our full life: week fifty

OFL 50Week fifty! Wow. This year is quickly coming to a close.

One thing is for sure: week fifty did not end up how I thought it would. For one thing, I had the most relaxing date night with my babe (we haven’t had one in a while) complete with movies, dinner, and my favorite salted caramel gelato. The other thing I didn’t expect to see…was my best friend giving birth. Yup, that happened. Like, REALLY happened. Keep reading.

hards days workThis is the view from my desk. Late afternoon gets really dreamy.

sunset wonderThen I leave work for the day…and this is what I walk out the door to see. Gorgeous.

GMC 2Best part of my week, month, and maybe year: I got to experience my best girlfriend give birth to her beautiful baby daughter. It was intense, stressful, beautiful, amazing, scary, and lovely all at the same time. I was honored to be in the room with you Jocelyn. You are stronger then I ever knew and I love you.

GMC 1Gracelyn Mina born 12-10-13.

GMC 3God richly blesses all His children.

CC job450 Christmas cards to be labeled, stuffed, licked and stamped. It’s why they pay me the big bucks (I’m kidding).

date night decBenihana date night. Always ask for a side of diablo sauce. Trust me on this.

tree decorOur tree makes me happy. We kept it simpler this year and I like it so much better.

CUS 3Christmas Under the Stars. It’s definitely our new favorite Christmas tradition. Plus, I love getting to hear my hubby sing and lead music!

Thank you for reading friends. Thank you so much!

xo sarah


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