i love lists: a day in carlsbad village

I love where I live. I really didn’t think I’d end up here, but I’m sure glad I did! Today’s list will consist of the typical Carlsbad life Bret and I are blessed to experience. Some things are a weekly occurance and some things are an every-so-often kind of thing. For me, it’s the little things that make you love where you live. Enjoy the list and get out here for yourself!


  1. Tower 30. Our favorite tower for meeting friends, swimming, surfing, and bonfires.
  2. Breakfast at Cafe Topes. They won an award for the best cinnamon roll….so, yeah.
  3. A walk down Garfield. On the south side is where I got married and on the north side is where my friend and I share dreams of owning the cutest little yellow duplex.
  4. Knock Out Pizza for the best garlic knots.
  5. Walking the Sea Wall. Carlsbad Blvd. at it’s finest.
  6. Secret sushi guy. Best poke bowls I’ve ever had, but you have to get there EARLY.
  7. The train track trail. I just love walking it with a friend and hearing the train go by. Then ending the walk at Garden State Bagels. It’s called balance.
  8. Cafe Elysa has great apricot iced tea and a few fire pits outside to sit and stay for a while.
  9. If you like antiquing, there’s a great little shop on Grand.
  10. For mexican food, we always end up at Senor Grubby’s.
  11. El Coyote Bar & Grill…simply because it’s fun to hear the live music and see the regulars dance it up.
  12. A new addition to the village: Gaia Gelato! It’s our new regular spot.
  13. Witch Creek Winery does a great tasting experience.
  14. Grab a coffee at Vinaka and then peruse Spin Records.l across the street.
  15. And you gotta love when there are street fairs, farmers markets, and art shows.They close a bunch of streets down and you can enjoy walking through downtown.
  16. Another new place for Bret and me: Blue Ocean. I liked just sitting in the lounge and ordering a bunch of small things.
  17. I know every town has one, but I really like the local  Carlsbad Library. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit in the aisles and peek in on your favorite authors.
  18. Last, but not least, Carlsbad Lagoon. Whether you’re just laying out with a good book, paddle boarding, or jet skiiing…it’s a great local favorite.

These are all so fun and there’s many many more not on this list. You can walk and bike almost everywhere and the best part is running into all your friends. It’s touristy at times, but ultimately a “small town” where you’ll always run into the people you know and love.

See you all tomorrow! #write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah


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