our full life: week twenty nine

Week twenty-nine was all about being outdoors, feeling the sun beat down, and quality time with my love sweet love.

Enjoy “our full week” with a few snapshots below!

AW 2014.jpgSometimes my job means going to a water park. It was like a paid vacation day!

BN 2014.jpgHandsome Hudson.

BN 2014...jpgBeach bonfire as the sun starts to set.

BN 2014..jpgThe colors! A picture is great…but nothing beats seeing the real thing.

blueberry morning.jpgCandied pecan waffles with a cinnamon drizzle and blueberries! I love being home with Bret for breakfast together.

lagoon sky.jpgThank you.

lagoon day.jpgLagoon day: chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool.

tigers blood.jpgTiger’s blood.

village.jpgUpstairs in the Village for a date night with friends!

wc winery.jpgFirst time to Temecula Wine Country. We took a picnic, bought a tasting, and enjoyed great conversation with family.

wc winery..jpgMy sweet Granny and I cheers-ing! Fun fact: my Granny is about 4’10” tall. This is true of most grandmas, but look at how cute she is!

Enjoy your week ahead! Give thanks and make memories. And stay posted for Gospel Wednesday!

xo sarah

xo sarah


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