gospel monday

Gospel Monday

Good morning friends!

I learned something new this week and I’ve been so excited to share.

Let’s start with Scripture in John 1:16 – For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

What is it to receive grace upon grace? It is to receive BLESSING! What is His fullness? It is His ABUNDANCE!

It is incredible that Jesus has given all of us blessings that flow from His abundance. However, what I learned this week was what a blessing actually is!

A blessing is anything, good or bad, that will help us to experience and know more about who God is. It is a new opportunity to give God praise. Another privilege to see God more clearly.

It is amazing to me that God longs to bless us, and to give to us out of his abundance. God doesn’t want to hide His face from us, but wants us to know Him fully. He deserves our praise!

I was reading my devotional about this and it had a great section I will paraphrase: “You can be blessed in the midst of a terrible situation, because being blessed doesn’t mean you have no trouble or struggle or sorrow; it doesn’t mean you aways experience success or comfort. Instead, it means that in the midst of the trouble and struggle and sorrow, you find yourself deeply secure, profoundly content, and happy in Jesus. To know God, walk with Him, and share life with Him – that is the essence of blessing.”

This really helped me put into perspective what blessings really are. It changed my heart to be more in tune with giving God praise and finding Him in all areas and at all times in my life. I am more convicted to be content with what He has given me, because He is helping me to know Him more. I am encouraged to see the biggest blessing, or “grace upon grace”, that God has ever given me: The Gospel!

The gospel teaches me how Jesus saved me, transformed me, and gave me the great opportunity to know God. To know His love, grace, sacrifice, kindness, faithfulness, and incredible forgiveness. THAT is a blessing that keeps on giving!

How has God revealed Himself to you through His blessings?

xo sarah


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