books + food: the irresistible blueberry bakeshop & cafe

Hi friends!

I recently finished a cute little love story and I think it’s a great “lay by the pool” + “soak up some sun” + “drink some iced coffee” kind of book.  It’s not award-winning and it’s totally predictable, but I just really enjoyed it! It’s called The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe.

It also had a long list of DELICIOUS foods! It made me hungry and I was longing to travel out to Maine for all the goodness. I am currently in a book club that meets every few months or so and I always put together the food list for our meeting. Then we split up the list and enjoy the foods of the book while we discuss the story and our favorite characters.

Even though this wasn’t a book for the book club, the food was just too good not to list somewhere. So, I hope you enjoy the list and make the blueberry muffin recipe at the end.


  • Blueberries
  • Melon
  • Bananas
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Coffee
  • Apple Cider Doughnuts
  • Tuna Salad: albacore, celery, onion, capers, mayo on mixed greens
  • Sandwiches: Rare roast beef & brie with sliced tomato on toasted french baguette; Chicken salad with baby greens, tomato, sprouts, grapes and crumbled gorgonzola; Oven-roasted turkey breast, savory stuffing, and fresh cranberry sauce on whole wheat
  • Desserts: lemon pound cake, carrot cake, double chunk brownies, walnut fig bars, chocolate croissant bread pudding, blueberry pie, strawberry-rhubarb pie
  • Margaritas
  • Shrimp with Rice & Green Beans
  • Twin Lobsters with drawn butter
  • Meatloaf with mushrooms
  • Mashed potatoes with butter
  • Clam Chowder
  • Higgins Root Beer
  • Fresh Corn and Tomatoes
  • Salad: spring greens, cranberries, walnuts, and goat cheese topped with raspberry vinaigrette
  • Half a succulent free range chicken roasted in butter and fresh herbs with mashed potatoes and garden fresh carrots
  • Iced Tea
  • Fried Clams
  • Grouper Sandwich
  • Chateau Beychevelle 2000 Saint-Julien
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Vision of the Bakery: Turnovers, cakes, croissants (maybe blueberry ones!), lemon pound cake, peach cobbler, pomegranate-ginger muffins, chocolate chip cookies
  • Tea Sandwiches: Cucumber arugula, curried chicken, bacon & egg
  • Chilled Carrot Ginger Soup
  • Apple Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • French Baguette with Smoked Ham and Brie topped with field greens and finished with dijon mustard

I hope you enjoyed reading about all these foods!! Now go enjoy them and the book. Also, I wouldn’t lie to you – here is that blueberry muffin recipe I found online:


xo sarah


three things i’m loving in june

Happy June! I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you.

  1. My S’ip by S’well thermos from Target. Bret saw it and knew I would like it. It’s yellow and has a bunch of little honey bees on it. Keeps my cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for way longer than a normal water bottle.
    J fave 1
  2. Summer board shorts I found on amazon. I always feel a little exposed in my bikini, but I’m really liking these swim shorts. They’re conservative, cute, and comfortable. I got a pair in coral and in aqua because they are super inexpensive. I recommend getting one size bigger than you normally wear in shorts.
    J fave 2
  3. Chicken Soup from La Especial Norte. Recovering from surgery means lots of couch time, Gilmore Girls, good books, and soup. The BEST soup I’ve ever had is from La Especial Norte and it totally hit the spot.J fave 3

What are three things you are loving?!

xo sarah

3 things i’m loving in february

Happy February…or End of February is more like it…haha! I’m really up to the final hour with this one. But I didn’t want to miss sharing my favorite things with you.

  1. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. I have always loved citrus and acidity, but I always forget about grapefruit juice! I bought it this month and love pouring myself a glass. It’s so refreshing and full of Vitamin C.
  2. Watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix. Friends is always good for a laugh and, even though I have seen it a million times, I still love it. We are looking forward to the episodes with Paul Rudd coming up soon.
    friends show
  3. Painted Nails. I usually have plain nails and I pick at them. It’s a horrible habit and they never look pretty. This February, I kept them groomed and painted and I have been loving it.

