our full life: april

November, You’re so Beautiful

November, You’re so serene

Walk among the cloud and see that you and me were meant to be

November, Your bangs are cute

November, Your voice is a flute                      

November, Let’s pretend the sky’s for us

Let’s spread our wings and fly on a date

I wanna go on a date with you,


That is a song about APRIL.

If you watch Parks and Recreation…you will appreciate that song.

a1 Afternoon pick-me-up. :sigh:

a2Happy Easter at The Flower Fields with The Fields Church!

a3 Beach lovin. I never want to leave!

a4 Enjoying Easter in the best way.

a6Jocelyn turns 27! Welcome to the club, best friend. It’s going to be a great year!

a5Celebrating with delicious bakery treats.

a8Obligatory window seat pic. On our way to Orlando for The Gospel Coaltition and Disney World!!

a7This is joy! Look at that baby girls face with her uncle. Seeing family was a special treat!

a17Ready to get home sweet home. Life with this guy is never dull.

a9Came home to a blooming orchid. ❤

a10Replacing bulbs never looked so fun.

a18WHAT!? Yeah…those pizzas were huge.

a11Happy Birthday to my boss! Such a fun night with co-workers drinking good beer, eating yummy pizza, and celebrating our fearless leader.

a13$150 clogs for $10. Such a steal!!!!

a12Just being BFF.

a14Picnic lunch break. Alone time for an hour is quite nice.

a16Chicken curry smothered in sriracha.

a15Back at Mother Earth Brewery with my Community Group friends. Such a cool place!

How did your April go?

xo Sarah


our full life: week sixteen

This was week sixteen of twenty-fourteen.

It was Holy Week on the Christian Calendar (the week leading up to Easter). During Holy Week we remember the most important week of the most important person who ever lived: Jesus Christ. Take a moment to reflect on this short quote:

“There was never any love like the dying love of Jesus. It is tender and sweet. It serves. It loves even unto death. Jesus had nothing to gain from us by loving us. There was nothing in us to draw us to him. But he loved us still, while we were yet sinners. At the Last Supper, in the garden, at his betrayal, facing the Jewish leaders, before Pontius Pilate, being scourged, carrying his cross, being nailed to the wood, breathing his dying breath, forsaken by God – he loved us.

To the end.

To death.

Love shone best and brightest at Calvary.” – Kevin DeYoung

easter greetings.jpgMaking Robin’s Egg Nests for neighbors with a friend.

luannas house.jpgAMEN! This was written by my sweet friend Luanna. It beautifully hangs in her dining room where she feeds and cares for her family.

fence walking.jpgWalking by fences and capturing the shadows.

home to me.jpgThis is home to me.


nordstrom date.jpgAn afternoon date with the man of my heart. Honey almond latte….say what!?

sunrise service 14.jpgHAPPY EASTER! IT IS FINISHED! HE IS ALIVE!

Here is Bret leading music with an amazing team at our Easter Sunrise Service at The Flower Fields. What a joy it was to sing praise to the King of love!

family easter day 14.jpgMarrying Bret was the beginning of all kinds of joy that I had never experienced. One of those joys was becoming a part of this incredible, beautiful, and loving family. Yet another example of God’s amazing grace that I do not deserve. Also…I love my brothers’ face in this one!!!

easter dinner 14.jpgEaster dinner at 8pm (after a LONG nap): turkey vegetable soup & buttermilk biscuits.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

xo sarah


this abundant list

TAL easter 14.jpg

  1. The first on my list of links: a video about this incredible day, Good Friday.
  2. Easter comfort food with significance!
  3. Rice krispy eggs sound like a perfect treat for family and friends.
  4. What a fun challenge to draw on a regular basis and have fun!
  5. A new (to me) blog that I am excited to start reading.
  6. Two more reasons I love John Piper: one & two.
  7. Such adorable shoes that I wish I could order in time for Easter Sunday.
  8. Speaking of adorable…the paws!
  9. I just realized what Maundry Thursday was!
  10. These might be the perfect snack for this weekend.
  11. Wow. Inspiration and honor communicated through disability.
  12. A raw and convicting live album recording from a special Good Friday service.

Happy Easter Weekend to you all, friends!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirteen

This post is a couple days late. Sorry everybody…but I think Easter is as good an excuse as any! Right? Right.

