three things i’m loving in june

Happy June! I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you.

  1. My S’ip by S’well thermos from Target. Bret saw it and knew I would like it. It’s yellow and has a bunch of little honey bees on it. Keeps my cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for way longer than a normal water bottle.
    J fave 1
  2. Summer board shorts I found on amazon. I always feel a little exposed in my bikini, but I’m really liking these swim shorts. They’re conservative, cute, and comfortable. I got a pair in coral and in aqua because they are super inexpensive. I recommend getting one size bigger than you normally wear in shorts.
    J fave 2
  3. Chicken Soup from La Especial Norte. Recovering from surgery means lots of couch time, Gilmore Girls, good books, and soup. The BEST soup I’ve ever had is from La Especial Norte and it totally hit the spot.J fave 3

What are three things you are loving?!

xo sarah


our full life: january & february

Hello friends!

Can you believe February is already over!? What happened to the time?? Now, March brings Daylight Savings and EASTER! Wow…2016 is flying by. I wanted to share what the past couple of months looked like in the Theis Family.

ofl jf 4

In January, we enjoyed:

  • LOTS of rain and hail at the beginning of the month
  • Yummy gelato at the shop down the street from us
  • Annual Tea Party with my friends from OC
  • I celebrated 1 year working for Planning Center Online
  • I also celebrated my friend Stephanie and the coming of her sweet baby Poppy Marie
  • We had dinner at a co-worker’s house and got to meet his sweet family
  • We went to Winter Camp up at Mile High Pines with our Jr. High students
  • I got sick…the cold, the fever, the whole thing everyone is getting
  • This is the best news of all right now: I had the OBGYN appointment I had been waiting for and we saw that ALL my abnormal cysts are GONE! Praise the Lord!!!! The doctor had all good things to say and I go back in 3 months for another check-up to see if anything else that may have changed. To say I was shocked is an understatement.

ofl jf 3 

ofl jb 1

In February, we enjoyed:

  • Our Community Group women started gathering every Saturday to share the stories of how Jesus saved us
  • I had some fun beach days
  • Bret started an apologetics class at Talbot
  • My Book Club gathered to discuss “The Lake House” and eat all the yummy foods that came up in the book
  • I had some crazy, fun, wonderful weeks at work culminating in our Planning Center University event
  • Bret got a new position and a raise at his work!
  • Bret and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Coronado Island
  • My dad and I shared our birthday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • I finished my second book of the year…trying to read 12+ this year
  • Bret and my CG Leaders threw me a Birthday Party with all my favorite things and fun games
  • Bret and I have gone on 2 Saturday coffee dates and finally checked out Local Tap House together…look at this silly, wonderful, best friend of mine!

ofl jf 2

I’ve kept up the Bible reading that I started in January which is such an accomplishment for me. I hope I can keep saying that as this year progresses! And February was a wonderful month for celebrating and making memories. I won’t soon forget it.

Goodnight from here!

xo sarah

i love lists : 10 fun dates

I love dates! Dating in the day, dating in the night, dating all day! Dates with Bret are something I really look forward to. To have specific time cut out just for us is so special and important.

I hope you enjoy these 10 tried and true fun date ideas!


  1. Picnic on the beach. Grab a big blanket, your favorite foods and drinks, and enjoy the waves and each other’s cute faces.
  2. Breakfast at your favorite place and a walk afterward. My favorite is Claire’s on Cedros.
  3. Movie night IN. You can switch off between guy movies and girl movies or do rock-paper-scissors. Variety is good and so is the cuddling on the couch during the movie part.
  4. Adventurous dinner date. Trying new things together makes for great memories and whether it’s Argentinian, Japanese, or French – try something different!
  5. Build a puzzle, drink good coffee, and indulge in your favorite dessert.
  6. Hike! I love hiking because there is so much good conversation and a common goal. My favorite hikes are in Torrey Pines and Idyllwild.
  7. Relive your first date ever. Whatever it was, it can be special and funny to do all over again.
  8. Go restaurant hopping. This makes the night really stretch out (which I love). Appetizers at one place, main dish at another, and drive-thru ice cream cone or froyo on the way home.
  9. Seasonal Activities: carnival, farmers market, surf competition, fair, classic cars, etc.
  10. Live music! Another good one, just takes a bit of planning. Or you can grab the local brewery schedule.

