our full life: week forty-five

OFL 45

I was looking forward to week forty-five for weeks! Week 45 meant date night in LA for a concert with my hubby and a weekend in Big Bear with our Community Group! However…as life goes, week forty-five actually meant Sarah is sick with a cold and not enjoying the concert as much and then stuck on the couch for a fews days missing Big Bear. It was a bummer, but I think it was exactly what I needed. I got to watch a few movies (like The Well Diggers Daughter…MUST WATCH AGAIN!) and spend quality time with Bret. It was nice to be forced to just rest up/get healthy again.

Either way, one thing is true: God is always good and I trust Him through each season: sickness, despair, stress, frustration, etc. He never changes and is always by my side. Here was week 45:

Tuesday meetingWork/lunch meeting at the local coffee shop.

tuesday teachingGetting my car washed and studying truth.

whisky girlWaiting in line outside the Whisky-agogo. We saw Reign of Kindo!!!

whiskyagogoSeedy. But the band was awesome!

thursday dinnerBret was gone Thursday night…so I made breakfast for dinner. Inspired by THIS.

november magazineRemember how I said I had a cold? Well at least I got to catch up on laundry and magazine reading.

coffee before churchHis and Hers salted caramel mochas before church. Sunday coffee is better than any other day in my opinion.

bible loveI just loved the afternoon light coming through my windows. Shining on the pages, my ring, and a treasured note.

GBG mix upI mixed up my classic granola bar recipe and added our favorite chocolate chips and raisins. Win!!!

Have a blessed week, friends!

xo sarah


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