this abundant list

TAL June 14.jpg Saturday morning. We all know it and we all love it. The day you (hopefully) sleep a little later, move a little slower, and laugh a little longer. Enjoy the weekend list of links! If you didn’t know already, I love lists.

  1. CUTE summer shades!
  2. Thinking of making your own sunscreen? My friend Nicole gives us her recipe!
  3. Scrapbook envy! I want to do one so bad. I’m going to need this punch though.
  4. Peaches + Iced Tea = done & done! Perfect Peach Iced Tea.
  5. This lunch has so many things I like: mango, lettuce, ginger, DIPPING SAUCES!
  6. Dear Kitten, you are the best commercial ever. Love, Sarah.
  7. Getting rid of some old T-shirts? Have a little extra time? DIY braided rug!
  8. Our annual 4th of July Brunch is coming up…maybe I need to do this.
  9. Loving the hanging utensils in this apartment/kitchen.
  10. 8 tips for shooting stellar still life photos. Helpful!
  11. I’ve been in a popcorn mood lately and this recipe is perfect for summer.
  12. If you didn’t catch it on Wednesday, please take a few minutes and be encouraged in the truth about your suffering.

Happy Summer Weekend! Enjoy the longest day of the year today!

xo sarah


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