i love lists : happy halloween

We still have a little over a week until October 31st and I am going to get you all set for Halloween! From costumes, to treats, to fun party ideas.

Bret and I are not huge Halloween people, but it is a fun holiday! Getting dressed up, seeing all the cute kiddos, and any excuse to eat some treats, right?

Halloween Collage

  1. First, I wanted to share the treats I will be making for my office next week: Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats and Halloween Blondies. You’re welcome in advance, PCO.
  2. If you’re in the market for quality halloween make-up, scroll through this list from POPSUGAR.
  3. If you still don’t know what you are going to dress up as, here is a list of 31 Insanely Clever Last-Minute costumes. The Brawny Guy! Haha!
  4. And if you’re last minute with your pumpkins too, don’t even worry! Uber now has a service that will bring you pumpkins, a carving kit, and treats from your local Pumpkin Patch on demand. Check it out!
  5. Then host a Pumpkin Carving Contest and Chili Cook-off. I give you permission to use my Turkey Chili recipe. ūüėČ
  6. I have a feeling Bret would LOVE the Zombie Crawl! If haunted houses scare you, maybe something with zombies¬†is better…or maybe it’s worse, haha! Surprisingly, I love the show The Walking Dead, so zombie stuff just doesn’t get to me. Anyway, this will be the one “scary” thing I’ll insert into this Happy Halloween List.
  7. Okay, wait, I lied. One more scary thing…but for kiddos! How cool is this Worm Ice? I know I would have thought this was super creepy and fun when I was a kid.
  8. Maybe you’re the small-town Halloween type person? Doesn’t The Pioneer Woman’s Halloween look so fun! I love that they went to a nursing home.
  9. It wouldn’t be Halloween without the Plastic Pumpkin Bucket for Trick-or-Treating.
  10. And if you want to hand out something special and healthy this Halloween, Elana’s Pantry is your one stop shop.

Have a Happy Halloween, friends!

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p.s. If I wanted to spend bunches of my money on candy, I would pass these amazing truffles out to everyone!

xo sarah


this abundant list

tal oct 31


  1. Every good list should start with a bit of prayer.
  2. Hey, all you bloggers – how cute is this print?
  3. Every fall party needs a couple good antipasti // cheese platters.
  4. My husband told me that this is my spirit animal. I was too tickled to be offended.
  5. Thank you Shutterbean. Thank you. I will be enjoying these tonight in the hot tub.
  6. I would love to put together a list like this one for all my readers. It was a goal of mine to do more recipes this year. It didn’t really happen, but it’s not¬†too late to try.
  7. I think this pillow would be super cute with opposite fabrics!
  8. Why must you cost so much Anthropologie?
  9. So excited for next April! Florida here we come.
  10. Inspiring words and great thoughts on being chosen.
  11. Jealous of my husband’s visit here last week. At least he brought me home jam!
  12. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Seriously, though!

Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo sarah


this abundant list

TAL sept 14

  1. Beautiful photography from my friend, exploring Yellowstone.
  2. Excited to make SOUP this fall.
  3. And on that note…another delicious recipe¬†for, you guessed it, soup!
  4. Thought provoking post about life with kids.
  5. I love this company so so much.
  6. I like the idea of these pillow cases. It would be hard to get them just perfect.
  7. Thinking about making this super simple DIY chalkboard.
  8. Re-watching Gilmore Girls through again…and I really hope #12 happens!
  9. A new way to learn! I love learning.
  10. GREAT read. Humorous, inspiring, and convicting.
  11. These doughnuts and this cake will get us in the mood for October. Mmmm!
  12. The guy in this iPhone video is my husbands doppelgänger minus about 8 years. So weird to watch!

Have a great weekend! Spend time with the ones you love and get outdoors. ‚̧

xo sarah



this abundant list


  1. A young artists photo project about fashion from the 1920s until today.
  2. How is your New Year diet resolution going?
  3. I think our little place would benefit from a key throw table.
  4. I’m loving these cookies for so many reasons. They capture my love of honey.
  5. A fantastic craft for all those random party napkins.
  6. The SD Wildfires have been discouraging to say the least. This article reminded me how we must continue to love in the face of great evil.
  7. When I am all out of the cleaners I’m currently using, I’d love to try these homemade and all-natural cleaning alternatives.
  8. I’m a sucker for a good bran muffin and creamy cuppa joe.
  9. The Calvinist. SO GOOD.
  10. This on some whole grain seedy toast. YES please.
  11. OBSESSED with this lamp. It would be a perfect in our bedroom.
  12. Spice up your life!

