this abundant list

tal april 14.jpg


  1. This week I made a Greek salad. All inspiration came from Joy.
  2. LISTEN to this!!!
  3. Most of my time is spent working with youth and this article was such an encouragement! I can’t wait to share the beautiful products and the vision with parents I know.
  4. If you like dessert (who doesn’t?) then this short video will excite your senses!
  5. I love roasted veggies and this recipe looks interesting and tasty.
  6. 50 ways to love life! I liked so many of them…but number 16, 20, and 50 sound just right to me.
  7. Quite possibly the best sermon I have EVER heard. Preach it Piper!
  8. Amazing story. Brought tears to my eyes to see her sweet and beautiful face.
  9. Whoa, baby! I gotta make a roasted potato salad.
  10. How COOL is this candy making video?

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

What have been some of your favorite links this week?

xo sarah


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