P.S. Make sure you get your girl some FLOWERS, guys! 787a6f475325170b417479ec08056f9f

What are your favorite dates?

#write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah

i love lists : happy halloween

We still have a little over a week until October 31st and I am going to get you all set for Halloween! From costumes, to treats, to fun party ideas.

Bret and I are not huge Halloween people, but it is a fun holiday! Getting dressed up, seeing all the cute kiddos, and any excuse to eat some treats, right?

Halloween Collage

  1. First, I wanted to share the treats I will be making for my office next week: Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats and Halloween Blondies. You’re welcome in advance, PCO.
  2. If you’re in the market for quality halloween make-up, scroll through this list from POPSUGAR.
  3. If you still don’t know what you are going to dress up as, here is a list of 31 Insanely Clever Last-Minute costumes. The Brawny Guy! Haha!
  4. And if you’re last minute with your pumpkins too, don’t even worry! Uber now has a service that will bring you pumpkins, a carving kit, and treats from your local Pumpkin Patch on demand. Check it out!
  5. Then host a Pumpkin Carving Contest and Chili Cook-off. I give you permission to use my Turkey Chili recipe. 😉
  6. I have a feeling Bret would LOVE the Zombie Crawl! If haunted houses scare you, maybe something with zombies is better…or maybe it’s worse, haha! Surprisingly, I love the show The Walking Dead, so zombie stuff just doesn’t get to me. Anyway, this will be the one “scary” thing I’ll insert into this Happy Halloween List.
  7. Okay, wait, I lied. One more scary thing…but for kiddos! How cool is this Worm Ice? I know I would have thought this was super creepy and fun when I was a kid.
  8. Maybe you’re the small-town Halloween type person? Doesn’t The Pioneer Woman’s Halloween look so fun! I love that they went to a nursing home.
  9. It wouldn’t be Halloween without the Plastic Pumpkin Bucket for Trick-or-Treating.
  10. And if you want to hand out something special and healthy this Halloween, Elana’s Pantry is your one stop shop.

Have a Happy Halloween, friends!

#31daysofwriting #write31days

p.s. If I wanted to spend bunches of my money on candy, I would pass these amazing truffles out to everyone!

xo sarah

i love lists : listen here

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen. – Ernest Hemingway

No siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren. – Henry Taylor

This post is all about what I have been listening to lately. What we hear and what we choose to take in affects our state of mind, our mood, and our enjoyment. In the best cases, it spurs us on. I hope this following list can enrich your mind, bless your heart, and just make things fun!

Listen Collage 1

  1. This Glorious Grace by Austin Stone Worship
  2. Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids (disclaimer – language/heavy topics at times)
  3. 1989 by Ryan Adams
  4. Ask Pastor John Podcast
  5. Gossip In The Grain by Ray LaMontagne
  6. The Jamie Ivey Podcast
  7. Radical by David Platt
  8. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  9. Parenthood Season Finale playlist
  10. Front Porch with The Fitzs

Listen Collage 2

This list is changing week-to-week and month-to-month, but it really made me think how much I listen to on a daily basis. I am definitely trying to listen to the Bible more on my ESV app as well.

What do you listen to? I’d love to hear all about it. 😉

#write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah

i love lists: coffee shops you’ll love

Hi friends!

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! – Loreli Gilmore
…and no she wasnt asking for 3 separate cups of coffee.


She, like so many of us, is just unashamedly excaliming how much she needs and loves her morning coffee. We, like Loreli Gilmore, just love our coffee, right!? While most of us have some kind of coffee/espresso maker in our homes, there is something so special about coffee shops. Maybe it’s just me, but I love going IN to coffee shops. The smell, the sounds, the drinks, and the people. Come to think of it, I don’t actually feel like I visited a city/location unless I’ve tried one of their local coffee shops. It’s a simple thing that actually brings me a lot of comfort and adventure.


