our full life: week thirty-nine & forty

OFL 39 & 40

What have we been up to lately? Lots. Jr. High Ministry, community groups, hosting events, Seminary for Bret, birthdays, and keeping our marriage a priority.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I miss writing. I most definitely miss documenting “Our Full Life,” and the events God involves us in. Please enjoy these photos. I hope they inspire you to live abundantly – in love, in community, and in His beautiful creation.

Coffee GrindingI have never used the coffee grinders at Costco before. I liked it!

Miguels Date NightDate Night at Miguel’s. Their white sauce is out of control. We each ask for our own.

waffle sandwichBOXED in Carlsbad makes breakfast waffle sandwiches out of their food truck. They are so good! This one has crunchy PB & strawberry jelly and Bret’s had scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar.

jr. high sleepoverWe had a Jr. High girls sleepover last week. We had a station for make-up, nail polish, hair, and face masks. They had such a wonderful time. They looked like they were heading to homecoming!

jr. high sleepover 2And some of the girls went for more of an edgy look. It was awesome.

cinnamon bunsBreakfast is served.

LOTUS THAILotus Thai for a happy reunion.

NCCC WorkSometimes I forget how beautiful it is where I work.

big breakfastEggs, toast, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a cinnamon honey latte.

apple barrelsThis week’s menu will consist of crumbles, crisps, and PIES!

fallen applesFallen fruit.

half peckJulian apple picking was a success! Half-a-peck of antique delicious apples.

cider tastingJulian Hard Cider tasting: Apple, Cherry, and Black & Blue.

julian pie coSlices & coffee for two. His: Dutch Caramel. Hers: Boysenberry Apple.

sage leavesSage is just the prettiest.

herb bouquetHerb bouquet class taught by pop-up restaurant owners at Patchwork Edible.

completionSage infused olive oil = yum!

zekieThese two. My heart is gushing.

Until next week! Love you, friends.

xo sarah


4 thoughts on “our full life: week thirty-nine & forty

  1. Hi! So happy I got to see you last week… And happy that you are enjoying making memories… Thank you Special & Wonderful Daughter, I love you dearly , Mom xxoo

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