Enjoy the weekend friends! Spend time with loved ones. Make a margarita. Read a good book. Get some Vitamin D. Thank God for every breath.

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 2014 2

  1. Valentine’s Day was last week, but it’s never a bad time for heart-shaped treats.
  2. This song has been on my heart and mind lately.
  3. I love lists and this clean eating list is a great one.
  4. I should introduce these polka dots into my card writing duties at work!
  5. Why did Jesus die? Check out this great article.
  6. I was introduced to a beautiful blog this week by my sweet friend.
  7. 8 ways to make your lemonade that much more delicious.
  8. Love the design in this home and the article that follows.
  9. Let’s throw a party! I’ll bring these.
  10. Mental note for the future kiddos.
  11. A gorgeous DIY inexpensive kitchen makeover.
  12. Gotta make this sushi inspired salad asap.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you are inspired and really liked the links.

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 14 1

  1. Hello, Raisin Loaf! I will be making you this weekend.
  2. Totally doing this! Want to join me?
  3. Have you ever seen this trick for separating egg whites? Really neat.
  4. These homemade baby wipes look simple enough and inexpensive.
  5. Top 5 Super Bowl beers!
  6. I really want to do my own crab boil. Someday, someday.
  7. I’m Listening to Death By Love in the car lately. It’s just what I need right now.
  8. Really cool hanging fruit baskets.
  9. DIY modern custom address labels.
  10. This care-package is an idea I have wanted to do for years.
  11. Coffee & Coconut in a body scrub? Yes, please.
  12. I have never wanted to scrapbook more in my life.
  13. Want to read a great book? It’s called How People Change.
  14. Considering sherbet this week. I have some limes and pineapples.

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 43

  1. Thoughts on sugar and homemade oreos.
  2. A beautiful couple and their beautiful wedding from my favorite photographer.
  3. In case you didn’t know, this is how you roast a butternut squash.
  4. Sister style with the best pink purse.
  5. Sounds like the perfect tea for fall and the perfect scones to go with.
  6. Hospitality at its finest.
  7. A sweet DIY for all you travelers out there.
  8. Wisdom in knowing your limits.
  9. An amazing article: Cooking for Eternity.
  10. Loving this British TV show right now.

Enjoy the links!

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 37

  1. I have to make these as soon as  humanly possible. Iced tea popsicles with honey.
  2. Relaxing at home with a DIY spa pedicure.
  3. THIS ROBE. It looks easy enough!
  4. Breakfast time can’t come sooner with these!
  5. This couple shows us that there is never too little space for a special little one.
  6. Looks like a good dish for a cool night.
  7. Loving all the pastels and these chairs!
  8. Easy-peasy croissant loaf that looks like it would melt in your mouth.
  9. If we have a guest-room someday, I would love to provide a hospitality cart.
  10. This dessert looks too good to be true.

Enjoy the sun while we still have it!

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 35

  1. How to unwind/unplug this labor day weekend!
  2. I would eat this heirloom tomato salsa all day.
  3. Adorable and easy DIY party favor bags.
  4. How amazing is this chopping board?
  5. Serving your spouse…just for fun, just because.
  6. BRATS for the hubby. This is happening next week.
  7. Homemade Nutella breakfast cereal sounds just right.
  8. Breaking up with your “ideal self” is some great advice.
  9. This chalkboard cake. The possibilities are endless!
  10. Treat your kids to a back to school treat, a tall glass of milk, and a pencil drink stirrer. So much cute!
  11. Beautiful free printables with truthful encouragement.
  12. These leather clogs would be perfect for fall. Swoon.

xo sarah

martha meal

photo (31)Last month, my close friend Brittan and I collaborated for the first time with cooking, crafting and sipping yummy drinks….all for the sake of blogging. And for fun. We have A LOT of fun! We call it “Martha Meal” and it’s my favorite!

