this abundant list

TAL 14.1

  1. My sweet parents got us a juicer for Christmas and I have loved experimenting. This post has some great recipes!
  2. Resolutions and goals can be a great planning tool. However, picking just ONE WORD for the year might bring more inspiration.
  3. What would you do if you were given a 24-hour retreat? My friend Nicole had an idea I can relate to.
  4. Healthy and indulgent snacking with a burst of energy!
  5. My husbands mom and I were just talking about this process over the holidays.
  6. Six ways to be UNlovely.
  7. This maxi dress is calling my name.
  8. And I think this cool bottle opener is calling Bret’s name.
  9. A challenging article about being comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  10. Almonds…Croissants….and sweet, sweet sugar. Yes please!
  11. What to make for Breakfast? Maybe this yummy baked oatmeal.
  12. Or better yet, CAKE!

Hope you enjoyed these links. Thanks for reading!

xo sarah


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