantly, my husband, my role as a wife, taking care of and pouring into my home, and being inspired by Gods design for biblical womanhood. My about page says more.

I think I have accomplished my goals for what I originally set out to do here, but it was not all by myself. I did have a clear vision and some specific goals to accomplish, but definitely needed help making it all happen!

I am so grateful to my friend Nicole of Gidget Goes Home and a contributor on Simple Mom. She helped me set up my WordPress account, showed me some photo editing websites, and helped me with getting a Gravatar. She is such a sweet friend and a true sister in Christ. I really couldn’t have done it without her! I also couldn’t have done it without my husband. I had not written much since college and was a little rusty…slash…very rusty! He is such a word guy and he truly helped me with editing my grammar, sentence structure, and flow. Thanks husband!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading and seeing this blog grow. I have!

A little side story…I really wanted to reach 100 followers before my one year anniversary of starting this blog, and I did! A couple of days ago, I reached 100 and that’s all thanks to God and you readers! I was so excited to get that notification and I hope to reach more and more people each day, week, month and year! God is so good and I feel so blessed to be able to do this.

Check out some of my most visited and favorite posts:

Happy one year anniversary to This Abundant Life!

Thanks for reading everyone! Love you!

xo sarah

the silliest fight ever

So…Bret and I got into a fight last night.

First, let me tell you that I hate getting in fights with anyone…especially my husband. Second, let me tell you that this fight will end up being one of our funnier anecdotes.


Last night, after dinner was done and we were winding down, we both felt like dessert. I went for something simple: milk and cookies. Bret wanted something a little less simple: a milkshake.

He bought himself a pint of cookies & cream ice cream a couple of weeks ago and we have a bunch of milk we need to use up. Everything looked as if it was working out perfectly. He asked me what I thought, “Sweetie, should I just have my ice cream or should I go to the trouble and make myself a milkshake?”

I said, “Sure! Make a milkshake. That will be good. But if you want to make a milk shake, you’re going to have to wash the blender.”

This is the most important fact of all: Bret had NO idea that the blender was still dirty and sitting in the sink from earlier. He assumed it was in the cupboard where it usually is.


Well, Bret was immediately thrown off. He thought that I was saying, “If you make the milkshake you’re going to have to wash the blender immediately after using it because I am not going to wash it for you.”

And I was immediately thrown off because I thought he knew the blender was dirty and was saying, “Hey…I want a milkshake so get in the kitchen and wash that blender for me.”

Well…I think you can imagine what happened from there. With all the confusion…we squabbled for about 5 minutes about this dumb blender. Neither of us were wrong for being upset about what we thought the other was asking of us. We have our own set of expectations and they were definitely not being met (although…it could have been selfish to have any expectations, I realize). However, the information each of us had was pretty mixed up.


It is definitely not normal that Bret would ask me to wash something for him right away just so he could use it. He would just wash it himself if he wanted it. And it is definitely not normal that I would have Bret wash his dishes right away after using them. It doesn’t bother me if they sit there for a bit…and I’ll usually do them on my own (I like doing dishes).

Eventually, we got to the bottom of our blender miscommunication and we couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves! It was hilarious how confused we were with each other. It was even more hilarious how one little piece of unknown information could unravel us! I am so thankful we figured out what was going wrong and that it didn’t escalate too far. I need to remember a couple things in situations like these: 1. Ephesians 5:33¬†2. Speak clearly and don’t leave out any important details and 3. Always kiss and make up.

Anyway, I had to share and let everyone in our little secret: we fight about blenders and milkshakes. That’s how much we love food. And each other…even more so.


Have you ever had a crazy ridiculous fight that ended in a good laugh?! Thanks for reading, friends!

xo sarah

this abundant list

I hope your short month of February was love-filled, sweet and satisfying!

TAL coffee

Here are a couple links I thought were interesting, funny or note-worthy:

  1. I personally love the whole bike riding, beard wearing, instagraming, hipster thing…but this video is hilarious.¬†
  2. Do you like the cream filling in oreo’s? Well, this guy hates it. Too funny!
  3. I think I might start getting into americanos after reading an article my husband told me about.
  4. Who wants to come over and make buttermilk beignets with me? Americanos included!
  5. Interesting food documentary on Netflix. Definitely made me want to eat lots of aloe and chia seeds.
  6. I want a golden glittering jewelry dish! Seems easy enough.
  7. How does he do this?!?!?! My husband is pretty into illusions, and I can’t help but dork out on it too.
  8. I’m cutting straighties again on Saturday. Love this style.
  9. I like that this fellow blogger posts a “quote of the week”¬†and this one in particular is awesome. Gotta love Amy Poehler and being silly.
  10. If only I could be as passionate and committed reader as Rory Gilmore.
  11. Adorable bottle opener. Now I just need starfish salt shakers.
  12. Perfect for the citrus obsession I have.

That’s all friends! Do you have any lovely links to share!? I’d love to see.

xo sarah