I’ll post some more things I’m loving in March! What are 3 things you’re loving right now?

xo sarah

i love lists: words

drops keep fallingThere have been some rocky days lately. There have been days that felt cloudy and messy and hard to navigate. In all of it, there are a few words that I think God has been teaching me to dwell on.

  1. trust
  2. rest
  3. dependence

By God’s grace, I will follow Jesus each day of my life and believe that that He is reliable, good, and faithful.

By God’s grace, I will find all of my calm and peace in Jesus. Anxiety can trouble me, but there is rest in the presence of God forever.

By God’s grace, I will cry out to God each day with a genuine heart and say, “I need you.”

What words has God been causing you to dwell on lately?

#write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah

i love lists : lazy sunday

Happy Sunday friends!

What did you do this wonderful day? For us, it was cloudy, full of activity, and at the same time slow. While we have a lot of responsibilities on Sundays, something about today felt like a lazy Sunday and I’m grateful for that. 


Here’s what we did today:

  1. Woke up early to get to church by 7:30am for Bret to practice the music set before service starts at 8:45am.
  2. While Bret was practicing, I ran to a cafe for coffee and a bagel…pastry for Bret. 
  3. I put my makeup on in the church parking lot and a friend came early to sit with me and we talked for a bit.
  4. 1st service of church we listened to preaching from Daniel chapter 5 and learned a lot about pride and the gospel. 
  5. 2nd service we taught our Jr. High group about Daniel chapter 4 (we always stay one week behind with them so their parents have already heard it first).  We prayed with them and enjoyed hearing their thoughts.
  6. We had great conversations with friends and then headed home. We don’t usually do this, and I don’t know what came over me, but we got McDonalds for lunch on the way home. 
  7. As we ate our lunch, we watched a couple episodes of Friday Night Lights. Man, that show is addicting. 
  8. Bret took a nap because he is feeling like he might be getting a cold and I picked up the house/dusted/cleaned the kitchen. It was actually very relaxing.
  9. Then I layed down with Bret for a while and started writing this.
  10. Now we are off to our monthly church meeting called DNA (Discipleship through Nurturing and Accountability). I always love those meetings with our church staff and leaders. It’s so encouraging hearing evidence of God’s grace in people’s lives and hearing our joy in the gospel time and time again.
  11. After DNA we usually grab a late dinner with friends and try to still get to bed at a reasonable hour.
  12. When I get home tonight, I hope to straighten up our bedroom and bit, read more of my book-club book, and pray with Bret as we prepare for the week ahead. 

Phew!! Long and busy day, but I’m praising God that it actually felt so refreshing and “lazy” in a lot of ways. 😉

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah 

i love lists : nieces and nephews

While learning to be patient for having children is so difficult at times, the gift of having nieces and nephews is such a treasure.

Today, I was honored to hang out with two of my oldest girlfriends. We ate pastry, walked around San Clemente, and drank lots of tea. It was splendid. While driving back home to Carlsbad, I got to talk to my bestest friend Jocelyn about our friendship, our families, and how much we miss being a part of each other’s everyday lives. You know you have a true friend when you can be completely honest about this kind of stuff. We also talked about what role my husband and I share in the lives of her 4 children. It’s an honor to be their Uncle Bret & Auntie Sarah and we love them so much! We are hoping to set up a regular dinner with them going forward so our families continue to grow together rather than getting lost in the busy shuffle of daily life.

I was then reminded of our role as Uncle Bret & Auntie Sarah to our sweet nieces in Alabama. We love them and miss them so much! We want to Skype more, send more presents, be as involved as possible. It is hard to articulate the closeness and love that we feel for all 6 of these nieces and nephews. Maybe it has so much to do with the closeness and love that we feel for their moms and dads! Our nieces and nephews are a treasure, a gift, and hold a very special place in our hearts. Today’s list will introduce you to these sweet babes we are honored to be Uncle & Auntie to. I hope you can catch a glimpse of how cherished they are to us.

