our full life: january & february

Hello friends!

Can you believe February is already over!? What happened to the time?? Now, March brings Daylight Savings and EASTER! Wow…2016 is flying by. I wanted to share what the past couple of months looked like in the Theis Family.

ofl jf 4

In January, we enjoyed:

  • LOTS of rain and hail at the beginning of the month
  • Yummy gelato at the shop down the street from us
  • Annual Tea Party with my friends from OC
  • I celebrated 1 year working for Planning Center Online
  • I also celebrated my friend Stephanie and the coming of her sweet baby Poppy Marie
  • We had dinner at a co-worker’s house and got to meet his sweet family
  • We went to Winter Camp up at Mile High Pines with our Jr. High students
  • I got sick…the cold, the fever, the whole thing everyone is getting
  • This is the best news of all right now: I had the OBGYN appointment I had been waiting for and we saw that ALL my abnormal cysts are GONE! Praise the Lord!!!! The doctor had all good things to say and I go back in 3 months for another check-up to see if anything else that may have changed. To say I was shocked is an understatement.

ofl jf 3 

ofl jb 1

In February, we enjoyed:

  • Our Community Group women started gathering every Saturday to share the stories of how Jesus saved us
  • I had some fun beach days
  • Bret started an apologetics class at Talbot
  • My Book Club gathered to discuss “The Lake House” and eat all the yummy foods that came up in the book
  • I had some crazy, fun, wonderful weeks at work culminating in our Planning Center University event
  • Bret got a new position and a raise at his work!
  • Bret and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Coronado Island
  • My dad and I shared our birthday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • I finished my second book of the year…trying to read 12+ this year
  • Bret and my CG Leaders threw me a Birthday Party with all my favorite things and fun games
  • Bret and I have gone on 2 Saturday coffee dates and finally checked out Local Tap House together…look at this silly, wonderful, best friend of mine!

ofl jf 2

I’ve kept up the Bible reading that I started in January which is such an accomplishment for me. I hope I can keep saying that as this year progresses! And February was a wonderful month for celebrating and making memories. I won’t soon forget it.

Goodnight from here!

xo sarah


read through the Bible in a year

Good morning friends!

I have a small post this morning, with a big commitment.

I know it is not January 1st. It’s January 31st to be exact. Nonetheless, I am starting something new. Something wonderful. Something abundant and life-giving.

A few days ago, I stumbled across a new (to me) blog called Grace and Salt. The post that drew me in was about a one year commitment to the Word of God. Here’s the post and line that caught me:

I am committing to reading The Bible from cover to cover this year! And I’d love if you joined me. I’ve learned that when you have someone walking alongside you in something, you are far more likely to complete the task. So, who wants to join with me and dive into the most perfect book ever written?

I quickly answered, “I do! I do!” So…I know this is the end of January, and not the beginning, but it’s never (ever) too late to start. I began the reading plan a few days ago and will try to catch up before 2015. Either way, I totally agree that knowing someone else is committing to the same thing you are is super encouraging and really gives you the accountability to keep going. Plus, spending time reading about The Lord, worshipping Jesus, and giving Him praise is an incredible gift.

I have not completed this challenge in my lifetime yet, but I am so pumped! Throughout the year, I will post about where I am in the Bible and what God is teaching me about the gospel. And if/when I become discouraged or fail, I can believe and rely on God’s provision of grace. Also, I just read a really encouraging article titled, We Need a Savior, Not a New Year. Great perspective on the goals we pursue and plans we make – especially in light of this commitment I am making.

That being said, I would love to ask you ALL the same question: So, who wants to join with me and dive into the most perfect book ever written?

You can find the plan for every month of the whole year HERE. Let’s do this!

