our full life: week thirty-four

OFL 34

34 weeks in this year so far, and summer is practically over. I love summer so much and I can’t believe its almost gone. Time goes by so quickly, and I am very glad to have these photo-documented posts to remind me of life’s joys, challenges, and changes. I hope your week was blessed with God’s grace! Enjoy all the coffee….

cornerbakeWork meetings usually include coffee. A perk I truly appreciate.

tea with friendsTea and raw desserts with some of my besties and our moms.

raw dessertsA closer look: apple crisp, fudge brownie, and strawberry shortcake.

ceilingSometimes the ceilings fascinate me.

leesh& momSuch pretties.

shavediceGreen tea shaved ice for Joce.

IMG_4824More coffee. On an adventure with Paloma!

claytonsIced teas in Coronado.

orderingLunch order.

scrabble with nannieScrabble with Nannie.

addictionYes…more coffee.

sunday cocktailSunday Cocktail: fresh lime juice, honey whiskey, and ginger beer. Next time with fresh mint and a ton more lime juice.

pizza nightHomemade pesto garlic chicken pizza. Winning.

xo sarah


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