Our sister and brother in law have 2 children: Lucy and Hazel.a8

baby hazel.jpg

  1. Lucy is 4 years old. She is super sharp, very articulate, extremely fun, and crazy adorable. We love making Lucy laugh and laughing with Lucy. Lucy is adventurous and sensitive to those around her. She is full of love and steals your heart.
  2. Hazel is coming up on 2 years old soon. She will melt your heart and you just want to squeeze her. She loves playing with her older sister and keeps you on your toes. Hazel has big brown eyes and such a sweet dreamy smile.
    Our best friends Jocelyn and JC have 4 children: Uriah, Ezekiel, Gracelyn, and Levi.
  3. Uriah is 5 years old. He is a leader. He has strength and a heart of gold. He will crack you up, work hard at every task, and take competition to the next level. He is also very sweet in giving all the hugs, kisess, and back scratches you want.
  4. Ezekiel is coming up on 4 years old. He is sensitive, loves playing with his older brother, and will talk your ear off. He has the most beautiful eyes and spunky blond hair. He loves sharing what he is interested in so he feels connected to you.
  5. Gracelyn is coming up on 2 years old. She is SO cute, just the right amount of sassy, and loves her mama and daddy. She is already showing her servant’s heart in little ways. She is protected by her brothers and feels so comfortable getting in on their boyish games. She is going to be a little heartbreaker.
  6. Levi is only a couple months old. He is so chunky, sweet, and is the most cuddly boy. He loves to move, to be rocked, and participate in all the action. I am so excited to see how his personality develops.

Life is so much better with these boys and girls in the world. Bret and I wouldn’t be the same without them and we hope to take every moment we can to make sure they know what a blessing they are. Praise God for nieces and nephews. Praise God for families. Praise God for His plan to bring His people together for His glory.

What are your nieces and nephews like? What qualities do you cherish in them?

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah


i love lists : last minute list

Should I really be blogging on our date night? No. No, I shouldn’t. 

But here we go because I have to keep writing to complete the challenge! Plus, my husband encouraged me to get it out of the way now. I can’t imagine why. 😉

Tonight’s list is simple and very relevant to the moment we’re living – what to order at Benihana:

  1. Cocktails. A plus on any date night. Mine has strawberries and bourbon so, yes, it’s delicious.
  2. A sushi roll. Tonight we are enjoying a Sumo Roll. It’s also delicious!
  3. The Surf Side meal. How can you do better than scallops, calamari, and shrimp? You can’t.
  4. Bret always gets the chicken fried rice. It’s so yummy and watching the chef make it in front of you is a great show!
  5. Make sure you get the green tea ice cream at the end.

sushi date
Keep in mind: we are pulling out all the stops with this dinner because our cell phone provider sent us a debit card loaded for fun! Don’t ask me why because we don’t know why either, but we are living it up! 

Such a cool list, right!? Haha…okay, goodnight for now – until tomorrow!

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah 

i love lists: guilty pleasure chick flicks

So it’s 9pm, I am in my friends garage getting haircuts with another friend. It’s awesome… and I got bangs! Woohoo!
However, I’m so behind on today’s post, but I don’t want to give up! I’m committed to writing every day for each day in October.

31moviesCheck out our haircuts and our awesome hair stylist (far left)! ❤

As we are sitting here getting our hairs cut and styled we are talking about so many funny things: high school, body spray, our sweet and hilarious husbands, traditions, and lots of TMI…all the stuff! And here I am asking them what to post about. We decided on guilty pleasure chick flicks and BOY have we got a list for you (Thank you Melissa & Ashley)! So load up your Netflix or Amazon app and get ready for this wonderfully awesome cheeseball of a list. 31 movies for 31 days. Maybe this will bring back some fun memories for you all!

