i love lists: life in community

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I think I might be getting used to this posting every day thing now (I said ‘might’!).

Today, I want to share a list of what living life in community looks like. To give a bit of context, the community that I am writing about is informed by the Bible and lived out by those who love and serve Jesus Christ. Anyone from anywhere can experience community, but there’s something different, and in another word – holy – about the community shared between followers of Jesus.

My church does something called Community Groups. They are really wonderful and have so much value in the life that Bret and I share. Here’s what my church has to say about these groups:
Community Groups meet in homes in neighborhoods throughout North County. When we meet, we typically begin with snacks, discuss the previous Sunday’s sermon, talk about what’s going on in our lives and what God is doing in and through us. This meeting is important, but it is only part of what we do. We also throw parties, take care of each other when needs arise, and do service projects.  It’s all part of doing life together.

This picture was taken at the home of our new Community Group that just started this fall. See…I wasn’t kidding that I love lists. And, apparently, my friend Ashley does too. CG fall 2015

The community that we have at our church is important, challenging, encouraging, and brings us so much joy. The Bible talks about how the early church lived life in community  in Acts 2:42-47. This is such a great example of for those that follow Jesus today and now. Most of those things are here on this list and I have had the joy of experiencing all of this:

  1. Devotion to the truth found in God’s Word – The Bible.
  2. Devotion to the church and its people. A huge way that this happens is through sharing meals with each other and keeping each other in prayer.
  3. Believing in God’s ability to seek and save His people from their sins.
  4. Trusting that God is always good and will accomplish His will.
  5. Laughing, crying, rejoicing, and suffering with each other.
  6. Generosity with each other and to anyone who has a need.
  7. Devotion to receiving teaching/instruction from Elders/Pastors.
  8. Bringing people into your home with hospitality.
  9. Loving unconditionally.
  10. Accountability with each other in obedience to God.
  11. Striving for a heart of gratitiude, thankfulness, and joy.
  12. Facing conflict and forgiving sin. Again and again and again.
  13. Praising God.
  14. Sharing the Gospel, with each other and with everyone you can!
  15. Serving the community around you.

The sum of all these parts comes down to this: Jesus. He is our perfect example in all of life. He perfected faith, devotion, prayer, trust, joy, generosity, thankfulness, glory, sacrifice, forgiveness, obedience, suffering, service, hospitality, and worship. Plus, He perfected and accomplished salvation for His people…and that’s truly incredible. When we wonder what life in community is actually supposed to look like, we need not look further than Jesus Christ in His life of obedience to God and His love for those around Him.

If you want this community in your own life, get involved in your church and commit to its people. Community is so vital for daily life. If you do not have a church and need help finding one, the Acts 29 Network can help you get to an amazing local church. If you live in North County, come to The Fields! We’d love to have you!

#31daysofwriting #write31days

xo sarah


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