our full life: week forty-eight & forty-nine

Usually when I have to blog two “full” weeks at the same time, it means that I/we have been extremely busy. I would say that is partially true.

The other reason I haven’t blogged very regularly recently, is that I have felt a little discouraged. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing to say, nothing new to report, and nothing trendy or exciting to blow your socks off with.

However, I am so blessed to be posting this blog right now. I just spent the last twenty minutes replying to comments that I have received from some of my readers. I had not replied to them in a while, and I do apologize. I should have read them sooner! So many sweet readers encouraging me, complimenting, and asking for more. WHAT?! I was blown away and reminded of my goal in having a blog in the first place: to share my calling, to proclaim the gospel, and to live life abundantly! I love my readers, and I am so happy to be sharing once again.

OFL 48 & 49

pumpkin ice cream 1I made pumpkin ice cream recently. Recipe will be going up soon – just in time for Christmas.

selfie morningTuesday morning selfie. No make-up and a pretty dress. About to head in to work.

off work skyIt’s getting darker earlier which is always hard for me. However, getting to see the sunset everyday when I’m leaving work is pretty amazing. You can see the moon and a star in this one!

thanksgiving treatsMy co-worker brought some delicious homemade/from scratch chocolate peanut butter salted caramel cupcakes to work. What is she trying to do to me?

work lullWork lull selfie. Loving the high-bun lately. Painted my nails neon orange/pink and started counting down the days until summer again.

ELF gameThis is me setting up a Jr. High Christmas party game called ELF. Do you remember an Elf’s main food groups? Well the Jr. Highers had to chug them one-by-one.

in progress decoratingDecorating in progress. Charlie Brown Christmas is playing in the background.

christmas tree decoratingHe makes it all so good.

staff partyLet’s just say, my staff Christmas party beat all years past.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our life in pictures. I would love to hear what you have been up to lately! Make sure you enjoy the Christmas season for all it has to offer.

xo sarah


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