  1. Dirty Dancing
  2. Cinderella Story
  3. John Tucker Must Die
  4. Drive Me Crazy
  5. Father of the Bride (1 & 2)
  6. Troop Beverly Hills
  7. Save the Last Dance
  8. Bring It On
  9. She’s All That
  10. Sixteen Candles
  11. Step Up 1-6
  12. Mean Girls
  13. The Proposal
  14. Miss Congeniality
  15. Letters to Juliet
  16. Dear John
  17. The Wedding Singer
  18. The Princess Diaries
  19. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  20. How to Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
  21. 13 Going on 30
  22. He’s Just Not That Into You
  23. Just Friends
  24. 10 Things I hate About You
  25. Sweet Home Alabama
  26. Never Been Kissed
  27. 27 Dresses
  28. 50 First Dates
  29. The Holiday
  30. Enchanted
  31. A Walk to Remember

That’s that!

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah



i love lists: list making

The philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco said that lists help us to make sense of the world around us. We create lists of the sights we see on vacation, the places we want to visit, the food we need to buy at the grocery store, and the tasks we need to get done. It’s a simple habit of increasing our day-to-day productivity.

We pack all the madness and ambiguity of life into a structured form of writing. In short, making lists is a great way to increase our overall happiness and feel less overwhelmed.
(Source: B.B. Cooper)

I can definitely say that is true for myself. Lists not only help me stay organized and structured, but they are fun. Being organized is fun for me! That’s sounds crazy, right?
But seriously, this may sound neurotic to the more artistic and free-spirited type, and maybe it is, but, nonetheless, lists are a form of self-expression for me. Hence, “i love lists”.

Maybe you can relate? If so, I have provided a list that can help you in all your list-making!

  1. For your reminders: a collection of Fun Sticky Notes and Simple Sticky Notes.
    Lists Collage 1
  2. For just a normal “TO-DO” list, there are a few cute ones: Simple, Abstract, and Personalized.
    Lust Collage 2
  3. For the dreamer, I thought this Mixed Priorities set of list pads would be helpful.
    List Collage 3
  4. For those who like to plan out their entire week: Week List for your desk.
    List Collage 4
  5. For your grocery shopping list: a Market List pad in black & white and a Market List pad in Color. Also, an All Out Of pad.
    List Collage 10
  6. For listing out your weekly meal plans: A Meal Calendar for 3 weeks at a time and a Meal Calendar for 1 week at a time.
    List Collage 7
  7. Lastly, this is just for fun…but these seem like the perfect on-the-go games for all you lovely list makers out there.
    List Collage 8

I hope you enjoyed the links and get your listing on!

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah

i love lists : things worth waiting for

There have been a couple of posts lately that I have alluded to some “news” I was planning to share. I haven’t been able to put the words together until now, I guess.

This year has been quite the turn of events. I feel like I just had my 27th birthday, and at the same time, I don’t even feel like the same girl who wrote this post 8 months ago: on turning 27. I felt so full of life, hope, and excitement. And just a few short months later, I felt so full of fear, anxiety, and confusion. I explained that whole experience in my post: not one single thing. I had to learn to lean into Christ and fix my eyes on Jesus like never before. I grew in prayer and in relying on Scripture. I was truly learning to need God every moment.

Then, in the first few days of August this year I had a baseball-sized cyst burst on my left ovary. Oh goodness, it was painful. It was also heartbreaking when the initial news was that there was a possiblity I had cancer, an ectopic pregnancy, and a bicornuate uterus (which makes having children difficult…and is probably my biggest fear in life).
Then I came to find out that none of this was true! Um, talk about a roller coaster! I had some CRY days…you know those days? Where you just ugly cry and weep and mourn. Doctors told me that my pain and injuries were abnormal, but normal (yeah…idk). They told me to wait and heal and come back in a few weeks because they weren’t exactly sure what they were looking at.

Well, it’s October now and the news didn’t really get better. I still have a very large black area on my left ovary. It could be a cyst and it could be some issue with my fallopian tube. They just aren’t sure. So now I have to choose: surgery or pills. I don’t want to do either. But either way…this, seemingly, puts having children on hold indefinitely. If you know me at all, you know that being a mother is one of the deepest desires of my heart.
Ultimately, I know that God is so so good and He already has this all figured out for us. Whatever the outcome, I belong to Him, He has given me all of Himself, and I have received the joy of Salvation. This is all my hope. But, yet again, I wait.


