our full life: week forty-two

OFL 42

This is real life. Week 42!

beef dinnerIt was my first time making Julia Child’s famous Beef Bourguignon. Bret went crazy for it, so it will definitely become a part of our everyday eats menu.

minion loveMy honey getting malled by the cutest puppy ever.

CG familyCan this picture get ANY more adorable?

chai breakWorking from home in my pjs and enjoying a chai latte.

cutie piesI had the pleasure of babysitting these two cuties. How sweet is their sibling love.

beach eveningYES. Thank you, Lord.

evening walkIt was a lovely sunday evening spent with my friend Susan walking the beach.

beach townFinding trails and watching sunsets.

lazy hairBun head.

Enjoy your week! GOD is good all of the time!

xo sarah


this abundant list

TAL 43

  1. Thoughts on sugar and homemade oreos.
  2. A beautiful couple and their beautiful wedding from my favorite photographer.
  3. In case you didn’t know, this is how you roast a butternut squash.
  4. Sister style with the best pink purse.
  5. Sounds like the perfect tea for fall and the perfect scones to go with.
  6. Hospitality at its finest.
  7. A sweet DIY for all you travelers out there.
  8. Wisdom in knowing your limits.
  9. An amazing article: Cooking for Eternity.
  10. Loving this British TV show right now.

Enjoy the links!

xo sarah

our full life: week forty-one

OFL - 41

wine & bloggingI began the week with blogging and wine. I am ending week 41 in the same fashion.

rainy wednesdayWednesday was rainy and I loved watching it outside our office window.

powerlinesThese clouds were too beautiful not to take a shot outside my car window. I got some stares…worth it. I really liked the power lines in this picture too.

Lu & PapaMy beautiful niece and her papa. I love our family nights.

dresser loveThis was my dresser since I was a little girl. I found it while sorting through my dads garage. I was so grateful my parents let me do art projects and be creative when I was younger.

back to schoolWent back to school with Bret this weekend at Talbot. Seminary is a whole different ballpark of learning and it was an honor to be able to sit in on one of his classes.

date night inSunday date night IN! I made filet, mushroom risotto, and a green salad. We also opened a bottle of wine from Witch Creek Winery and indulged in some apples, canadian sharp cheddar, and goats milk brie.

homemade pieSunday date night dessert: Homemade Apple Pie.

I pray this next week is blessed and filled with hope, community, and service.

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 41

  1. This fall dinner is number one for a reason. Definitely happening next week.
  2. How about them breadsticks? They look like a lot of work, but worth the reward.
  3. I want to go to the Hotel San Jose. I haven’t been to Texas yet.
  4. These pushpin pumpkins look so simple and very cute.
  5. This is real: avocado onion rings.
  6. FIFTY craft blogs worth checking out!
  7. Baby girl ideas.
  8. Popcorn + hot cocoa = YUM!
  9. Some real TRUTH about the body image struggle.
  10. This jam is my jam.
  11. Using your gifts and passions to bless others…and an ice cream party? Um, yes.
  12. Hey husband, can we please make this clementine wall happen someday?

Happy Saturday!

xo sarah

gospel wednesday

GWMy husband and I had a wonderful time together last weekend. Thanks to a super subtle (not so subtle at all) suggestion on my part, we took a drive out to Julian to go apple picking! We had great conversation, listened to great music, and it was just so beautiful out in the country. I was snapping as many photos as possible, trying my best to capture our memories. One photo in particular struck a chord with me.

As we were walking from tree to tree, trying to find the best apples possible, we noticed there were a bunch that had fallen off the branches to the ground. There were multiple worm-holes and bruises on these apples. They were dirty and rotten, and people were continually tripping over them. Nobody wanted them. These apples were fallen fruit.fallen apples

I could see fallen fruit right before my eyes and it reminded me of a song that gives a beautiful picture of the Gospel. Please take a listen and read along:

Ghost Ship – Poison Tree 

This tree bears strange fruit

There’s blood on the leaves, it’s dead at the roots
The cracked grey branches are decaying within
Just like the black poison that hangs from its limbs

Come and dig me up, reach down to the roots
Rip the deadness out, and plant something new

I am alive, I will abide
In the life-giving blood of Christ
I’m grafted in, You’ve killed my sin
Now I will live, I’ll live in Him

