i love lists: list making

The philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco said that lists help us to make sense of the world around us. We create lists of the sights we see on vacation, the places we want to visit, the food we need to buy at the grocery store, and the tasks we need to get done. It’s a simple habit of increasing our day-to-day productivity.

We pack all the madness and ambiguity of life into a structured form of writing. In short, making lists is a great way to increase our overall happiness and feel less overwhelmed.
(Source: B.B. Cooper)

I can definitely say that is true for myself. Lists not only help me stay organized and structured, but they are fun. Being organized is fun for me! That’s sounds crazy, right?
But seriously, this may sound neurotic to the more artistic and free-spirited type, and maybe it is, but, nonetheless, lists are a form of self-expression for me. Hence, “i love lists”.

Maybe you can relate? If so, I have provided a list that can help you in all your list-making!

  1. For your reminders: a collection of Fun Sticky Notes and Simple Sticky Notes.
    Lists Collage 1
  2. For just a normal “TO-DO” list, there are a few cute ones: Simple, Abstract, and Personalized.
    Lust Collage 2
  3. For the dreamer, I thought this Mixed Priorities set of list pads would be helpful.
    List Collage 3
  4. For those who like to plan out their entire week: Week List for your desk.
    List Collage 4
  5. For your grocery shopping list: a Market List pad in black & white and a Market List pad in Color. Also, an All Out Of pad.
    List Collage 10
  6. For listing out your weekly meal plans: A Meal Calendar for 3 weeks at a time and a Meal Calendar for 1 week at a time.
    List Collage 7
  7. Lastly, this is just for fun…but these seem like the perfect on-the-go games for all you lovely list makers out there.
    List Collage 8

I hope you enjoyed the links and get your listing on!

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah


One thought on “i love lists: list making

  1. Hi Sarah, Just think how well you would have done if you would have joined the Military, LOL . Structure and lists. Are a way of life in the Military, Tom’s former wife was a pastry chef, and worked onboard the same ship as Tom. She was So structured she would not let Tom in the kitchen, Lol. As it has turned out he loves my Spontaniety, and appreciates not having to Plan everything😀😀❤️💕

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