this abundant list

TAL 2014 2

  1. Valentine’s Day was last week, but it’s never a bad time for heart-shaped treats.
  2. This song has been on my heart and mind lately.
  3. I love lists and this clean eating list is a great one.
  4. I should introduce these polka dots into my card writing duties at work!
  5. Why did Jesus die? Check out this great article.
  6. I was introduced to a beautiful blog this week by my sweet friend.
  7. 8 ways to make your lemonade that much more delicious.
  8. Love the design in this home and the article that follows.
  9. Let’s throw a party! I’ll bring these.
  10. Mental note for the future kiddos.
  11. A gorgeous DIY inexpensive kitchen makeover.
  12. Gotta make this sushi inspired salad asap.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you are inspired and really liked the links.

xo sarah


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