I started saying this thing this summer, “I think the theme of my life here, that God is always trying to teach me, is to wait.” Today I thought I would share a list of things that have been worth the wait…and I hope to someday come back to this list and add “children” to it. Until then, here’s what God has granted me thus far, though the waiting was hard:

  1. My husband. He was my crush, my friend, and dream guy. He still is. Worth every bit of the wait.
  2. Friends. There were many times of loneliness before God brought the right friends into my life.
  3. Physical intimacy in marriage. I think we can all relate to why waiting for sex and connection is a challenge. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.
  4. College acceptance. I know I ended up at the right school and program, but before I got there everything felt so big and unknown.
  5. Job. It took a while before I started working a full time job after college. I wanted it to be something I would actually really enjoy and that would utilize my strengths. And now I have a legitimately cool job! Although…I still don’t know “what I want to be when I grow up”, ha! (unless you count being a mom…but we went over that, hehe.)

The 5 things listed above may seem like a short list…but, goodness, so many many months and years went into each of them.
What can I see in all of them? God’s sovereignty, His faithfulness, and His love in all of it. So why wouldn’t that be true for my future “waits” as well?
Like I said before, I hope to come back to this list someday and add “children”. Maybe even adding more education through CCEF…owning my own bakery/coffee shop…being a missionary in a foreign country…

God has it all in His hands. And His hands are GOOD.

What are some things God has made you wait for? Can you see the value and worth in it after the fact?

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah

I love lists: cookbook collection

When I first started blogging, I had dreams about food & recipes taking up the majority of my content. I love cooking, meal planning, baking, creating, food photography, and – let’s just be honest – I love eating. As things developed here on This Abundant Life, I found that lifestyle posts were a little more natural for me and I decided to roll with that.


But I haven’t given up hope to share more of my cooking and recipes here. In the meantime, today’s list will introduce you to the cookbooks that I own and use most often. If you need to add to your collection, I really recommend these:

  1. Everyone has heard of this classic: Mastering the Art of Frech Cooking Vol.1 by Julia Child. I remember making her boeuf bourguignon, french onion soup, ratatouille, and caramel custard.
  2. Everyone loves this country girl: The Pioneer Woman Cooks – A Year of Holidays by Ree Drummond. I love making her lasagna, sweet tea, homemade salsa (2 kinds), caramel apple cinnamon rolls, caesar salad, burgundy mushrooms, baked french toast, and TURKEY!
  3. This one is a little more obscure, but by far my most used: Silver Palate Cookbook by Rosso & Lukins. It’s my most used because it’s where I found the best chocolate chip cookie and oatmeal raisin cookie recipes ever. And OH the banana bread!
  4. I was given this cookbook by a friend for my birthday and never heard of the author before, but I am sure glad I own it! Super fun recipes with tons of variey: The Recipe Girl Cookbook by Lori Lange. I still remember how enjoyable her insalata romantica was, as well as her pineapple upside down cake, jalapeno poppers, sweet lemon glazed drumsticks, and bacon brown sugar beans.
  5. Here’s one you know you can trust: The Weeknight Cook by Williams Sonoma. This one makes cooking as simple as it can get. This book yielded the recipe for my famous (to me) apple crumble, a delicious greek salad, tomato basil soup, ziti with pesto & potatoes, and baked rigatoni.
  6. Another staple: The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten. Fresh corn salad, roasted vegetable torte, strawberry scones, guacamole, pecan shortbread, and my ABSOLUTE favorite – perfect roast chicken.
  7. This one was a wedding gift and I have loved it ever since: The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook – The Original Classics by Martha Stewart. Let me just say it – best buttermilk biscuits on the planet. Also, I loved her avocado grapefruit salad and blackberry pie.
  8. Ever heard of Bi-Rite in San Francisco? Well, it’s amazing and you should go to there. I recently picked up this one in a used cookbook store in Pasadena: Bi-Rite Market’s Eat Good Food by Mogannam & Gough. The only thing I’ve made so far is the stone fruit galette and OH. MY. WORD. Get on that right now – I’m serious.
  9. One of the reasons I started a blog is because of Joy the Baker. Naturally, my husband got me a signed copy of her cookbook: Homemade Decadence by Joy Wilson. I really enjoyed her recipe for pumpkin cranberry white chocolate cake cookies and hope to make her peanut butter cream pie for Bret soon.
  10. This last one is my newest addition to my collection: The Lemonade Cookbook by Jackson & Cianciulli. I haven’t tried the recipes just yet but I know I’ll whip up one of their homemade lemonade recipes. I also want to try making one of their famous braises and fresh salads.

