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TAL 2014 2

  1. Valentine’s Day was last week, but it’s never a bad time for heart-shaped treats.
  2. This song has been on my heart and mind lately.
  3. I love lists and this clean eating list is a great one.
  4. I should introduce these polka dots into my card writing duties at work!
  5. Why did Jesus die? Check out this great article.
  6. I was introduced to a beautiful blog this week by my sweet friend.
  7. 8 ways to make your lemonade that much more delicious.
  8. Love the design in this home and the article that follows.
  9. Let’s throw a party! I’ll bring these.
  10. Mental note for the future kiddos.
  11. A gorgeous DIY inexpensive kitchen makeover.
  12. Gotta make this sushi inspired salad asap.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you are inspired and really liked the links.

xo sarah


gospel wednesday


Jesus is better.

This is a beautiful phrase. I have been reminding my heart of this truth a lot lately.

In this season of life, I am working part-time, enjoying taking care of our home, getting good exercise, and reading the bible more regularly than ever before. I am enjoying these gifts so much! The really difficult part of this season is having my husband work himself to the bone. He is working two full time jobs (until they hire a replacement for one of them), working part time doing music and youth at our local church, and going to Seminary up in La Mirada once a week (plus homework). How? By God’s grace.

I have been asking him what more I can do, how I can be encouraging him, and what else he needs from me. I, so badly, want to fix this for him. I’ve realized that for the most part I just need to pray for him. I have been praying that God would sustain him and keep him diligent. I also just need to agree with him that this IS hard. This time in our lives IS hard.

The good news is that Jesus IS better.

In all my sorrows, Jesus is better – make my heart believe
In all my victories, Jesus is better – make my heart believe
Than any comfort, Jesus is better – make my heart believe
More than all riches, Jesus is better – make my heart believe
Our souls declaring, Jesus is better – make my heart believe
Our song eternal, Jesus is better – make my heart believe

Let’s look at Scripture to see why Jesus is better:

“…all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:23-24

“For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom…” 1 Timothy 2:5-6

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.” 1 Peter 2:21

“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.” Romans 8:11

…if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7

Jesus gave us His life, His death, and His resurrection. Jesus gave us His love, His mercy, and His goodness. Jesus gave us His righteousness, His Spirit, and His church. Jesus gave us all of Himself and that is far better than any gift, struggle, or season.

Glory, glory, we have no other king than Jesus Lord of all. I will bless His name forever and ever. Amen.

xo sarah

Lyric credits: Austin Stone

our full life: week six & seven

Get ready for A LOT of pictures! It was a FULL and wonderful last two weeks. The first week was filled with good friends and good food. The second included Valentine’s Day and my Birthday! Enjoy.

OSIDEDowntown Oceanside is so much prettier than I remember.

wall osideWhite as snow.

le petit bakeryTreats, almond iced coffee, and two super cute boys!

swings osideThis park is amazing: Swings, the Pacific Ocean, and the pier!

tower 1 osideFluffy white clouds on a gorgeous Monday afternoon.

set cloudsI love the sunsets and clouds I get to see when I am leaving work.

talbot nightVisiting Talbot while my hubby takes a test. I loved reading in the library and watching the sun go down.

KS dateKarl Strauss double date. I realized how much I like the Windansea Wheat. Yum!

tea partyThis was such a special day. My friend Paloma and I took a drive out to see our friend Brittan and had a tea party. Her place was so beautiful.

anthro lustI found the next books I’m buying (off amazon) at Anthro.

tea party 2There was a second tea party too! Visiting my friend Elise was such a blessing.

bakery goodsI loved this little tea/flower shop & bakery.

pj breakFresh squeezed pineapple juice break at work.

lunch time goodiesMy favorite lunch from this week: tuna salad, peppercionis, carrot sticks, potato chips, and iced green tea.

donuts valentineValentine treats for my co-workers.

blaze pizzaThis new place opened by our house – Blaze Pizza. We got the Art Lovers pizza. Pretty darn good!

la jolla seal dateValentine’s Day date to La Jolla Cove to see all the seals.

my valentineMy best friend and only Valentine.

seal shotRusted from many years of wonderful sea weather.

bliss cafeAny one ever heard of Pirch? It is a home design showcase and it’s incredible.

pirch complimentsThey serve complimentary coffee drinks. I got a caramel latte!

end of the bayThe end of the San Diego Bay…about to go see some Whales! More on that later.

SD cityDowntown San Diego. I love this city.

54 26 birthdayLast, but certainly not least, birthday lunch with my dad was a perfect end to a great Birthday weekend. He and I share the same birthday, so we always try to do something special together. He turned 54 and I turned 26. I think there will be some big things ahead for both of us this year. God is always good and works all things together so we can be transformed into the image of Jesus. I am thankful for all the years God has given to us both.

Until next week!

xo sarah

thanksgiving in february

Until a few days ago, I had never made a Thanksgiving dinner or roasted my own turkey. Roast chicken, definitely. Roast pork, you bet. Roast eggplants, mmm-hmm! Roast turkey…no way Jose.

