i love lists : all 31 of them

Hi friends,

If you’ve been reading This Abundant Life for a while, then you have probably seen my posts titled, “this abundant list“. Well, I really love writing those. They’re probably my favorite posts to do. Lists are a fun way to encourage, to connect, to stay organized, and express my interests.

When I decided to commit to 31 days of writing, I knew it would be a hard challenge for me. Ever since I started a new job back in January, my posting has been irregular – at best. I think a hard challenge is exactly what I need to get back into the writing groove. And lists are easy…I kind of make them for a living! So, here we go: for the entire month of October, I will make 1 post each day. That’s 31 days in total. That means 31 lists. YAY!


What will my lists be lists of? Lots! Each list will have a very specific category that means something to me. For example…15 ways to be hospitable, 10 fun dates, 15 coffee shops you’ll love, 15 encouraging verses, 10 cookies that I want in my belly…or something like that. I think you get the point and I hope you’re as excited as I am! I love lists! 🙂

And just so we are all organized (also something I love), I will post a list of all my lists on this post each day so you’ll always have somewhere to come back to. #write31days #31daysofwriting

xo sarah

Here’s a list of all my lists:

  1. Day 1: i love lists: all 31 of them
  2. Day 2: i love lists: cookbook collection
  3. Day 3: i love lists: beauty products
  4. Day 4: i love lists: a day in carlsbad village
  5. Day 5: i love lists: 24 questions
  6. Day 6: i love lists: life in community
  7. Day 7: i love lists: 3 things i’m loving 
  8. Day 8: i love lists: things worth waiting for
  9. Day 9: i love lists: weekend snacks
  10. Day 10: i love lists: indian summer remedies 
  11. Day 11: i love lists: sundays 
  12. Day 12: i love lists: 10 cookies i want in my belly
  13. Day 13: i love lists: netflix binge watchlist
  14. Day 14: i love lists: concert night
  15. Day 15: i love lists: coffee shops you’ll love
  16. Day 16: i love lists: fall favorites
  17. Day 17: i love lists: list making

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