That’s a bit of my collection. You should get them for yourself!
What are your favorite cookbooks?

Until next time…tomorrow that is! #write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah

our full life: week fifty through fifty two

Hello again, readers!

I have been SO busy. I know we all have. Please excuse the radio silence, but the past few weeks have had a lot of excitement.

First, my in-laws came into town for some visiting. It was such a fun surprise and a great time catching up. Second, Christmas and New Year’s happened. What a whirlwind! I loved it all, but WHOA. Third, I got a new job! It has been stressful preparing for an interview, filling out paperwork, and making new plans. All in all, I am SO excited!

With no further ado, here is the past three weeks in pictures…enjoy:

apples to applesAfternoon snacking.

mulled wineMulled Cider Wine.

holiday shoppingHoliday shopping done right.

CUSChristmas Under the Stars. Carols and cocoa is my favorite was to celebrate.

rainy goodnessDown came the rain.

errand goodnessBest work errand ever.

coffee date for 4Coffee date with mom & dad.

PB giftsCinnamon White Chocolate Peanut Butter for The Fields Staff.

drive homeOn my drive home.

CG celebrationCelebrating Christmas with Community.

xmas sunsetThumbs up to a gorgeous Christmas Day sunset.

chai dateChai at Zumbar.

the viewThe view at Zumbar. The air was crisp and the sun was stunning.

shabu shabuSHABU SHABU!

hb susanHappy Birthday to my dear friend, Susan!

sleepover goodnessGirls’ sleepover in Newport Beach. Resort living never gets old.

I loved these last three weeks, but I am loving getting back to normal life, too. Getting up at a normal time, heading to work, drinking a green smoothie…this all sounds so good to me. I will be biting my tongue in a few weeks, but for now I am looking forward to the structure.

And speaking of structure, I will be structuring this “Our Full Life” series a little different in 2015. With a new full-time job and more responsibilities to take on, I will not have as much time on my hands as I previously did. I will now be doing a MONTHLY “Our Full Life” post rather than weekly post. So, at the end of this month I will post for the month of January and so on throughout the year. I hope to keep sharing just as much life with you all and keep just as creative too. I hope you enjoy the change!

If I don’t say it enough, THANK YOU for reading and staying connected. I love sharing and I am so blessed that anyone would read my words.


xo sarah

our full life: week forty six through forty eight

I’m baaaaack y’all!

I apologize for being out of the loop for a few weeks. I guess Thanksgiving took more prep than I thought it was going to. Either way, I’m happy to share with you what our life looked like the past 3 weeks. Please enjoy!

puffsGod provides such joy in the sky above.

tabbyI had trouble getting him to stay still, but S’CUTE!

lake SMLake San Marcos at dusk. Just before going to sushi with a friend.

seaviewOcean view on the way home. Taking in the crazy beautiful sky…again!

brunchIced latte & toast at noon. Just what the doctor ordered.

community projectOur Community Group served a park in Carlsbad a few weeks ago by planting & beautifying. Also, some of the men built fences. 😉

RV CupcakeI had a gift certificate for a cupcake that was about to expire. RED VELVET!

sourBret made me a freshly squeezed whiskey sour while I made my DIY “Give Thanks” banner. I thought it was appropriate…and quite tasty.

