our full life: week five

Here’s was what our past full week looked like:

roasted pumpkinRoasted pumpkin with EVOO, S&P, and paprika. I also roasted the seeds on another baking sheet with the same oil and spices. Both are amazing in salads.

brinnerBad lighting…but when Bret is gone for dinner I always make eggs. Breakfast for dinner is not really his thing.

lulubugThe answer is yes. She is the most adorable girl you’ve ever seen.

lovely ladiesSweet love between mother and daughter. I am so glad I captured this.

hawaiihomeBret’s parents rearranged their Hawaiian art work and I really love it!

snack timeFriday snack of pretzels, Nutella, and honey iced chai.

staff stoneStaff get-together at Stone Brewery. I loved my beer…whatever it was called. It was a much appreciated blessing for us.

fruit juicing Prepping lime and pineapple juice for a possible recipe for you all!

turkey 1Post coming at you this week: Thanksgiving in February! Here is Bret carving our turkey (with the help of Pioneer Woman) and drinking a pumpkin ale. He is so good.

I hope this week is a blessing and one that points you back to your beloved Creator.

xo sarah


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