our full life: week thirty-three

OFL 33This week has a lot of feet shots, so I apologize ahead of time. I guess I really like to capture all the moments God has given me. He has used each one of my steps to bring me to the places He has planned. I also got to celebrate dear friends come together in marriage this week and enjoy some new adventures.

bachelorette brittanSpa day for the beautiful bachelorette and bride, Brittan.

bachelorette feetFirst one: at Tom’s Farms. Right before we enjoyed some burgers and fudge.

tomspeachesTom’s stone fruits looked so yummy.

clairescoffeeFoamy Claire’s honey latte for this girl.

little luluSwim time with my niece was an absolute joy. I love her to pieces.

kittystroll2Hello, stranger.

weaverwedding1And the main event: Weaver Wedding 2013!!! It was positively perfect in every way.

weaverweddingThe decorations were INCREDIBLE. All made by the amazing Mrs. Weaver!

weaverwedding2The spelled his name wrong, but here is hubby enjoying the delicious home-brew.

weaverwedding3Second one: Table 12 at Weaver Wedding. The perfect place to relax, enjoy yummy snacks, and sip on sangria.

torreypinesdateTorrey Pines State Beach. Bless the Lord!

torreypinestides1Tide pool-ing it!

torreypinestidesThird one: Standing on the edge was exhilarating.

stoneFirst time to Stone Brewing Company & Bistro. Loved it.

brewtourWhen you know someone who works in the brewery a Stone…you get a free tour! Pretty cool!

I hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did. Love you!

xo sarah


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