i love lists: weekend snacks

The weekend is apon us! That means movie nights, beach days, evening bbqs, birthday parties, football games, and midnight…snacks!

Snack Collage

This post ia all about snacks. Sticky, salty, sweet, spicy. Yum! Whether you need a snack to bring to a get together or chow down on while watching another Hunger Games movie, here’s your list.

Snack Collage 2

  1. Treat corn: popcorn with m&m’s & chocolate covered pretzels.
  2. Orange cranberry chex mix
  3. Sharp cheddar cheese crackers
  4. Coconut date rolls
  5. Seedy crackers, pepper jelly, sliced white cheddar cheese
  6. Veggie slices with homemade ranch & hummus.
  7. Dark chocolate dipped apricots
  8. Sliced apples & almond butter OR cookie butter!
  9. Lemon parmesan black pepper popcorn
  10. Pear slices with goat cheese
  11. Oatmeal cookie granlola on vanilla yogurt
  12. Raspberries with fresh whip cream
  13. Trix on a stick (but you could use any puff ceral you like)
  14. Hike trail mix
  15. Honey mustard roasted cashews

Get to snackin’!

#write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah


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