our full life: may

I started May in the best way.

m1On the beach, with my friend, and some good books. ❤

m2Friends Forever. Thank you for celebrating me, girlies! xo

m3 Best Drink Ever? Should have used whole milk. Loved the little drive thru though.

m4 Foggy mornings call for a frothy cuppa in pajamas.

m5 Best lunch ever. So happy Bret liked this place!

m6 Wine & Cheese night with The Lists. Long overdue and more than worth the wait.

m7 Good reads & coffee. If only I made it habit to start every morning like this…

m8Rainy day = Pho for lunch.

m9 Girls be shoppin’…the sale rack at Anthro.

m10Happy Birthday Naomi! xo

m11“Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the game!” (another P&R reference)

m12Resort life. My kind of errands.

m13My favorite Hotel and I still haven’t had the chance to stay a night here. I can dream…

m14Raspbery mint lemonade with a side of love-birds.

m15Omelette & frites for lunch. Still thinking about this meal.

m16Coffee & Tea Collective stop for the office.

m18Wedding planning with the future Mr. & Mrs. Tarpley!! Bret is cracking jokes, I’m taking pictures, The Crandals are keeping everyone on track…sounds about right.

m19 Scattergories & Bananas Foster. Goodnight!

m20Walk to the beach, walk on the beach, dinner by the beach, I love the beach.

m21The last Friday in May included danish, softball practice with my office, and lots of to-dos getting crossed off the list.

m22Burrito Bowl Fixings.

I ended May in the best way.

Now it’s my goal to post again before June! Who’s going to hold me to it? Hehe!

What was your favorite part of May? Graduations? The gloom? Trader Joe’s Peonys? What?

xo sarah


our full life: week thirty

Hello Friends,

Week 30 was pretty great. I don’t have pictures of every wonderful moment, but sometimes that’s okay. It meant I was just LIVING. Enjoy!

thai night.jpg Thai for dinner. This was such a great recipe!

roasry.jpgAt a stop light admiring the shadows. My mom gave me a cross to hang in my car years ago and it’s been there ever since.

home.jpgThis is home. And I never want to leave.

luke.jpg Community and babies. ❤

birthday celebration.jpgBelieve it or not, this was someone’s birthday party! I mean 3 chandeliers…whoa.the del.jpgThe Hotel Del from below.

palm streets 2.jpgMy happy place: Coronado at sunset.

Have a great week ahead. What is one summer thing you want to do this week?

xo sarah

coronado, i love you!

Hello again, friends!

Last week I had an adventure. Last week I learned a new skill. Last week was one I won’t forget. You can read about my last adventure to Downtown, San Diego, HERE.

I spent a day at my favorite place in the whole world with my super beautiful and super talented friend, Paloma. I was recently gifted a new camera (Cannon Rebel XT) and Paloma was sweet enough to show me how to use it! She is a seriously incredible photographer, so this was a huge deal. So grateful for you, Palomes! We walked all throughout Coronado Island snapping photos and making each other laugh. The beauty of this place is obvious, but the people you share it with is the real joy.

Paloma and I enjoyed the gorgeous Coronado Beach, we marveled at the old Hotel Del, and we swooned over all the amazing houses. The colors were exploding: from tall leafy green palms to the delicate pastel rose gardens. We couldn’t get enough.

We also walked all up and down Orange Ave. We stopped in the little shops like Pretty Please, drank iced tea at Clayton’s, devoured lunch at Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge, and made room for a scoop from Moo Time Creamery. Paloma’s flavor was toasted coconut and I got cinnamon…dee-lish!

There may have been a crazy guy grunt at us for taking a picture of his rusty trailer. There may have been a cute waiter who someone (Paloma) was making eyes at. There also may have been a crazy girl (me) running across town to move her car (mine) before getting a parking ticket. All in all, Coronado, we LOVE you!

You can read/see Paloma’s post about our fun adventure, HERE.

Please go enjoy Coronado Island for yourself. Rent a bike, take too many pictures, and eat lots of ice cream. Let it happen!

Enjoy these photos!



































Thank you for such a perfect day Paloma. We have a fun life and I love our friendship. Unitl next time!

xo sarah

our full life: week seven


Puzzle time. We are going to finish this soon. Right Bret?!IMG_2973

Feast night. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Pickles and zucchini. Simple.IMG_2977

Valentine’s Night Dessert at VG’s. YUM!!!!VGnight

Some incredible views from the rooftop garden at Cardiff-by-the-Sea Lodge. Absolutely Gorgeous.CBS1



Bret and I celebrated my 25th birthday with breakfast at Claire’s on Cedros. The Tuscan Eggs Benedict is totally UHH-MAZING. And my Cafe au’lait was suuuuper yummy. Worth every penny.Claires breakfast

We also spent a good portion of the day on Coronado Island. I had no idea the Hotel Del had a full-blown garden! Cauliflower, purple sage, basil, pepper, tomatoes and more!Coronado herb Collage

Coronado Island is so so SO beautiful. Living here would be a dream.Coronado

Of course…I’m drawn to the giftshops for their cookbooks. I want them all.cookbooks

We had lunch at Island Pasta. The first time we came here was the day we got engaged, almost 3 years ago. We sat at the same table.Island pasta

Garlic Cheesy Bread is a MUST! And I HIGHLY recommend the wild mushroom ravioli.cheese bread

We enjoyed Moo Time Creamery ice cream while we walked around the island. Strawberry for Bret and Caramel for me. And, of course, I had to have some of his too.icecream

I really loved this store display. It reminded me of my friend Brittan’s educational Mood Lighting post.store

San Diego in the evening is really pretty. Especially when you can get a drink at Starlite. Needless to say, we slept really well that night after such an incredible day of delicious food and drink!San diego

Last, but certainly not least, I share my birthday with my dad. We spent a wonderful day together talking, laughing, sharing, giving gifts, and watching Die Hard (his choice). I love you so much dad. You have always been a provider, protector, and leader in my life. Thank you for blessing me so richly and for always being the best birthday present a girl could ask for. I’m so glad we always get to share a cake together!birthday

What a FULL week we had. It was wonderful. The perfect way to ring in 25!

xo sarah