this abundant list

TAL 41

  1. This fall dinner is number one for a reason. Definitely happening next week.
  2. How about them breadsticks? They look like a lot of work, but worth the reward.
  3. I want to go to the Hotel San Jose. I haven’t been to Texas yet.
  4. These pushpin pumpkins look so simple and very cute.
  5. This is real: avocado onion rings.
  6. FIFTY craft blogs worth checking out!
  7. Baby girl ideas.
  8. Popcorn + hot cocoa = YUM!
  9. Some real TRUTH about the body image struggle.
  10. This jam is my jam.
  11. Using your gifts and passions to bless others…and an ice cream party? Um, yes.
  12. Hey husband, can we please make this clementine wall happen someday?

Happy Saturday!

xo sarah


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