coronado, i love you!

Hello again, friends!

Last week I had an adventure. Last week I learned a new skill. Last week was one I won’t forget. You can read about my last adventure to Downtown, San Diego, HERE.

I spent a day at my favorite place in the whole world with my super beautiful and super talented friend, Paloma. I was recently gifted a new camera (Cannon Rebel XT) and Paloma was sweet enough to show me how to use it! She is a seriously incredible photographer, so this was a huge deal. So grateful for you, Palomes! We walked all throughout Coronado Island snapping photos and making each other laugh. The beauty of this place is obvious, but the people you share it with is the real joy.

Paloma and I enjoyed the gorgeous Coronado Beach, we marveled at the old Hotel Del, and we swooned over all the amazing houses. The colors were exploding: from tall leafy green palms to the delicate pastel rose gardens. We couldn’t get enough.

We also walked all up and down Orange Ave. We stopped in the little shops like Pretty Please, drank iced tea at Clayton’s, devoured lunch at Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge, and made room for a scoop from Moo Time Creamery. Paloma’s flavor was toasted coconut and I got cinnamon…dee-lish!

There may have been a crazy guy grunt at us for taking a picture of his rusty trailer. There may have been a cute waiter who someone (Paloma) was making eyes at. There also may have been a crazy girl (me) running across town to move her car (mine) before getting a parking ticket. All in all, Coronado, we LOVE you!

You can read/see Paloma’s post about our fun adventure, HERE.

Please go enjoy Coronado Island for yourself. Rent a bike, take too many pictures, and eat lots of ice cream. Let it happen!

Enjoy these photos!



































Thank you for such a perfect day Paloma. We have a fun life and I love our friendship. Unitl next time!

xo sarah


this abundant list

TAL 35

  1. How to unwind/unplug this labor day weekend!
  2. I would eat this heirloom tomato salsa all day.
  3. Adorable and easy DIY party favor bags.
  4. How amazing is this chopping board?
  5. Serving your spouse…just for fun, just because.
  6. BRATS for the hubby. This is happening next week.
  7. Homemade Nutella breakfast cereal sounds just right.
  8. Breaking up with your “ideal self” is some great advice.
  9. This chalkboard cake. The possibilities are endless!
  10. Treat your kids to a back to school treat, a tall glass of milk, and a pencil drink stirrer. So much cute!
  11. Beautiful free printables with truthful encouragement.
  12. These leather clogs would be perfect for fall. Swoon.

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty-four

OFL 34

34 weeks in this year so far, and summer is practically over. I love summer so much and I can’t believe its almost gone. Time goes by so quickly, and I am very glad to have these photo-documented posts to remind me of life’s joys, challenges, and changes. I hope your week was blessed with God’s grace! Enjoy all the coffee….

cornerbakeWork meetings usually include coffee. A perk I truly appreciate.

tea with friendsTea and raw desserts with some of my besties and our moms.

raw dessertsA closer look: apple crisp, fudge brownie, and strawberry shortcake.

ceilingSometimes the ceilings fascinate me.

leesh& momSuch pretties.

shavediceGreen tea shaved ice for Joce.

IMG_4824More coffee. On an adventure with Paloma!

claytonsIced teas in Coronado.

orderingLunch order.

scrabble with nannieScrabble with Nannie.

addictionYes…more coffee.

sunday cocktailSunday Cocktail: fresh lime juice, honey whiskey, and ginger beer. Next time with fresh mint and a ton more lime juice.

pizza nightHomemade pesto garlic chicken pizza. Winning.

xo sarah

this abundant list

TAL 33

  1. Its nearing the end of summer, but this tea-based sunburn solution could always come in handy in our home.
  2. We can make it last a little longer with this “painkiller“.
  3. Wanting something chambray.
  4. YUM – more ideas for my morning yogurt.
  5. Tea garden in a box.
  6. Joy, keeping it real.
  7. Maybe next week I’ll have a list like this one.
  8. It has sriracha mayo? I’m making it.
  9. Right up my alley…if only my husband could do without the carbs.
  10. Best guestbook idea from my super talented friend.

xo sarah


our full life: week thirty-three

OFL 33This week has a lot of feet shots, so I apologize ahead of time. I guess I really like to capture all the moments God has given me. He has used each one of my steps to bring me to the places He has planned. I also got to celebrate dear friends come together in marriage this week and enjoy some new adventures.

