i love lists : lazy sunday

Happy Sunday friends!

What did you do this wonderful day? For us, it was cloudy, full of activity, and at the same time slow. While we have a lot of responsibilities on Sundays, something about today felt like a lazy Sunday and I’m grateful for that. 


Here’s what we did today:

  1. Woke up early to get to church by 7:30am for Bret to practice the music set before service starts at 8:45am.
  2. While Bret was practicing, I ran to a cafe for coffee and a bagel…pastry for Bret. 
  3. I put my makeup on in the church parking lot and a friend came early to sit with me and we talked for a bit.
  4. 1st service of church we listened to preaching from Daniel chapter 5 and learned a lot about pride and the gospel. 
  5. 2nd service we taught our Jr. High group about Daniel chapter 4 (we always stay one week behind with them so their parents have already heard it first).  We prayed with them and enjoyed hearing their thoughts.
  6. We had great conversations with friends and then headed home. We don’t usually do this, and I don’t know what came over me, but we got McDonalds for lunch on the way home. 
  7. As we ate our lunch, we watched a couple episodes of Friday Night Lights. Man, that show is addicting. 
  8. Bret took a nap because he is feeling like he might be getting a cold and I picked up the house/dusted/cleaned the kitchen. It was actually very relaxing.
  9. Then I layed down with Bret for a while and started writing this.
  10. Now we are off to our monthly church meeting called DNA (Discipleship through Nurturing and Accountability). I always love those meetings with our church staff and leaders. It’s so encouraging hearing evidence of God’s grace in people’s lives and hearing our joy in the gospel time and time again.
  11. After DNA we usually grab a late dinner with friends and try to still get to bed at a reasonable hour.
  12. When I get home tonight, I hope to straighten up our bedroom and bit, read more of my book-club book, and pray with Bret as we prepare for the week ahead. 

Phew!! Long and busy day, but I’m praising God that it actually felt so refreshing and “lazy” in a lot of ways. 😉

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah 


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