this abundant list

HAPPY Saturday!!! ALSO, thanks to everyone who read my Gospel Wednesday post from a couple days ago and gave such sweet encouragement! If you didn’t get the chance, take a minute to read about the struggle I have been facing with false body image.

Now, here we go with some weekend links!

TAL july 14.jpg


  1. Making this recipe for a family of 8 next week and I hope it satisfies!
  2. Finally had the chance to read this wonderful post – from infertile to fertile: a letter from an adoptive mom who got pregnant.
  3. All the time.
  4. Kitchen upgrades for the weekend.
  5. A quick trip to Michael’s may be in order after seeing this simple beaded necklace.
  6. How cool (no pun intended) is this DIY modern cooler?
  7. I wish I could wake up every morning to my dream breakfast!
  8. Aaaaand another genius breakfast idea.
  9. Florence has to happen someday…WOW.
  10. Gotta love the side braid. Enjoy this short DIY.

Enjoy the weekend! We are heading to Coronado…my favorite place in the world! ❤ What are you up to?

xo sarah


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