Martha Meal is inspired by Martha Stewart Living magazine: the photos, her calendar, the DIY sections, and the FOOD! Oh, the glorious food.

This was our menu/collaboration this month:

  • Cotija Corn Tacos with Lime and Mango (Brittan…coming soon)
  • Cotija Black Bean Tacos with Cumin Sweet Potatoes and Jalapeno
  • Candied Key Lime Margarita
  • Homemade Butter (Brittan…coming soon)
  • Crispy Chili-Cinnamon-Sugar Tortillas with Homemade Butter
  • DIY: Coffee Filter Water Lily Centerpiece (Brittan…coming soon)

photo (27)

Our day began by dying the coffee filters in beautiful shades of red, pink and green. They looked so beautiful hanging out to dry. For the full DIY check in with Brittan soon. She is planning a GORGEOUS wedding right now, so the list of DIY’s for her is pretty much endless.

Then we were ready to eat! Here we go!

Cotija Black Bean Tacos with Cumin Sweet Potatoes and Jalapeno

photo (36)These tacos were just the right amount of spicy, sweet and hearty. I will be making these tacos again and again. This black bean and sweet potato salad would also make a great side dish to any meal. Serves 4.


  • 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cubed
  • 2 Tbsp. EVOO
  • 2 tsp. cumin
  • Sprinkle of salt and pepper
  • 1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 2/3 cup of cotija cheese, crumbled
  • 2 tsp. lime zest
  • 2 Tbsp. lime juice
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1/4 cup scallions, thinly sliced
  • 1 very small jalapeno, seeded and diced
  • Lime wedges for serving
  • 12 corn tortillas


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Peel and chop your sweet potato into cubes. Toss the sweet potato cubes in olive oil, cumin, and salt and pepper and lay on to a rimmed baking sheet. Roast for 25 minutes or until golden and cooked through.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine the beans, lime zest, lime juice, cotija cheese, jalapeno, scallions, and cilantro. Toss in the sweet potatoes when ready.
  3. Broil tortillas on a baking sheet. Dish desired amount of black bean and sweet potato salad into tortillas. Garnish with cilantro and serve with lime wedges
  4. Enjoy!

The smoky cumin on the sweet potatoes and the sharp cotija flavor cut by the zesty limes….it’s truly mouthwatering. Want to come to our place for dinner? Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot better. And with a cold margarita? Things just got better.

photo (34)

And what meal would be complete without dessert? After filling up on tacos and margaritas you really feel like something simple.

Crispy Chili-Cinnamon-Sugar Tortillas with Homemade Butter

photo (38)This dessert takes cinnamon sugar toast to the next level. All the goodness of cinnamon, sugar, and melty butter with the crunch of a crispy corn tortilla and the bite of chili powder. Serve as many tortillas you can spare and as many as you can possibly fit in your belly.


  • Butter (Easy Homemade Butter recipe by What She Would Have Worn soon!)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. chili powder
  • Corn tortillas


  1. Broil tortillas on a baking sheet.
  2. Mix together sugar, cinnamon & chili powder in a small bowl.
  3. Spread butter onto warm tortillas, sprinkle with sugar mixture, and fold into quarters.
  4. Bite into the goodness. Enjoy!

photo (37)

Martha Meal strikes again! Tacos + Margaritas + Mariachi music in the background = One heck of a Tuesday Night! Much much love.

xo sarah

diy: paper calendar journal

This is a month late. I realize that and it drives me nuts…but now is better than never. I hope it doesn’t hold you back from trying it out! So before you throw out the list of all the stuff you did/had in January, make this paper calendar journal! It’s such a fun and easy project!


Click here to find the original post where I got my inspiration.

So, as I was saying, I intended to post this ¬†back in December. That would have been the “studious” thing to do, BUT I have a very good reason. I was making this¬†particular craft¬†as a Christmas gift for four of my best girlfriends. However, our Annual Christmas Tea got pushed out a month until January 26. I couldn’t post about the calendar or they would have known exactly what I was making them. There. see? It’s justified. Here are all four of them ready to be gifted:

cal 2

Anyway, start this project TODAY, have fun with it, get creative and make it personal. That’s my advice. Take it or leave it. I’m excited to fill this paper calendar journal out each day and then come back together in a year and talk about it with my friends.