bachelorette brittanSpa day for the beautiful bachelorette and bride, Brittan.

bachelorette feetFirst one: at Tom’s Farms. Right before we enjoyed some burgers and fudge.

tomspeachesTom’s stone fruits looked so yummy.

clairescoffeeFoamy Claire’s honey latte for this girl.

little luluSwim time with my niece was an absolute joy. I love her to pieces.

kittystroll2Hello, stranger.

weaverwedding1And the main event: Weaver Wedding 2013!!! It was positively perfect in every way.

weaverweddingThe decorations were INCREDIBLE. All made by the amazing Mrs. Weaver!

weaverwedding2The spelled his name wrong, but here is hubby enjoying the delicious home-brew.

weaverwedding3Second one: Table 12 at Weaver Wedding. The perfect place to relax, enjoy yummy snacks, and sip on sangria.

torreypinesdateTorrey Pines State Beach. Bless the Lord!

torreypinestides1Tide pool-ing it!

torreypinestidesThird one: Standing on the edge was exhilarating.

stoneFirst time to Stone Brewing Company & Bistro. Loved it.

brewtourWhen you know someone who works in the brewery a Stone…you get a free tour! Pretty cool!

I hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did. Love you!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty-two

OFL 32I dont know about you…I’m feeling thirty-two! Week thirty-two was busy, and that’s what we signed up for. I love our life of community, ministry, family,  and the random things God throws our way.

cappuccino time with grannyIced cappuccino for my sweet Granny. I love her!

treasuresMy Great Grandma’s memorial service was this last weekend. I was given some little treasures to remember her by.

homeworkMy first time working from home was a complete success. Honey bran muffin along side a homemade latte makes answering loads of emails a breeze.

girl with glassesI’m a girl with glasses. Shopping for them is hard work!

concertJon Foreman came to work this week. Yup…it was awesome.

boomers natureLoved the colors of this. Made me feel like summer is going to linger for a bit longer.

ice cream barClassic ice cream bar for a classic girl.

haircut dayI got a haircut! I like how she styled it with a middle part.

mini golfMini golf with some of my favorite Jr. Highers! They’re champs.

boomers girlsWaiting in line (for an hour) for the go-karts. Never a dull moment with these girlies though.

ice cream partyIce cream party with our favorite staff! The wonderful Wilma made mocha, chai, butter pecan, and mint chip.

Enjoy the summer while it’s still here!

xo sarah

our full life: week thirty-one

OFL 31

This life is ours, not mine. This life is full, not empty. This life is true life!


milkshake nightMilkshake night: chocolate, peanut butter, and banana.

pour overPour over at Kettle Coffee & Tea.

lavenderMy first Lavender Latte. Not too bad!

vineyard Home vineyard.

vine ripenedVine-ripening tomato goodness.

girls nightGirls dessert night. I brought those mini lemon tea-cakes.

family timeTrue beauties. I love you sis & Lu.

grasshopperHello office visitor. You’re welcome to fly away whenever you like.

addictionAddiction. So bad…but I can’t stop. Hubby bought me this mini pack.

roof reflectionReflection.

treat timeTreats with my sweets.

sealifeSealife in San Onofre.

surfer girlsThe sweetest little surfer girls. Beach camping with these Jr. High girls was the best part of summer by far.

firebreatherThat, there, is my husband the fire-breather.

san onofre sunsetThe highlight of the week.

Love you!

xo sarah

blog love

There are some new blogs I have stumbled across and I wanted to share them with you! I cant wait to read more from these amazing fellow bloggers.

  • How Sweet It Is blew me away with the gorgeous yummy food and fun conversational writing style.watermeloncaprese-4
  • Wit & Vinegar introduced me to a weekly grocery list that’s to live for!624x804xgrocery-list-25.png.pagespeed.ic.4FJEaRwbvU
  • Southern Souffle has a beautiful brightness in their photos while their food packs a big punch. SB1
  • Happy Yolks invites you into a happy marriage of nature, food and beautiful photography.Happyolks-Pizza-On-The-Grill-14-1024x682
  • A Cozy Kitchen has me swooning over honey with berries, homemade orange sherbet, and delectable dinners.Blackberries


xo sarah