our full life: week fourteen

Hello again, friends!

Week fourteen surprised me with an unexpected meeting (check back next week for more on that) and some much needed relaxation. It was also a crazy week at work, but overall God showed me more and more about how to trust Him.

And we’re off!

aftermath.jpgThe aftermath of Bret’s birthday dinner. He wanted Sriracha chicken, rice, edamame, and cheesecake. His is the most refined of palates. And, yes, I waited until later to do the dishes.

hiding harps.jpgA work meeting at Peets and a cute little hiding Harper.

blue moon with bethany.jpgHad a Blue Moon for the first time with my friend Bethany. Thank you and YUM!

naptime lighting.jpgPretty light and shadows on our bedroom wall.

making time to read.jpgI’m trying to make more time to read. I really love it! I just get so tempted to watch TV instead. Hard habit to break.

iced tea movie night.jpgEnjoying a nice night at home with some iced tea and a girly movie (One Day).

dominion game.jpgBret and I started playing this game together called Dominion. Totally dorky, but totally fun! Especially because I beat him every time.

kettle coffee trip.jpgA Saturday morning vanilla bean latte at Kettle Coffee & Tea.

kettle coffee trip 2.jpgBret has a good eye for photographs. I love holding my drink without a sleeve to warm my, almost always, cold hands.

Until next week! Thank you so much for reading. ❤

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. (Philemon 1:25)

xo sarah


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