However, when Thanksgiving was over last November, I made sure to buy a turkey once they went on sale. I was determined to rise to the challenge and make an amazing bird. I was also determined to pay a fraction of the price and have leftovers for weeks. So, I did it! I finally took that frozen bird out of my tiny freezer and made it happen. I roasted a 26 pound turkey and made other Thanksgiving fixings with the help of Pioneer Woman, Bon Apetit, and Silver Palate Cookbook.

Please excuse the lighting in these pictures. When it’s the first time you’re making a thanksgiving meal, and your husband has an evening band practice, it means you can’t even eat the meal until 9pm. This is real life.TIF 2Here was our long-awaited Thanksgiving in February! Orange-Rosemary Butter Roasted Turkey, Homemade Giblet Gravy, Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Orange-Roasted Carrots, Savory Autumn Salad, and from-scratch Buttermilk Biscuits.

turkey 1

Orange-Rosemary Butter Roasted Turkey: 1 stick of unsalted butter combined with 3 springs of rosemary, the zest of one orange, and salt and pepper goes under the skin the night before. I also rubbed the outside and inside of the turkey with generous amounts of salt and pepper, and stuffed the bird with oranges and lemons. Then, the same butter combination goes over the turkey halfway through the roasting process. It took me about 6 hours of roasting and 5 basting baths to finish this 26 pounder. And, boy, it was worth it.


Homemade Giblet Gravy: Pretty simple. Yummy turkey drippings, flour, chicken broth, and as much cooked chopped giblets as you prefer. Plus, LOTS of black pepper. But make sure you do your gravy at the very last moment possible. this will ensure the perfect consistency. I did mine too early in the night and it thickened too much. The amazing taste doesn’t change though!

Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes: I peeled and boiled a few pounds of russet potatoes. Then I drained them and threw them in my Kitchen-aid mixer with some buttermilk, cream cheese, butter, granulated garlic, salt and black pepper until fluffy.


Orange-Roasted Carrots: Minced orange peel, honey, good olive oil, pepper, granulated garlic, and sea salt flakes. All those ingredients go on your peeled chopped carrots and are roasted until caramelized and cooked through.


Savory Autumn Salad: Romaine, cherry tomatoes, oven-roasted pumpkin, roasted seasoned pumpkin seeds, and mozzarella. Served with a lemon herb vinaigrette.

Buttermilk Biscuits: I can’t give away my secret here…but Martha Stewart deserves most of the credit. These biscuits are glorious.


Yes, it was delicious. Yes, it took ALL day. Yes, it was totally worth it. Yes, you should give it a try for yourself. Make it your own. Take it to the next level! And enjoy!

Please email me if you want full recipes of anything.

xo sarah

gospel monday

Gospel Monday

A shorter post today. I wanted to share an awesome video that spoke the truth and gave me encouragement this week.

The video is a Matt Chandler sermon jam explaining that the Gospel is not about man’s effort – what we do or don’t do – but about what God has already done through the sacrifice of His son on the cross. It was taken from his sermons “Standing” and “Of First Importance“.

Basically, Matt Chandler says it better than I ever could. So, please watch this and spend some time celebrating God’s amazing grace and wonderful truth:

It’s ALL about JESUS!

xo sarah

our full life: week five

Here’s was what our past full week looked like:

roasted pumpkinRoasted pumpkin with EVOO, S&P, and paprika. I also roasted the seeds on another baking sheet with the same oil and spices. Both are amazing in salads.

brinnerBad lighting…but when Bret is gone for dinner I always make eggs. Breakfast for dinner is not really his thing.

lulubugThe answer is yes. She is the most adorable girl you’ve ever seen.

lovely ladiesSweet love between mother and daughter. I am so glad I captured this.

hawaiihomeBret’s parents rearranged their Hawaiian art work and I really love it!

snack timeFriday snack of pretzels, Nutella, and honey iced chai.

staff stoneStaff get-together at Stone Brewery. I loved my beer…whatever it was called. It was a much appreciated blessing for us.

fruit juicing Prepping lime and pineapple juice for a possible recipe for you all!

turkey 1Post coming at you this week: Thanksgiving in February! Here is Bret carving our turkey (with the help of Pioneer Woman) and drinking a pumpkin ale. He is so good.

I hope this week is a blessing and one that points you back to your beloved Creator.

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 14 1

  1. Hello, Raisin Loaf! I will be making you this weekend.
  2. Totally doing this! Want to join me?
  3. Have you ever seen this trick for separating egg whites? Really neat.
  4. These homemade baby wipes look simple enough and inexpensive.
  5. Top 5 Super Bowl beers!
  6. I really want to do my own crab boil. Someday, someday.
  7. I’m Listening to Death By Love in the car lately. It’s just what I need right now.
  8. Really cool hanging fruit baskets.
  9. DIY modern custom address labels.
  10. This care-package is an idea I have wanted to do for years.
  11. Coffee & Coconut in a body scrub? Yes, please.
  12. I have never wanted to scrapbook more in my life.
  13. Want to read a great book? It’s called How People Change.
  14. Considering sherbet this week. I have some limes and pineapples.

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

xo sarah