this abundant list

TAL 14 1

  1. Hello, Raisin Loaf! I will be making you this weekend.
  2. Totally doing this! Want to join me?
  3. Have you ever seen this trick for separating egg whites? Really neat.
  4. These homemade baby wipes look simple enough and inexpensive.
  5. Top 5 Super Bowl beers!
  6. I really want to do my own crab boil. Someday, someday.
  7. I’m Listening to Death By Love in the car lately. It’s just what I need right now.
  8. Really cool hanging fruit baskets.
  9. DIY modern custom address labels.
  10. This care-package is an idea I have wanted to do for years.
  11. Coffee & Coconut in a body scrub? Yes, please.
  12. I have never wanted to scrapbook more in my life.
  13. Want to read a great book? It’s called How People Change.
  14. Considering sherbet this week. I have some limes and pineapples.

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

xo sarah


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