Things You Will Need:

  • A small square box. A fruit box would work. I used this box made by Martha Stewart and sold at Staples.
  • 12 pieces of card-stock to mark each month. You could use vintage postcards found at flea markets. I used jewel colored card-stock and personally hand-lettered/designed each card for each month.
  • 180 4 x 6‚Ä≥ lined index cards
  • A date stamp
  • Stamp pad with desired color of ink
  • A paper cutter (or scissors).
  • Twine and tags (if you are gifting)


  1. Cut index cards in half with the paper cutter. I used an industrial size paper cutter  in my office at work, which made it extremely easy.
  2. Stamp the month and date on the top of each card. This usually takes no more then 5 minutes per month.
  3. Cut the postcards or colored card-stock to about the same width of your box but small enough that they’ll still slide in. And make them just a little longer height-wise than the index cards so the top pops.
  4. If you are designing your own pieces of card-stock to separate the months, then this is the step for that. I had so much fun with this. Make it your own!
  5. Organize the index cards and postcards/card-stock to separate each month.
  6. If you are giving it as a gift, tie it up with twine and cute gift tag. Wa-La! beautiful!

Here are a couple examples of my hand-lettering/designing. This is a fun way to make it really special and personal:


That’s about it! Please let me know if you have any questions. And do not let this February 1st date hold you back. It can be such a joy to journal your year with the ones you love. Start today!

xo sarah

DIY pallet planter

This post is a long time coming, but I am finally writing about our fabulous pallet planter! I was inspired by Kelly Moore via Pinterest, of course, and couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.
pallet 1
Apartment life has its perks: a cozy place just big enough for two, right by the beach, no water bill and low maintenance. However, I really started wanting a garden to tend to, flowers to pick, and fresh herbs to cook with. However, the soil at our place is rock hard and not useful for the things I would like to plant. I believe I found the perfect solution!
This DIY pallet planter is simple yet elegant, relatively easy to care for, and so fun to work on year-around! I suggest that everyone make one of these for themselves and see why I’m so excited about it.This project is also relatively inexpensive, and, thankfully, I had some help from my husband with the power drill!¬† As always, feel free to make it your own: add some paint, glitter, interesting florals, bunting, or whatever…just have fun!¬†Well, enough talk from me. Go DIY!
  • 1 pallet (We have a friend in construction so ours was free. Try to avoid buying them if at all possible and ask around.)
  • 8 small terra-cotta pots
  • 8 small plumbing hose clamps
  • 8 screws
  • 1 power drill
  • 1 small bag organic soil
  • 8 small plants/herbs/cacti/flowers
  1. Lay pallet planter flat on the ground for steps 2-4.
  2. Decide where you would like your terra cotta pots to hang on the pallet. Lightly make a mark or dot on the pallet with a pen or pencil so you know where to drill in the screw for the hose clamp.
  3. Using a 1/8” (or slightly larger, to your liking) drill bit, drill one hole completely through each hose clamp. (You’ll want to do this on top of a thick piece of cardboard or wood, so you don’t cut through the hose and into your carpet/tile/etc.)
  4. Place a hose clamp on the pallet with the holes touching the wood. Then hold screw in place where you had previously made your mark.
  5. Now use your drill to firmly screw each hose clamp to the pallet!
  6. Continue step 4-5 until all 8 hose clamps are tightly secured to the pallet. PICTURE PROGRESS:PlanterCollage2
  7. Depending on what you chose, plant your seeds, cacti, florals, or herbs in the terra cotta pots according to the instructions given by the package, florist or info found online.
  8. Stand pallet upright and lean it against the wall you are going to keep your planter on.
  9. Place terra cotta pots one-by-one in the circle of a hose clamp. Arrange to your liking.
  10. You did it! Look at the beautiful work you’ve just done. You’re awesome. Enjoy!
I hope you make this planter for yourself. It’s been so enjoyable growing a little potted garden. Just remember to water the plants every day, give them enough sunlight, pruning and shoo away those pesky snails and other little critters! Let me know if you have any questions.
xo sarah