i love lists : nieces and nephews

While learning to be patient for having children is so difficult at times, the gift of having nieces and nephews is such a treasure.

Today, I was honored to hang out with two of my oldest girlfriends. We ate pastry, walked around San Clemente, and drank lots of tea. It was splendid. While driving back home to Carlsbad, I got to talk to my bestest friend Jocelyn about our friendship, our families, and how much we miss being a part of each other’s everyday lives. You know you have a true friend when you can be completely honest about this kind of stuff. We also talked about what role my husband and I share in the lives of her 4 children. It’s an honor to be their Uncle Bret & Auntie Sarah and we love them so much! We are hoping to set up a regular dinner with them going forward so our families continue to grow together rather than getting lost in the busy shuffle of daily life.

I was then reminded of our role as Uncle Bret & Auntie Sarah to our sweet nieces in Alabama. We love them and miss them so much! We want to Skype more, send more presents, be as involved as possible. It is hard to articulate the closeness and love that we feel for all 6 of these nieces and nephews. Maybe it has so much to do with the closeness and love that we feel for their moms and dads! Our nieces and nephews are a treasure, a gift, and hold a very special place in our hearts. Today’s list will introduce you to these sweet babes we are honored to be Uncle & Auntie to. I hope you can catch a glimpse of how cherished they are to us.

Our sister and brother in law have 2 children: Lucy and Hazel.a8

baby hazel.jpg

  1. Lucy is 4 years old. She is super sharp, very articulate, extremely fun, and crazy adorable. We love making Lucy laugh and laughing with Lucy. Lucy is adventurous and sensitive to those around her. She is full of love and steals your heart.
  2. Hazel is coming up on 2 years old soon. She will melt your heart and you just want to squeeze her. She loves playing with her older sister and keeps you on your toes. Hazel has big brown eyes and such a sweet dreamy smile.
    Our best friends Jocelyn and JC have 4 children: Uriah, Ezekiel, Gracelyn, and Levi.
  3. Uriah is 5 years old. He is a leader. He has strength and a heart of gold. He will crack you up, work hard at every task, and take competition to the next level. He is also very sweet in giving all the hugs, kisess, and back scratches you want.
  4. Ezekiel is coming up on 4 years old. He is sensitive, loves playing with his older brother, and will talk your ear off. He has the most beautiful eyes and spunky blond hair. He loves sharing what he is interested in so he feels connected to you.
  5. Gracelyn is coming up on 2 years old. She is SO cute, just the right amount of sassy, and loves her mama and daddy. She is already showing her servant’s heart in little ways. She is protected by her brothers and feels so comfortable getting in on their boyish games. She is going to be a little heartbreaker.
  6. Levi is only a couple months old. He is so chunky, sweet, and is the most cuddly boy. He loves to move, to be rocked, and participate in all the action. I am so excited to see how his personality develops.

Life is so much better with these boys and girls in the world. Bret and I wouldn’t be the same without them and we hope to take every moment we can to make sure they know what a blessing they are. Praise God for nieces and nephews. Praise God for families. Praise God for His plan to bring His people together for His glory.

What are your nieces and nephews like? What qualities do you cherish in them?

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xo sarah



2 thoughts on “i love lists : nieces and nephews

  1. I am trying commenting via reply email – I did not know this was even possible! Been loving your daily writings. The girls are so blessed to have you guys as their aunty and uncle. Lucy always talks about you guys and how much she misses you ❤️ – Sarah


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