this abundant list


  1. A young artists photo project about fashion from the 1920s until today.
  2. How is your New Year diet resolution going?
  3. I think our little place would benefit from a key throw table.
  4. I’m loving these cookies for so many reasons. They capture my love of honey.
  5. A fantastic craft for all those random party napkins.
  6. The SD Wildfires have been discouraging to say the least. This article reminded me how we must continue to love in the face of great evil.
  7. When I am all out of the cleaners I’m currently using, I’d love to try these homemade and all-natural cleaning alternatives.
  8. I’m a sucker for a good bran muffin and creamy cuppa joe.
  9. The Calvinist. SO GOOD.
  10. This on some whole grain seedy toast. YES please.
  11. OBSESSED with this lamp. It would be a perfect in our bedroom.
  12. Spice up your life!

Enjoy the weekend friends! Spend time with loved ones. Make a margarita. Read a good book. Get some Vitamin D. Thank God for every breath.

xo sarah


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