CUTS practiceMusic men. Creating sets and making my ears glad.

the sauceCranberry-Pear sauce. My personal additions: lemon peel and a cinnamon stick.

the tableThe Thanksgiving Table. It was so fun to host this year and open our home! And the food was delicious!

fall saladFor example: A fall salad with homemade maple-mustard vinaigrette, homemade maple candied roasted pecans, gorgonzola, dried cherries & cranberries, and honeycrisp apples!

thanksgiving asparagusRoasted (and quite steamy) asparagus in a buttery-herby-garlicly sauce.

the birdAnd TURKEY! Brined for 24 hours then roasted while being basted with a lemon, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, butter sauce. We’re loving all the leftovers we got too!

the centerpieceWe had more food…but I only pictured a few dishes and just enjoyed the rest – like homemade white wine gravy, buttermilk biscuits, and more!

best everThe day after Thanksgiving, Bret and I had a mini “vacation” down in San Diego. We had to hit up one of our favorite places for lunch.

little houseWhen I see little shacks like this one, I envision the “first house” Bret and I might enjoy one day. We both love simple and small…we shall see!

balboaBalboa Park for stunning views and beautiful weather.

planesWe enjoyed seeing planes fly overhead and the jet stream rushing through the trees!

relaxI felt like I was in a storybook. It was lovely to relax with Bret here.

marshmallow tutus Marshmallows in tutus at a sweet 3 year olds b-day. ❤

cleaning dayBack to work today. Cleaning away and listing to APJ podcast. Now on to DECEMBER!

Hope you are getting ready for CHRISTMAS! Thanks for reading.

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty nine

Week twenty-nine was all about being outdoors, feeling the sun beat down, and quality time with my love sweet love.

Enjoy “our full week” with a few snapshots below!

AW 2014.jpgSometimes my job means going to a water park. It was like a paid vacation day!

BN 2014.jpgHandsome Hudson.

BN 2014...jpgBeach bonfire as the sun starts to set.

BN 2014..jpgThe colors! A picture is great…but nothing beats seeing the real thing.

blueberry morning.jpgCandied pecan waffles with a cinnamon drizzle and blueberries! I love being home with Bret for breakfast together.

lagoon sky.jpgThank you.

lagoon day.jpgLagoon day: chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool.

tigers blood.jpgTiger’s blood.

village.jpgUpstairs in the Village for a date night with friends!

wc winery.jpgFirst time to Temecula Wine Country. We took a picnic, bought a tasting, and enjoyed great conversation with family.

wc winery..jpgMy sweet Granny and I cheers-ing! Fun fact: my Granny is about 4’10” tall. This is true of most grandmas, but look at how cute she is!

Enjoy your week ahead! Give thanks and make memories. And stay posted for Gospel Wednesday!

xo sarah

xo sarah

our full life: week twenty-four

Hello Monday morning! Here we go again.

IMG_7127Fire drill at work = coffee run. Also, overtime at work = caramel macchiato. Right?

del mar goodbye 2.jpgMy sweet friends enjoying their little ones.

del mar goodbye.jpgFirst, how lovely is my sisters new haircut!? She can pull off short hair like no one else! Second, I am desperately going to miss these two. Eight of our family members are moving to Alabama! I am praying God blesses this new chapter for all of them. It will be so hard to not have them close anymore, but we will just have to save up our pennies for plane tickets! We had a “goodbye” beach morning making memories in Del Mar.

1 peter 1.jpgHis word remains forever. 1 Peter Chapter 1.

goodbye orchid.jpgSpeaking of the flower falling…I hope I don’t kill another orchid.

freddy.jpgThis is Freddy – my dad’s gigantic goldfish. I am doing everything I can to keep the thing alive while he is away on business.

meal prep june.jpgChanneling Shutterbean and doing meal prep for the week. Sliced kiwis, chicken salad with celery, salt & pepper popcorn, basil spinach pesto, and a variation of granola bar glory.

my daddy-031911.jpgHappy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad. He is a humble and tender hearted man. Always supporting me, pursuing me, and reminding me of God’s awesome power to save and restore the broken. I love you dad. ❤

Have a fabulous week, friends! Taste and see that the Lord is good!

xo sarah