I tried to tie good fruit
To a tree that had poison all the way through
It rotted and fell off, it was dead to the core
It even killed the ground, I was worse than before

Come and dig me up, reach down to the roots 
Rip the deadness out, and plant something  new 

I am alive, I will abide 
In the life giving blood of Christ 
I’m grafted in, You’ve killed my sin 
Now I will live, I’ll live in Him 

It was a hard day when I realized that I was rotten all the way through: self-righteous, prideful, resentful, disbelieving, and greedy. In that moment, I was so aware of the poison within my soul, the rot within my heart, and what I deserved for my sins. But it was that same day that I felt free. It was that same day that I was brought to my knees in gratitude. It was that same day that I remembered the Gospel:

  • God is good, loving, perfect, holy and Almighty.
  • We are sinners, rebels declaring war against God, and deserve the punishments of Hell.
  • BUT God, being so gracious and loving, sent His Son to live the perfect life we could never live and die the death that we deserve. Jesus, God Himself in the flesh, dies on OUR cross. God’s wrath against OUR sin, which was meant for US, is poured out onto Jesus instead. Jesus made this sacrifice for all who trust in Him for salvation and turn away from their sin and rebellion.
  • Jesus rose from the dead, conquering sin and death. Because of this, God makes us a new creation in Jesus Christ and gives us freedom in life through His incredible work on the cross and by the power of the Holy Spirit. We also have the promise of restored relationship and eternal life in heaven with God.
  • Jesus is ALIVE and He is coming back to set all things new, making all wrong things right, once and for all.

This is GOOD NEWS! I am so blessed to know this truth and believe it. My Soul rejoices in the forgiveness I have been given and the freedom I now have. God is so gracious and has made me a new creation. My heart now longs to worship my Jesus and praise Him always. I desire to share this truth in love and compassion to all.

My prayers go out to anyone who is aware of the poison and sin within themselves. I pray that you would know Jesus and embrace His forgiveness. I also pray that you would repent and believe the Gospel deeply. We can apply it to every area of of our lives. It delivers us and brings us hope eternal.

Colossians 1: 13-14 “He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” Amen!

Lastly, I researched an article that further explains the lyrics of this song and gives a great background as to why it was written. One quote in particular grabbed my attention. Enjoy this truth: Gospel Wednesday - Fallen Fruit

God bless you! Rejoice in the good news of the Gospel!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty-nine & forty

OFL 39 & 40

What have we been up to lately? Lots. Jr. High Ministry, community groups, hosting events, Seminary for Bret, birthdays, and keeping our marriage a priority.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I miss writing. I most definitely miss documenting “Our Full Life,” and the events God involves us in. Please enjoy these photos. I hope they inspire you to live abundantly – in love, in community, and in His beautiful creation.

Coffee GrindingI have never used the coffee grinders at Costco before. I liked it!

Miguels Date NightDate Night at Miguel’s. Their white sauce is out of control. We each ask for our own.

waffle sandwichBOXED in Carlsbad makes breakfast waffle sandwiches out of their food truck. They are so good! This one has crunchy PB & strawberry jelly and Bret’s had scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar.

jr. high sleepoverWe had a Jr. High girls sleepover last week. We had a station for make-up, nail polish, hair, and face masks. They had such a wonderful time. They looked like they were heading to homecoming!

jr. high sleepover 2And some of the girls went for more of an edgy look. It was awesome.

cinnamon bunsBreakfast is served.

LOTUS THAILotus Thai for a happy reunion.

NCCC WorkSometimes I forget how beautiful it is where I work.

big breakfastEggs, toast, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a cinnamon honey latte.

apple barrelsThis week’s menu will consist of crumbles, crisps, and PIES!

fallen applesFallen fruit.

half peckJulian apple picking was a success! Half-a-peck of antique delicious apples.

cider tastingJulian Hard Cider tasting: Apple, Cherry, and Black & Blue.

julian pie coSlices & coffee for two. His: Dutch Caramel. Hers: Boysenberry Apple.

sage leavesSage is just the prettiest.

herb bouquetHerb bouquet class taught by pop-up restaurant owners at Patchwork Edible.

completionSage infused olive oil = yum!

zekieThese two. My heart is gushing.

Until next week! Love you, friends.

xo sarah