our full life: september

Hey Friends!

Here’s what the month of September looked like for the Theis Family. Enjoy!

s1Baby Levi snuggles! He is so cute and chubby. ‚̧

s2Challenged myself in reading The Martian. Sorry to say I only got 60 pages in and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I want to go see the movie though! Speaking of tea… ^^^ ūüôā

s3Timeshare views. Thanks for the fun night of swimming Ladicks! Miss you. ‚̧

s4Cruisin’ Grand with our Dad. Escondido has a special place in my heart.

s5Sleeping in and enjoying lattes…mmmm.

IMG_9176Ruby loves my thumb! such a sweetie baby. ‚̧

s6Sitting in the drive-thru waiting for fries.

s7Beach camping done right with our Fields family. Sitting in the shade reading What Alice Forgot and loving every minute.

s8Picked my mom up from the airport this month for a visit and we loved the sailboats that day.

s9Loving my wooden Luna watch. Thanks husband.

s10I think I spent a lot of Septmeber looking up at the sky. Gorgeous days in California.

s11Alone time at Con Pane in San Diego. I’ll be back for sure.

s12That middle paragraph hits it on the head. I immediately thought of Bret and how he has loved me so well, so deeply, and so selflessly.

s13More baby Levi snuggles. Swoon!!

s14Date night at Bagby. Fries, beer, and a stud? Check!

s15Reflections at Blue Ocean. Awsome time and delicious food!

Also! I have lots to share…and I will…it’s just been craziness.

But I plan to do a lot of writing starting TONIGHT with Write 31 days! #write31days

Stay tuned.

xo sarah


our full life: january

Hello friends, readers, loved ones,

I have missed you. I have missed posting and writing and sharing life here. Here’s a good start though. I hope you enjoy and relate on some level to what my January looked like. I started a new job, had some fun, got sick, drank lots of coffee, and made sure to take in creation every so often. Here we go!

cookie breakThis sugar cookie was visually irresistible! But¬†to be honest…not that good. I took it back for the snickerdoodle.

drops keep fallingI ‚̧ raindrops.

goodbye waffles My old office took me out to a goodbye breakfast. I indulged and it was DELICIOUS. It was a wonderful morning with great friends, good food, and bittersweet goodbyes.

goodbye deskGoodbye student ministries desk. I hope my old office is still enjoying my tea cabinet.

baby silas The things that amuse little ones: blanket fringe.

bb graceyToo much cuteness. I can’t take it.

pco day 1 First day as the new Office Manager at PCO.

market dateDate Night at Market. SO fancy and SO worth it.

you mule That Mule though.

pho sho Getting strept throat was really terrible. 102 degree fevers are THE worst. Having friends who bring you soup is the best though.

2015-01-22 17.22.16 The picture did not do it justice.

2015-01-24 17.46.30So glad we stopped to take this. I never want to live anywhere else.

sortingBuilding shelves and sorting lots of…stuff. Three days of it helps you understand the band-aid and coffee. Necessities people.

it's a boatI see a tugboat.

it's saturdayMy Saturday just got better with this cup of joy.

squirrel Hi there Mr. Squirrel. He was so close!

the bandThere’s my man and the team. Making beautiful music in a potentially beautiful place.

now at new buildingPraying for and singing with The Fields.

January was an interesting month because it meant finding a new normal for our family. I am so excited to see more of what God will do in this next season of life.

What was your favorite thing about this January?

xo sarah

our full life: week forty-two

OFL 42

This is real life. Week 42!

beef dinnerIt was my first time making Julia Child’s famous Beef Bourguignon. Bret went crazy for it, so it will definitely become a part of our everyday eats menu.

minion loveMy honey getting malled by the cutest puppy ever.

CG familyCan this picture get ANY more adorable?

chai breakWorking from home in my pjs and enjoying a chai latte.

cutie piesI had the pleasure of babysitting these two cuties. How sweet is their sibling love.

beach eveningYES. Thank you, Lord.

evening walkIt was a lovely sunday evening spent with my friend Susan walking the beach.

beach townFinding trails and watching sunsets.

lazy hairBun head.

Enjoy your week! GOD is good all of the time!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty-eight

OFL 38

This week was a good week…and it’s mostly because I got to be at the beach more than once. There were also a few clouds here and there which got me in the mood for tea and reading.

fall mealHere’s our dinner from the beginning of the week: paleo meatloaf, baked sweet potatoes, and green beans sauteed in butter with onions and peppers. Very fall-esque.

white toys shadowsThese shadows amused me. I was really into the zebra.

babysitters clubBabysitters Club: Community Group Edition.

beach day saturdayNo editing here. Just God’s beautiful glory! I just love Carlsbad beaches.

cloudy sunsetA mostly cloudy sunset. I enjoyed watching this with my hubby, a good latte, and holding his hand.

scripture in bedScripture reading in bed. Also…I started the book: A Puritan Theology, and I’m loving it so much!

rooftop weddingThis was from the rooftop of a condo in Seal Beach. It was the reception spot for my friends moms wedding. It was such a beautiful day!

grilled veggie saladGrilled veggie salad. Delightfully filling.

Enjoy week 39, friends!

xo sarah