our full life: week twenty-four

Hello Monday morning! Here we go again.

IMG_7127Fire drill at work = coffee run. Also, overtime at work = caramel macchiato. Right?

del mar goodbye 2.jpgMy sweet friends enjoying their little ones.

del mar goodbye.jpgFirst, how lovely is my sisters new haircut!? She can pull off short hair like no one else! Second, I am desperately going to miss these two. Eight of our family members are moving to Alabama! I am praying God blesses this new chapter for all of them. It will be so hard to not have them close anymore, but we will just have to save up our pennies for plane tickets! We had a “goodbye” beach morning making memories in Del Mar.

1 peter 1.jpgHis word remains forever. 1 Peter Chapter 1.

goodbye orchid.jpgSpeaking of the flower falling…I hope I don’t kill another orchid.

freddy.jpgThis is Freddy – my dad’s gigantic goldfish. I am doing everything I can to keep the thing alive while he is away on business.

meal prep june.jpgChanneling Shutterbean and doing meal prep for the week. Sliced kiwis, chicken salad with celery, salt & pepper popcorn, basil spinach pesto, and a variation of granola bar glory.

my daddy-031911.jpgHappy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad. He is a humble and tender hearted man. Always supporting me, pursuing me, and reminding me of God’s awesome power to save and restore the broken. I love you dad. ❤

Have a fabulous week, friends! Taste and see that the Lord is good!

xo sarah


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