I’m no coffee connoisseur and definitely not a coffee snob, BUT I have had quite a few bad cups of coffee and that makes finding the right coffee shop such a priority. Below are a list of shops that I’ve been to that were not just good but GREAT. Some amazing! Then I have a shop at the end of the list that I would like to go to, but haven’t made it just yet. Please enjoy and please go visit these if you’re a local.

  1. This one is for all the coffee snobs and hipsters out there: COFFEE & TEA COLLECTIVE. Great atmosphere and even better coffee.ctc 10
    CTC 2
  2. The one I visit most often is LOFTY COFFEE CO.lofty friend time.jpglofty coffee april.jpg
  3. SImple & delicious. ZUMBAR COFFEE & TEAchai date
  4. This one goes under the radar, but over delivers time and time again: IRONSMITH COFFEE ROASTERS. Really cool roll up doors and design too.m6
  5. This place was a little parking lot drive thru turned big trendy store front. They’re honeybee latte is so yummy! BETTER BUZZ COFFEEa3
  6. This probably sounds crazy…but WHOLE FOODS MARKET COFFEE & TEA makes a good cup of cold brew. So I wanted it on the list.whole foods coffee.jpg
  7. This one is over by my dad’s house in downtown Escondido. I like their vibes and they always make my order just right! KETTLE COFFEE & TEA.kettle coffee trip 2.jpg
  8. San Clemente’s best coffee: ELLIE’S TABLE. Ocean view, wide open windows, and incredible baked goods/lunch items. A favorite all around.
  9. CON PANE is pretty new for me, but it was one of those shops I just wanted to sit, read, and sip coffee all day. Which is similar to how I feel about # 8 ^^^.
  10. There is a cool collective of shops on India Street by the SD Airport and inside is JAMES COFFEE CO. Your barista may intimidate you, but they’ll make the heck out of a cup of coffee. Added bonus: f you like the sound of airplanes – this is your spot.
  11. INTELIGENTSIA COFFEE for the real coffee experience. Cappucino all the way. Or pour over. Or americano. Or…i don’t know. Maybe all of it all day so I can’t sleep…which definitely never happened to me. 😉honey cap
  12. The next shop I plan to check out is REVOLUTION ROASTERS. They’re set up right next door to our friends candle shop in Oceanside! Maybe this weekend.

What did I miss!? Please tell me your favorite coffee stops/shops.

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah

i love lists : concert night

I knew writing for 31 days straight would be a challenge! I keep trying to write my post the night before the day I should post…but it just doesn’t seem to happen.  Life is very FULL. That’s what we like to call it – FULL rather than busy.

Anyhow, I am attempting to write this post in 10 minutes or less because we are off to a Florence and The Machine concert tonight at SDSU. We are SO excited! We saw her 3 years ago and knew from that point on we will see Florence Welch every time she hits San Diego no matter what. Her voice is unreal and the show is magical.


This was us 3 years ago heading down to SD just like we will be doing tonight. We will have to take another car selfie as tradition. Things I’m excited for tonight:

  1. Spending hours and hours with the best guy in the world.
  2. Eating a yummy dinner…something fresh as I always like to say.
  3. Singing at the top of my lungs with the best guy in the world.
  4. Seeing all the hipsters all dressed up.
  5. Holding hands with the best guy in the world.
  6. Sitting in the stadium at SDSU will be cool! I’ve never been before.
  7. Laughing at the inevitable hilarious jokes told by the best guy in the world.
  8. Lisitening to Florence on the car ride home like we did 3 years ago.
  9. Kissing goodnight with the best guy in the world.
  10. Nodding off to sleep still seeing all the magic that Florence and The Machine created for us.

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah

i love lists: netflix binge watchlist

There are so many shows out there. Some great, some okay, and some pretty darn bad!

The Office, Hart of Dixie, Parks & Recreation, and Gilmore Girls are shows I always come back to. But my husband is going to go crazy if I go through Hart of Dixie one more time…because it would probably be the 6th or 7th time…yikes!

