our full life: week twenty six

Happy Monday Friends!!!

This week was the week of yummy drinks, I guess? It was also the week of being TREATED to yummy drinks…so fun!

work treat.jpgI picked up my coworker from her mechanic and she treated me to Lofty Coffee. SCORE! I got a delicious whole milk latte with honey.

miguels date.jpg This week I had to take a computer test. Excel, Word, and Tying…blerg! Bret said I deserved a margarita after that. I didn’t argue…that much.

lofty friend time.jpgThird yummy drink of the week. ANOTHER Lofty Coffee treat from my sweet friend Nicole. She got their famous salted caramel latte and I got an iced chai.

brody time.jpgThis is Brody. He is seriously cute and seriously sweet.

word burning art.jpgWood burned latte art. Pretty.

stamped.jpgStamped concrete all the way.

new digs.jpg A new place opened up and their going to serve affogato! The view is pretty great too.

pot pie saturday.jpgChicken pot – chicken pot – chicken pot PIE!

rwbyear2.jpgPlanning our 2nd annual Red, White, & Brunch by reviewing last years notes and consulting The Pioneer Woman.

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy this last day of June, make something magical happen on the 4th of July, and spend time with those you love.

xo sarah


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