OFL 13

I got to hang out with this fine young lad. He’s super quiet in group settings, but get him alone watching Shark Tale and HE. WON’T. STOP. TALKING. So cute! mac

Made a quick coffee run and we were made 2 extra drinks by accident! Our office thanks you, Starbucks.coffee run

I took a risk and wore a jean jacket this week. The same Levi’s jean jacket I got for $50 my freshman year of high school. It was cool back then, and I think they’re making a comeback now.jean jacket

I made an apple pie again. It’s Bret’s favorite and he asked me to make it for his birthday dessert. My pleasure, sweets!pie

My husband really doesn’t enjoy celebrating his birthday. It just doesn’t appeal to him. However, when I offered an idea of pizza and game night with our 2 best friends…he was SO excited! These two beautiful people are more than we deserve and we had a blast celebrating together! Love you Coopers!besties

The highlight of my week was the Good Friday service at church. Celebrating the Cross of Christ and the radical free gift of grace that Jesus gives. AMAZING! We watched the movie The Passion of The Christ that night (I had never seen it before, but Bret had) and I have a new appreciation and visual sense of what Jesus endured to satisfy the penalty of our sin. GF service

We are smiling because we are forgiven! God is so so good.car rides

I made something this week…can you guess what I made? Recipe coming soon.scone aftermath

My amazingly talented husband and worship team led the Easter Sunrise Service for The Fields at The Flower Fields! It was a beautiful celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. He is risen…He is risen indeed! sunrise

We celebrated Easter at Bret’s parents home as a whole family. We feasted, we relaxed, we laughed, and we loved on our Little Lucy all day. Here she is looking at her new bubble set with Mama and Papa.bubbles

And at the very end of the night, we sang Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man and best friend in the whole world. I love you, my Bret, and I am so glad you were brought into this world to worship Jesus and bring so much joy to everyone you meet. brets bdayPB cake

That’s all friends. I hope you had a Happy Easter and you are beginning to enjoy this beautiful spring God is giving us. How was your week? Was was your highlight? I’d love to hear all about it.

xo sarah

robins egg milkshake


Easter is my favorite holiday. Not just for the amazing candy, cute bunnies or beautiful flowers coming into bloom. The reason I love Easter is because we get to celebrate what Jesus accomplished on the cross and that He rose from the dead! He is alive and that is SO amazing! The Lord above and His free gift of forgiveness is absolutely the most wonderful thing we could ever celebrate!

milkshake 2

Enjoy this special treat with your loved ones. Celebrate the KING and His amazing love!

  • Makes 2 medium size milkshakes.


  • 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 3/4 cup of milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract or 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste
  • 20 Robins Eggs, plus 5 more to make a crushed topping.
  • whipped cream
  • blender

rem ingredients


  1. Assemble all ingredients. Crush 5 of your Robins Eggs with the flat side of a knife for the topping.
  2. In a blender mix together ice cream, milk, vanilla, and the rest of the Robins Eggs. Blend well.
  3. For a thinner milkshake add more milk (up to 1/4 cup). If you would like it a bit thicker…like me…add more ice cream.
  4. Pour your milkshake into 2 glasses. Top with whipped cream and crushed Robins Eggs. Enjoy QUICKLY!

xo sarah

gospel monday

Gospel Monday

This week is widely known as Holy Week. The week before Resurrection Sunday or Easter. I hope this post can encourage and inspire you to dwell on the gospel and all that it entails this Easter season. An amazing article written by Jason Holcomb from The Resurgence, inspired this post. Holcomb lays out the Gospel so clearly and it reminds us of what truly happened:


Jesus was really dead. He was beaten and scourged. Many people died just from the scourging. And then he was nailed to a cross with three spikes that were 7–9 inches long and a half-inch thick. And to make sure he was dead, they speared him in the side to pierce both his lung and heart. He died the death we should have died. He died in our place for our sin. John 19:1-37.


Jesus was also buried and everyone involved knew where. The tomb was sealed with a Roman seal and guarded so nobody would mess with it. The chief priests, disciples, and followers of Jesus all knew where it as. It was under Roman guard. His body wasn’t misplaced; it was in a tomb for three days. John 19: 38-42.


Jesus rose from the dead. He showed up to his disciples and followers and then to over 500 people who saw him (1 Cor. 15:6). His disciples didn’t steal his body and promote a hoax they claimed to be true and for which they would all later be killed violently. He didn’t pass out on the cross, resuscitate later in the tomb, tear off the 75 pounds of linen burial cloths, push back an enormous stone by himself, and then overpower armed guards. His resurrection proved his victory over sin and death and ensures believers’ regeneration (1 Pet 1:3-5), justification (Rom 4:25), and future resurrection (1 Cor 6:14). This part of history can be found in John 20-21.

As this week continues, I encourage you to read all 4 gospels’ (Matthew, Mark Luke and John) descriptions of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each one shows a unique perpective, but all show the same immeasurable love that Jesus has for His Father and His children. Jesus endured the wrath and death that we deserved so that we can have forgiveness and joy everlasting! Prepare your heart this week and celebrate what has been accomplished for ALL who believe! It is something WORTH celebrating every day of our lives! Jesus is ALIVE!

LINKS: PROOF of the Resurrection and It Is Finished!

xo sarah