i love lists : all 31 of them

Hi friends,

If you’ve been reading This Abundant Life for a while, then you have probably seen my posts titled, “this abundant list“. Well, I really love writing those. They’re probably my favorite posts to do. Lists are a fun way¬†to encourage, to connect, to stay organized, and express my interests.

When I decided to commit to 31 days of writing, I knew it would be a hard challenge for me. Ever since I started a new job back in January, my posting has been irregular – at best. I think a hard challenge is exactly what I need to get back into the writing groove. And lists are easy…I kind of make them for a living! So, here we go: for the entire month of October, I will make 1 post each day. That’s 31 days in total. That means 31 lists. YAY!


What will my lists be lists of? Lots! Each list will have a very specific category that means something to me. For example…15 ways to be hospitable, 10 fun dates, 15 coffee shops you’ll love, 15 encouraging verses, 10 cookies that I want in my belly…or something like that. I think you get the point and I hope you’re as excited as I am! I love lists! ūüôā

And just so we are all organized (also something I love), I will post a list of all my lists on this post each day so you’ll always have somewhere to come back to. #write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah

Here’s a list of all my lists:

  1. Day 1: i love lists: all 31 of them
  2. Day 2: i love lists: cookbook collection
  3. Day 3: i love lists: beauty products
  4. Day 4: i love lists: a day in carlsbad village
  5. Day 5: i love lists: 24 questions
  6. Day 6: i love lists: life in community
  7. Day 7: i love lists: 3 things i’m loving¬†
  8. Day 8: i love lists: things worth waiting for
  9. Day 9: i love lists: weekend snacks
  10. Day 10: i love lists: indian summer remedies 
  11. Day 11: i love lists: sundays 
  12. Day 12: i love lists: 10 cookies i want in my belly
  13. Day 13: i love lists: netflix binge watchlist
  14. Day 14: i love lists: concert night
  15. Day 15: i love lists: coffee shops you’ll love
  16. Day 16: i love lists: fall favorites
  17. Day 17: i love lists: list making

our full life: week thirteen

I’m three days late….

for posting my thirteenth week! Here we go again.

salad lunch break.jpgDesk lunch: arugula, wild rice, roasted sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, chicken apple sausage, and lemon garlic vinaigrette.

best day sunset.jpgI threw my hubby a surprise party last Friday. This was the view that night.

surprise drinks.jpgSurprise party drinks.

smores brownies.jpgS’mores brownies! My secret: just triple everything.

surprise party plaid.jpgThere was no plaid requirement – just a funny coincidence. Also…look at the guy in the middle! My baby LOVED his surprise party!

surprise snacks.jpgMost of Bret’s favorite snacks: wasabi peas, Doritos, popcorn, and pretzel m&m’s.

little lovely.jpgCHEESE!!! ‚̧

surprise bestie.jpgMy bestest girl and me having such a blast.

cg beach lunchSaturdays are for picnics by the water with friends.

sub zero.jpgSUB-ZERO.

lu snuggles.jpgWatching Caillou and snuggling.

lu bathtime.jpgWhatchya doing pretty girl?

tsh date.jpgI met Tsh Oxenrider from The Art of Simple. She inspired me to read and write more as we discussed her new book: Notes From a Blue Bike.

nicole & me.jpgMy friend Nicole is something special. I love getting to spend time with her.

rear view view.jpgRear view view.

bday boy.jpgThis guy. I don’t deserve him and I am honored to share life with such an amazing man. Happy 28th Birthday to my one and only true love.

homemade cheesecake.jpgLastly, I made him the most incredible cheesecake. Thank you Stephanie Day for your perfect family recipe. And thank you for telling me my layers were fabulous.

Enjoy the week ahead friends!

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 19

  1. 20 favorite cocktail recipes from 2 lovely bloggers.
  2. Intriguing take on food photography: a week of groceries from around the world.
  3. Blogging resources for the win.
  4. Stumbled across Brookie’s blog. I have probably listened to this particular Music Monday post 15 times so far.
  5. Be yourself!
  6. Sweet Mother’s Day post with a beautiful dress!
  7. I was inspired by joy this morning and made some yummy oatmeal. Strawberries instead of blackberries, flaxseeds instead of sunflower seeds, and coconut milk instead of almond milk.
  8. Making versus buying. Good read!
  9. A WEEK of Mother’s Day brunch Ideas from Honestly Yum and Joy the Baker.
  10. The Great Gatsby comes out TODAY!
  11. Excited to start reading this book. I really would love for praying to become more and more a part of our everyday life.
  12. How fun is this collaborative blog. These photographs are so real and sweet.
  13. Getting glasses inspiration today. The Girls with Glasses really helped me out!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Make your momma some bread!

xo sarah

this abundant list

So…it is here. The big two-five. I’m officially a grown up. Sometimes, my freckles make me look like I’m 17, but not anymore! I’m 25, world. Watch out for all the excitement!

TAL 25

Here is a short list of things I can think of tonight that I would like to see/do/make/eat/read/be this year.

  1. First, take as many pictures as possible. I want to document all our sweet moments like the one above. Squinty eyes and all.
  2. Disney World. I can’t believe it’s happening, but it is.
  3. I want to read Wuthering Heights again. And see the most recently made movie.
  4. I want to walk at least 150 miles this year. Its a small feat…but it’s doable for where my life is at right now.
  5. I think I might dye my hair. Eeek! A vibrant red, perhaps.
  6. S’mores cupcakes¬†and a¬†bloody mary. I will make you in my kitchen.
  7. I would love to diversify my income. A little bit here and a little bit there. Hopefully from the things, and in the areas, that I am most passionate about.
  8. I want to laugh ALOT. I can always count on episodes of New Girl and Parks and Rec to make that happen. And my husband. He is a riot.
  9. Puppy!?! Maybe. Maybe not. Until then, I can just watch CUTE videos.
  10. Chips: kale, sweet potato, beets, bacon, apple. This is happening, year 25.
  11. I would love to see this blog reach many more people for the glory of God. Maybe an e-course is in my future.

That’s the short list. I could probably keep going. I will spare you…and myself.

Until next week, friends, let’s get messy and bold in the kitchen. Let’s have lot’s of coffee dates and movie nights. Let’s make every day count. Let’s pursue every lovely passion. Above all, let’s make much of God in every moment.

xo sarah