i love lists: sundays

Sundays. They’re some of the best days. Some people call Sundays the Lord’s Day.

Every day should center around the praise and worship of God. Every day we should wake up with grateful and humble hearts before our Maker, rejoicing that His mercies are new every morning. So, what’s so special about Sundays?

Sundays are special because it is a day that you can gather with other believers of God and worship Jesus TOGETHER. Gathering on Sunday morning is one particular expression of a life lived in continual worship of God. Scripture tells us to gather and to hear the reading of Scripture, to feast on the preaching and teaching of the Word. We can be singing hymns, praying together, and preparing our hearts to serve God in the week ahead. Sundays prepare us for a life lived in community and remind us of God’s amazing Gospel.

I have the distinct honor and pleasure of being married to a man gifted with musical abilities and leadership. I love how he leads our church family in songs of praise and worship to our King and Savior. He tries to pick songs that fit well with the Scripture we are going through. He also tries to pick songs that will stick with us throughout the week so we are encourging our hearts with melodies of truth and the Gospel. Today, I thought I’d share with you the music set he put together for The Fields this Sunday. So many people were encouraged by the theology of each song. It was a blessing for my heart as well.

sunday 10-11

Here’s the set and a link to the versions of each song on YouTube.

  1. Before the Throne
  2. All Creatures
  3. We are Here for You
  4. Behold our God
  5. Oh God
  6. Though You Slay Me
  7. Psalm 145

Please listen to each of the above songs and be blessed! Pray about the Lord’s Day – for the service, the music, the pastors, your own family, and yourself. Ask that the Lord be glorified and that there would be great expectation and anticipation for the gathering. Ask that each Sunday – and every day – would be all about Jesus. Amen.

#write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah


our full life: week eight, nine, and ten!

Hello again friends,

I took a pretty big break there…and now I’m three weeks behind. I’ve really missed posting, writing, keeping up with this creative part of my life.

As you will see below, we have been pretty busy. I hope you enjoy these pictures from a life lived fully!

brunch viewThe view from our work brunch. We said so-long to a truly awesome member of our team.

beach walk nightWalking never felt so good than during a sunset like this.

new shoesBrand new boots from my sweet love.

drying in the kitchenDishes and citrus hanging out to dry.

neighborhood flowerA delicate pink flower I found on the ground in my neighborhood.

sushi treatMy boss treated me to sushi for my birthday. SUCH a treat!

new favorite cheeseMy new favorite cheese from Trader Joe’s. So yummy with salami, peppercioni’s, and cherry tomatoes.

hot cocoa nightPioneer Woman got me craving Hot Cocoa!

sledding in arrowheadCrazy fun weekend with some Jr. High and High School student up in Arrowhead!

snow loveLook at that green-eyed hottie! How did I get so lucky?

winter warmthKeeping warm in the cabin.

sticky cactiPretty sticky cactus.

rainy day gamesHanging out with my babysitting buddies, playing in the storm.

babysitting buddiesCalifornia storms with two sweethearts.

God's promiseRainbow!

Peets morning My regular spot with some good friends. Enjoying coffee & pastries.

UNION Lunch Union Kitchen & Tap : Butternut Squash Pancetta Flatbread with Arugula.

UNION BDAY We ran into a professional photographer and she got a great shot of us five.

window sceneThrough the screen and into the storm.

rainy day treatsAlmond Butter Jelly Bars + Blue Bottle Tea. Perfect pairing on a rainy day.

sunday rainfallIt was POURING outside during our Sunday service.

new treatMy latest grocery store splurge! I had a coupon and thought I’d give it a shot.

waitingWaiting…enjoying the day.

How have YOU all been? I’ll post again next week!

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty-nine

OFL 29

This week one one of the busiest I’ve had in a while. However, it was also one of the most refreshing and restful. Don’t ask me how that worked out, but I think it has something to do with all the time we spent celebrating God and our community.

mom gardeningMy mom was here visiting from Idaho. She and I spent our Monday together over good coffee and great conversation. Mom also blessed me by helping me replant my garden with a bunch of beautiful succulents.

replantingYay for all the beautiful cacti and succulents. I am especially excited for my aloe vera plant. You can read all about how to make this diy pallet planter right here.

meatloaf nightI made Bret’s favorite this week: paleo meatloaf with homemade tomato sauce.

babysittingI got to watch this adorable babe on Friday. We had fun perusing the aisles of Costco and trying samples.

our dayLater at home, I folded laundry while this cutie “played” Slam-wich and zombie dice.

barrelsWine tasting for the first time ever. I really enjoyed it! Thank you to Witch Creek Winery and our sweet friends, the Cherry’s!

wine tastingAging barrels in house.

grilled peachesWe had our newly-married friends over fr a BBQ. Kebabs and caesar potato salad with a fresh summer dessert!

dessertSome of us wanted caramel with our grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream.

fields anniversaryOur church celebrated 10 years together this Sunday! God is so good! There was an awesome worship service, a delicious catered meal, and wonderful friends to eat with.

cinnamon bunsYes, this really happened. And it was amazing!