Bible in a Year- Grace & Salt

I will end this post with some fitting Scripture to encourage us in this challenge: Ecclesiastes 7:8 – “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”

MANY thanks to the writers of Grace and Salt!

xo sarah

our full life: week forty-five

OFL 45

I was looking forward to week forty-five for weeks! Week 45 meant date night in LA for a concert with my hubby and a weekend in Big Bear with our Community Group! However…as life goes, week forty-five actually meant Sarah is sick with a cold and not enjoying the concert as much and then stuck on the couch for a fews days missing Big Bear. It was a bummer, but I think it was exactly what I needed. I got to watch a few movies (like The Well Diggers Daughter…MUST WATCH AGAIN!) and spend quality time with Bret. It was nice to be forced to just rest up/get healthy again.

Either way, one thing is true: God is always good and I trust Him through each season: sickness, despair, stress, frustration, etc. He never changes and is always by my side. Here was week 45:

Tuesday meetingWork/lunch meeting at the local coffee shop.

tuesday teachingGetting my car washed and studying truth.

whisky girlWaiting in line outside the Whisky-agogo. We saw Reign of Kindo!!!

whiskyagogoSeedy. But the band was awesome!

thursday dinnerBret was gone Thursday night…so I made breakfast for dinner. Inspired by THIS.

november magazineRemember how I said I had a cold? Well at least I got to catch up on laundry and magazine reading.

coffee before churchHis and Hers salted caramel mochas before church. Sunday coffee is better than any other day in my opinion.

bible loveI just loved the afternoon light coming through my windows. Shining on the pages, my ring, and a treasured note.

GBG mix upI mixed up my classic granola bar recipe and added our favorite chocolate chips and raisins. Win!!!

Have a blessed week, friends!

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty-three

OFL 23Summer is officially here in Southern California. The sun is shining and the beach is calling. I am so excited to share this week with you!

I had a stomach bug on Tuesday…but I’m SO thankful it was only a 24-hour thing because we had lots to do! Check it out:

hair ties from susie qThank you to my friend Susan for making these with love. The colors are perfect!

window shopping la jollaWindow reflections in La Jolla.

the living room 2Breakfast with my momma! She was in town from Idaho this week and she blessed me so much! Bought me a chai latte and helped me with my chores that day. So sweet.

the living room 1No editing here. Just an iPhone and great lighting. And my favorite subject (food).

living room windowAmazing amazing windows in The Living Room Cafe.

la jolla seal beachNo editing on this one either. La Jolla is breathtaking.

la jolla seal beach 1Seals! Stinking (literally) CUTE!

rubys me and momLater that night, my mom treated us all to dinner at Ruby’s on the Pier. YUM!

rubys nannie My sweet Nannie with a beautiful view out the window.

rubys bretWhat a looker, right?! xxxxxxoooooo

late night dessrtWe had a friend over for dinner on Wednesday and I went all out! He’s originally from Texas and I thought I’d give him a little taste of home cooking: Fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, a fresh salad and mini apple crisps for dessert. We ate everything else too fast so this is the only photo I got.

bible time juneMy hubby brought me an iced latte early Friday morning and I got to spend some quiet time with Jesus. So GOOD.

fridays are sweetI also made a breakfast fit for a king for us. Breakfast sandwiches…although mine was deconstructed. Usually breakfast is yogurt and fruit on-the-go so this was an extra special treat!

meal planning juneMeal planning for June. Vodka sauce pasta is happening.

sunday driveOur usual drive to church together. I am overjoyed to be at an incredible church that preaches the GOSPEL every. single. sunday!

bull tacoFirst time to Bull Taco. DELISH! Sunday lunch date success.

beach workout100 jumping jacks, 100 hiesmans, 300 knee-highs, 50 crunches, 30 push-ups, 10 sprints and a surf session. Yes I am out-of-control sore, but it felt so good!

beach relaxingI’m taking this beauty in. I’m also looking at my exercise foot trail in front of me and I feel so grateful to have a working body. I need to start using it more.

my babe the surferLastly, this is my husband. He is a California native, 27 years old, and he is finally learning to surf. I am so proud of him for trying something new and loving it! Also, for being such an encouraging teacher for me!

What did you do this week!? I hope you’re starting to take in this beautiful summer like we are. Worth it. So so worth it.

xo sarah