All that to say, I want some new shows. Variety is always welcome in my life. Below is a list of shows that either I have heard are good or that I know are really good because I have already started watching bits and pieces of them. I just hope it starts raining soon so I’ll want to stay inside and cuddle up for a few hours of Netflix binging.

  1. Chefs Table
    PicMonkey 6
  2. Friday Night Lights
    PicMonkey 8
  3. The Great British Baking Show
    PicMonkey 2
  4. Fixer Upper
    PicMonkey 3
  5. Heroes
    PicMonkey 7
  6. Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics
    PicMonkey 1
  7. The Time in Between
    PicMonkey 5

What are your favorite shows/binge watchlist on Netflix? Or hulu/amazon?

#write31days #31daysofwriting

xo arah

i love lists: indian summer remedies

Happy Saturday, friends!

It’s back with a vengance. This years’ indian summer has lasted longer then any that I remember. The 80, 90, and 100 degree weather has been consistent through October. So what can we do to beat it? I have a list for that.


  1. Go to the beach! Dive in, lay out, read a book, repeat.
  2. Make popsicles! Shutterbean has a great list of fruity and boozy ones.
  3. Take a hike out at Torrey Pines. The ocean breeze is incredible.
  4. Drink iced tea. Lots and lots of iced tea. If you need a recipe, I have a refreshing mint one you could try!
  5. Find some big trees, lay down a blanket, read more books, and drift off.
  6. Don’t use your oven. Make salads, sliced cheese, fruit. Maybe get the grill going.
  7. Walk around the mall with your favorite iced coffee drink.
  8. Set your self up in front of the fan with your colored pencils and coloring book. They’re not just for kids anymore. Check out this one from papersource!
  9. Head down to your local pool for a night swim.
  10. Hawaiian shaved ice or frozen yogurt is always a good idea.
  11. Go see a movie and eat popcorn for dinner.
  12. It’s an excuse to take things slow and rest. So, do that – REST!


How are you spending this indian summer day?

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah

i love lists: a day in carlsbad village

I love where I live. I really didn’t think I’d end up here, but I’m sure glad I did! Today’s list will consist of the typical Carlsbad life Bret and I are blessed to experience. Some things are a weekly occurance and some things are an every-so-often kind of thing. For me, it’s the little things that make you love where you live. Enjoy the list and get out here for yourself!


  1. Tower 30. Our favorite tower for meeting friends, swimming, surfing, and bonfires.
  2. Breakfast at Cafe Topes. They won an award for the best cinnamon roll….so, yeah.
  3. A walk down Garfield. On the south side is where I got married and on the north side is where my friend and I share dreams of owning the cutest little yellow duplex.
  4. Knock Out Pizza for the best garlic knots.
  5. Walking the Sea Wall. Carlsbad Blvd. at it’s finest.
  6. Secret sushi guy. Best poke bowls I’ve ever had, but you have to get there EARLY.
  7. The train track trail. I just love walking it with a friend and hearing the train go by. Then ending the walk at Garden State Bagels. It’s called balance.
  8. Cafe Elysa has great apricot iced tea and a few fire pits outside to sit and stay for a while.
  9. If you like antiquing, there’s a great little shop on Grand.
  10. For mexican food, we always end up at Senor Grubby’s.
  11. El Coyote Bar & Grill…simply because it’s fun to hear the live music and see the regulars dance it up.
  12. A new addition to the village: Gaia Gelato! It’s our new regular spot.
  13. Witch Creek Winery does a great tasting experience.
  14. Grab a coffee at Vinaka and then peruse Spin Records.l across the street.
  15. And you gotta love when there are street fairs, farmers markets, and art shows.They close a bunch of streets down and you can enjoy walking through downtown.
  16. Another new place for Bret and me: Blue Ocean. I liked just sitting in the lounge and ordering a bunch of small things.
  17. I know every town has one, but I really like the local  Carlsbad Library. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit in the aisles and peek in on your favorite authors.
  18. Last, but not least, Carlsbad Lagoon. Whether you’re just laying out with a good book, paddle boarding, or jet skiiing…it’s a great local favorite.