Have an abundant week! God bless!

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty-three

OFL 23Summer is officially here in Southern California. The sun is shining and the beach is calling. I am so excited to share this week with you!

I had a stomach bug on Tuesday…but I’m SO thankful it was only a 24-hour thing because we had lots to do! Check it out:

hair ties from susie qThank you to my friend Susan for making these with love. The colors are perfect!

window shopping la jollaWindow reflections in La Jolla.

the living room 2Breakfast with my momma! She was in town from Idaho this week and she blessed me so much! Bought me a chai latte and helped me with my chores that day. So sweet.

the living room 1No editing here. Just an iPhone and great lighting. And my favorite subject (food).

living room windowAmazing amazing windows in The Living Room Cafe.

la jolla seal beachNo editing on this one either. La Jolla is breathtaking.

la jolla seal beach 1Seals! Stinking (literally) CUTE!

rubys me and momLater that night, my mom treated us all to dinner at Ruby’s on the Pier. YUM!

rubys nannie My sweet Nannie with a beautiful view out the window.

rubys bretWhat a looker, right?! xxxxxxoooooo

late night dessrtWe had a friend over for dinner on Wednesday and I went all out! He’s originally from Texas and I thought I’d give him a little taste of home cooking: Fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, a fresh salad and mini apple crisps for dessert. We ate everything else too fast so this is the only photo I got.

bible time juneMy hubby brought me an iced latte early Friday morning and I got to spend some quiet time with Jesus. So GOOD.

fridays are sweetI also made a breakfast fit for a king for us. Breakfast sandwiches…although mine was deconstructed. Usually breakfast is yogurt and fruit on-the-go so this was an extra special treat!

meal planning juneMeal planning for June. Vodka sauce pasta is happening.

sunday driveOur usual drive to church together. I am overjoyed to be at an incredible church that preaches the GOSPEL every. single. sunday!

bull tacoFirst time to Bull Taco. DELISH! Sunday lunch date success.

beach workout100 jumping jacks, 100 hiesmans, 300 knee-highs, 50 crunches, 30 push-ups, 10 sprints and a surf session. Yes I am out-of-control sore, but it felt so good!

beach relaxingI’m taking this beauty in. I’m also looking at my exercise foot trail in front of me and I feel so grateful to have a working body. I need to start using it more.

my babe the surferLastly, this is my husband. He is a California native, 27 years old, and he is finally learning to surf. I am so proud of him for trying something new and loving it! Also, for being such an encouraging teacher for me!

What did you do this week!? I hope you’re starting to take in this beautiful summer like we are. Worth it. So so worth it.

xo sarah

my abundant list

Below is a list that describes why I believe my life is truly abundant:

1. My Lord, Jesus – He is God and my salvation. My hope and my King. He carries my burdens and gives me my joy through His undeserved grace! Ask me about Him sometime!

2. My Husband – Bret is my best friend ever. He is strong in character, tender in heart, a true leader and protector of my heart. Did I mention handsome? HUBBA HUBBA

3. My Home – We live in a little 1 bedroom apartment in South Carlsbad California and it has become more of a home to me than anywhere else I have lived. I take pride in my home, I keep it tidy, and I make it safe. I love that God has given me a heart for my home…I didn’t know I had it in me. {blog/photo-shoot “Our First Place” coming soon!}

4. My Church – We are a part of a church called The Fields. I love my church family so much! My husband leads worship some weekends and the Jr. High Ministry which I help with too. Being able to serve is a huge privilege and honor for us both.

5. My Family – I have been blessed with a truly wonderful family. Yes, every family has it’s imperfections, but I love them all so deeply and wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I also married into an amazing second family…baby niece included (she melts my heart)!

6. My Friends – I have been blessed with many friendships, but not many girls can say they’ve held strong to the same group of friends they made in middle school! I love you girls. Here’s a picture of my best friend Jocelyn and me blowing out our birthday candles:

7. My Kitchen – Getting creative in the kitchen, whether that be cooking or baking, has been such a joy and pleasure for me. I love putting a meal or dessert down in front of my husband and hearing him go “MMMMM!” But trust me…I’ve heard my fair share of “hmm…well, you’ll do better next time.” He’s sweet, but to the point. Needless to say, I’m still learning!

8. My Health – I love eating right and making healthy choices; so finding fresh local produce and natural ingredients is a must! Exercising is very important to me as well. I am not an expert or professional in either area, but I try my best to honor my body.

What makes YOUR life so abundant? I would LOVE to see and hear all about it!

xo sarah