our full life: week three

This week was a much needed, and long awaited return to routine and living! I am so glad to be feeling better and spending time with the people I love. Here is how week three went:

chubbyThis cute pug is named Chubby. I got to spend some of my working hours this week with him.

working at the daysI spent my first day back at work at my bosses house sipping tea (and working of course). It was lovely.

Love FrameLove cares more for others than for self.

my desk Whatever you do (in this case, eating breakfast while I work) do all to the glory of God.

paris cake My very talented boss made his beautiful wife this Eiffel Tower cake! So rad!

dehydrated pineapple My husband and I dehydrated some pineapple slices for gifts. Major success!

fig orange almond scones Fig orange and almond scones with a simple vanilla icing.

baby shower 1 My beautiful sister and her baby shower prize.

baby shower 2One of the most gorgeous baby showers I have ever been to for my friend Kerri. Complete with these perfect sugar cookie party gifts.

tea party 13 Annual Tea Party.

bfffiveThese girls have been in my life for more than 13 years. I love them so much! And now we have another girl to love too.

Have a very wonderful and blessed week.

xo sarah


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