These are all so fun and there’s many many more not on this list. You can walk and bike almost everywhere and the best part is running into all your friends. It’s touristy at times, but ultimately a “small town” where you’ll always run into the people you know and love.

See you all tomorrow! #write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 7 18 15

HAPPY SATURDAY! Waking up to thunder, rain, and lightning was unexpected, but welcome! It’s been a slow morning with green smoothies and toast with goat cheese and tomato slices. I’ll be relaxing at home until our Jr. High pool party this evening 🙂 What are your Saturday plans?

Whatever they are, please enjoy these summer inspired weekend links!

  1. 20 Summer Bucket List items for your family.
  2. How adorable is this summer swim suit?!
  3. Pinning & Twinning made my Minature Roasted Eggplant recipe.
  4. My new favorite author and the perfect summer reads can be foud here.
  5. The most EPIC road trip EVER!
  6. Moscow mules…in popsicle form!!!
  7. A challenge to all of us women out there from Piper.
  8. 2 fresh new looks for your home: one patriotic and one natural. Enjoy!
  9. 8 favorite summer outfits. Yes please!
  10. Whether you’re working, traveling, or picnicking…here’s how to pack healthy lunches.
  11. Even though I want every day to be a beach day, I still have to keep my house clean.
  12. My new favorite thing: Happy Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey!
  13. Summer dinner made EASY and DELICIOUS.
  14. Need camping list items and tips? I’m your gal. Make sure to check out the whole 3 part series.

Happy Saturday & Happy Summer! Enjoy this season that the Lord has made!

xo sarah

our full life: june

Here is what June looked like for me: restaurant tours, softball, friends, Jr. High Ministry, hubby dates, and summer fun.

Be warned…there is lots of foodie pictures this month. I am surprised I didn’t gain 100 pounds from all the yummy food.

j1Softball! A first for me, but work put together a team and I joined in. Pretty fun!

IMG_8807Blurry but besties. I love dates with this guy. ❤

j2 Talking about joy and soaking up the sun down at Tower 30 with the cutest Jr. Highers.

j3 Beach life. Living the dream.

j4Fine Dining in La Jolla. The view was so beauiful.

j5Fine Dining in Downtown San Diego. Eating shrimp and enjoying another gorgeous view. Yes…I love my job!

j6Bacon wrapped stuffed dates. Like whoa.

j7Mayyyybe, just maybe, the best poke I’ve ever had. Thanks Pacifica.

j8Summer time means ceviche. Salmon ceviche to be exact.

j9Special treatment with a cappucino and tiramisu. PCO, you spoil me.

j10 Red, orange, yellow, green, blue…

j11First time at Lemonade! I loved it. Bret ended up getting me their cookbook! Also, how cute is this guy!? He is always smiling and excited and I LOVE that.

j12For sure ice cream.

j13 I wish I could have taken them all home.

j14 Earl Grey, Strawberry Buttermilk, and Lavender & Honey.

IMG_8913Loved our sweet and fun family time in LA. ❤

j15 Bret is good at accessories. Please and thank you.

j16Girls night at Compass. I ate a million roasted shishito peppers.

j17 All of us have been friends for 8 years!! So much love.

j18Our parents took us out to the ballgame! VIP seats baby! 🙂

j19Cooking Club June! Theme: French Food. Outcome: Complete & Total Sucess.

I do have to admit…June looked pretty fabulous. And it was! But don’t let me fool you. It had it’s hard moments too. Really hard, actually.
I will be writing more about that this week. I am going through a season that I know a lot of people face, but it’s new to me and hard to walk through.

