this abundant list

TAL 30

  1. Sun tea – hibiscus style.
  2. Remember when you were in Jr. High and you would spray cucumber-melon all over yourself before school? Here that is in popsicle form….in a good way.
  3. Summer picnic essentials & inspiration for the perfect picnic meal plan!
  4. Poetry for the soul.
  5. Ever tried a S’meach? Let’s do it!
  6. These bottle stoppers remind me of mini ice cream cones.
  7. Holy cow…milk toast! Dreamy.
  8. High tea essentials & the perfect tea sandwiches to serve!
  9. 8 creative “At Home” date night ideas.
  10. Next time we are in San Francisco, I have to experience sipping tea in the city and farm dining in the country!
  11. The chandelier tree…SO pretty!!!
  12. Sunday. A sweet video that reminded me of our dating years.
  13. Daily marriage encouragement and a heartfelt prayer.
  14. Summer dinner: shrimp salsa with slow-and-low dry rub oven chicken.
  15. 25 free colorful summer fonts!

Enjoy these links, enjoy this summer, and praise God for all our JOY!

xo sarah


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