our full life: week forty-one

OFL - 41

wine & bloggingI began the week with blogging and wine. I am ending week 41 in the same fashion.

rainy wednesdayWednesday was rainy and I loved watching it outside our office window.

powerlinesThese clouds were too beautiful not to take a shot outside my car window. I got some stares…worth it. I really liked the power lines in this picture too.

Lu & PapaMy beautiful niece and her papa. I love our family nights.

dresser loveThis was my dresser since I was a little girl. I found it while sorting through my dads garage. I was so grateful my parents let me do art projects and be creative when I was younger.

back to schoolWent back to school with Bret this weekend at Talbot. Seminary is a whole different ballpark of learning and it was an honor to be able to sit in on one of his classes.

date night inSunday date night IN! I made filet, mushroom risotto, and a green salad. We also opened a bottle of wine from Witch Creek Winery and indulged in some apples, canadian sharp cheddar, and goats milk brie.

homemade pieSunday date night dessert: Homemade Apple Pie.

I pray this next week is blessed and filled with hope, community, and service.

xo sarah


2 thoughts on “our full life: week forty-one

  1. Such a beautiful week 🙂 your photos as always were great !!! That dinner and pie looked amazing! I am so glad you are a part of family night! I love you honey.

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