We are already 6 days into July and I’m taking pictures getting reading for the next full life month. I’m sporadic, but sticking around. I am SO grateful and give many thanks to you faithful readers. Much love!

xo sarah

our full life: may

I started May in the best way.

m1On the beach, with my friend, and some good books. ❤

m2Friends Forever. Thank you for celebrating me, girlies! xo

m3 Best Drink Ever? Should have used whole milk. Loved the little drive thru though.

m4 Foggy mornings call for a frothy cuppa in pajamas.

m5 Best lunch ever. So happy Bret liked this place!

m6 Wine & Cheese night with The Lists. Long overdue and more than worth the wait.

m7 Good reads & coffee. If only I made it habit to start every morning like this…

m8Rainy day = Pho for lunch.

m9 Girls be shoppin’…the sale rack at Anthro.

m10Happy Birthday Naomi! xo

m11“Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the game!” (another P&R reference)

m12Resort life. My kind of errands.

m13My favorite Hotel and I still haven’t had the chance to stay a night here. I can dream…

m14Raspbery mint lemonade with a side of love-birds.

m15Omelette & frites for lunch. Still thinking about this meal.

m16Coffee & Tea Collective stop for the office.

m18Wedding planning with the future Mr. & Mrs. Tarpley!! Bret is cracking jokes, I’m taking pictures, The Crandals are keeping everyone on track…sounds about right.

m19 Scattergories & Bananas Foster. Goodnight!

m20Walk to the beach, walk on the beach, dinner by the beach, I love the beach.

m21The last Friday in May included danish, softball practice with my office, and lots of to-dos getting crossed off the list.

m22Burrito Bowl Fixings.

I ended May in the best way.

Now it’s my goal to post again before June! Who’s going to hold me to it? Hehe!

What was your favorite part of May? Graduations? The gloom? Trader Joe’s Peonys? What?

xo sarah

our full life: april

November, You’re so Beautiful

November, You’re so serene

Walk among the cloud and see that you and me were meant to be

November, Your bangs are cute

November, Your voice is a flute                      

November, Let’s pretend the sky’s for us

Let’s spread our wings and fly on a date

I wanna go on a date with you,


That is a song about APRIL.

If you watch Parks and Recreation…you will appreciate that song.

a1 Afternoon pick-me-up. :sigh:

a2Happy Easter at The Flower Fields with The Fields Church!

a3 Beach lovin. I never want to leave!

a4 Enjoying Easter in the best way.

a6Jocelyn turns 27! Welcome to the club, best friend. It’s going to be a great year!

a5Celebrating with delicious bakery treats.

a8Obligatory window seat pic. On our way to Orlando for The Gospel Coaltition and Disney World!!

a7This is joy! Look at that baby girls face with her uncle. Seeing family was a special treat!

a17Ready to get home sweet home. Life with this guy is never dull.

a9Came home to a blooming orchid. ❤

a10Replacing bulbs never looked so fun.

a18WHAT!? Yeah…those pizzas were huge.

a11Happy Birthday to my boss! Such a fun night with co-workers drinking good beer, eating yummy pizza, and celebrating our fearless leader.

a13$150 clogs for $10. Such a steal!!!!

a12Just being BFF.

a14Picnic lunch break. Alone time for an hour is quite nice.

a16Chicken curry smothered in sriracha.

a15Back at Mother Earth Brewery with my Community Group friends. Such a cool place!

How did your April go?

xo Sarah

this abundant list

TAL 27

Happy Saturday and Happy Weekend! I hope you enjoy these links, spend some time with family, read a good book, drink iced tea, and take a nap. I will…

  1. Thanks Williams Sonoma – give me all the healthy snacks, please.
  2. CRISIS ALERT…these photos will make you cringe.
  3. But then THIS will make you feel all better.
  4. Only a few days left for this FREE treat!!
  5. I’ll just be heading to Oaxaca, okay? Thanks.
  6. The lyrics we’re singing throughout the day this week. So good.
  7. A restaurant recommendation I’ll have to head to Texas for. Thanks Danna!
  8. I think I have decided. My favorite band ever award goes to these guys.
  9. I like using this day-planner for my work life and this day planner for our personal life…I mean, in case you were wondering (because you were, right?).
  10. Why did I decide no sugar & grains, again? Bad decision….YUMMM.
  11. Starting a swimming routine next week! Let’s do this.
  12. I’ve never backed a Kickstarter until today. You should too!!! WELL worth it.

Thanks for reading, friends! Do you have any swimming tips, haha!?

xo sarah